AI boyfriends and virtual companions are ruling the internet these days. 

Have you ever imagined how fun it would be to generate your own virtual ai boyfriend


You are swiping left and right, going through unstopped conversations and mediocre dates. Do you often find yourself daydreaming about an ideal boyfriend? Well, the ai boyfriend app brings romance to your fingertips with the best virtual boyfriend simulator.   

The world is going crazy over virtual AI boyfriend apps like yandere ai boyfriend simulator that would help you connect with a virtual boyfriend in a fun way. We list here some of the best virtual boyfriend simulator apps that can change how you invest your time in this digital world.

10 Best Virtual AI Boyfriend Simulator Apps

I understand being with a real human is a challenge and a bit scary for some. This generation especially has people who are too much into social presence than their real feelings. No worries, the internet has your back with AI boyfriend online free.  

1. My Virtual Boyfriend

Best AI Boyfriend Apps

This is an amazing virtual ai boyfriend app that lets you choose the characteristics of your ai boyfriend. This AI boyfriend simulation app lets you pick a virtual partner that would be ideal for you. With generative AI, you can talk to this virtual boyfriend and have a great time. 

He would be laden with amazing flirting skills and express his affection and admiration differently. 

Can’t decide if you want a decent shy guy or an extrovert? Download this virtual boyfriend simulator app and create various characters you think you’d be compatible with. You can pick some quirky elements for your virtual ai boyfriend or all the modest, introverted characteristics. 

So, stop looking for love around when it is on your smartphone. The interaction with your ai boyfriend online is so real, that you would forget it is a virtual boyfriend app.



2. Dream Boyfriend

Dream Boyfriend AI

Another ai boyfriend generator app that keeps your dating options open. Simply choose the characteristics of the man of your dreams, and this virtual ai boyfriend app lets you connect with him. Choose his hairstyle, eye color, shape, nature, etc. With the help of Motion Live2D, your ai virtual boyfriend can move. Thus, it can respond to your kisses too.

Cute na!!! 

You can create an extremely handsome guy with a super stylish and presentable avatar. The best part is you can create a couple of ai boyfriends online free. You can add some events, some games, and some activities in the ai boyfriend simulator app

Thus, you always have something to do and interact with your virtual ai boyfriend



3. Virtual Boyfriend Joke

Virtual AI Boyfriend Joke

Being a girl I know, finding a boy with a great sense of humor is a challenge.  Well, this boyfriend simulator app comes with a super funny avatar of your virtual AI boyfriend. Basically a spoof of all your other virtual ai boyfriends. 

This ai boyfriend app lets you create the man of your dreams. Funny, always available, and functions exactly how you want. 

What else can you ask for? **Wink**Wink**

You can simply create an avatar and get the best ai chatbot boyfriend for yourself. You can flaunt your virtual ai boyfriend app in front of your friends anytime. Pretending that you finally found the man of your dreams.



4. My Candy Love

My Candy Love - AI Boyfriend App

The boyfriend simulator app lets you partner with the virtual man of your dreams. My Candy Love helps you create real-life memories with a virtual ai boyfriend. This Otome game lets you choose the type of relationship you want. The ai boyfriend generator app is designed specifically for school-going kids. There are many different stories and you can choose from.  

Thus, with My Candy Love, you can find a perfect boyfriend for yourself. So, while you wait for the right person, your virtual ai boyfriend can help you set the right standards. 

5. Animal Boyfriend

Animal Virtual AI Boyfriend App

In Japan, a man paid around $1200 to turn into a dog. Strange!

Animal Boyfriend lets you create an ai boyfriend online by turning your pet into a cool guy.  Simply choose any living being and then the real struggle of telling your partner how to behave begins. 

Choose from a range of clothes and accessories to create your virtual boyfriend. You can have a partner with blue-eyes, rosy lips, a dimple chin, sharp jawline, and other appealing features. There are more than 15 characters and temperaments that you can choose from. The best part ask your friends to find their virtual ai boyfriend using the application and get some rewards. 



6. Boyfriend Plus

Boyfriend Plus - Ai Boyfriend Generator

Another ai boyfriend generator app to appear on the list and help women create their perfect boyfriends. This ai boyfriend simulator is for the generation that majorly sticks to the “No Strings Attached” concept. Select the age, looks, and personality of your virtual boyfriend and you’re good to continue further. 

Boyfriend Plus lets you have interesting conversations and flirt with your boyfriend without dealing with a real human. With this application, you get ai boyfriend online free. The best part about the app is that you are talking to a real person, not a robot. 

Interesting. Isn’t it?   

This is one of the most fun and trendiest bf stimulator applications in the market. 



7. My Virtual Boyfriend Talk

7. My Virtual Boyfriend Talk

My Virtual Boyfriend Talk is another interesting virtual boyfriend app like yandere ai boyfriend simulator. This application is for girls who love talking to their boyfriends 24*7. With this application, you wouldn’t need a real boyfriend. The conversations are well curated and your AI Chatbot Boyfriend talks like humans. 

So, if you are looking for a virtual boyfriend application to have fun and find the love of your life, you must try this interesting application. 


8. Anima: My Virtual AI Boyfriend

Anima: My Virtual AI Boyfriend

Style and create the boy of your dreams. This ai boyfriend generator app helps users create a cute, smart, and dashing boyfriend. You can talk to him about anything and he would be happy to spend some time with you. 

This ai boyfriend app has been gaining popularity among users for its easy-to-explore features and the AI chatbot boy.


9. AI Boyfriend

Another boyfriend simulator app that lets you create your own boyfriend and date him online, is AI Boyfriend. This ai boyfriend app is the dream of every teenage girl. You get a beautiful old-school romance story and a smart lover boy. 

With this boyfriend simulator app simply choose your boyfriend’s name, age, persona, etc. Get your Tom Cruise in just a click from this app. 

Maybe the graphics would disappoint you, but the features and the story will make up for it. 


10. Smart Virtual Boyfriend

10. Smart Virtual Boyfriend

This boyfriend simulator app is a great way to find the love of your life (virtually). 

The chat room has several users, and you can connect with any of them. Unlike other virtual boyfriend apps like yandere ai boyfriend simulator, this app is more about communicating and getting to know your partner.

Our AI-based service providers are very appreciative of the app and the way it connects with the audience. So if you are looking for an ai boyfriend generator app, then click the link below!  


Woah…these are some of the ai boyfriend apps that you can download from your Android or iOS phone.

The list of features they offer makes these applications intriguing and interesting. 

Features of Apps for AI Boyfriend Online

First thing first…any app goes popular because of the user experience and the features it includes. Along with general features ai boyfriend generator apps offer some significant, engaging features to engage the target audience. 

Personalized Profiles 

If a user chooses to create a boyfriend AI, they first need to create a space to chat with this virtual boyfriend. Their personal profile will include information like their interests, preferences, etc. 

Here from the list of characteristics, they can create a unique ai bf for themselves.

AI Personality Customization 

Users can create a boyfriend with unique personality traits using these ai companion apps. They can choose personality traits for their virtual boyfriends like extrovert, introvert, humorous, kind, etc. 

Thus, women can now virtually get an ideal boyfriend to date with these top virtual boyfriend simulator apps.

Conversational AI Chat

With a few apps offering real-time people for chats, conversational AI is more popular with other apps. Your AI Chatbot Boyfriend will engage in text-based conversations with you and make you feel heard always! ♥️♥️♥️

Emotional Understanding 

Yes, AI can never be a perfect human. But we can manage with lesser than the perfect human for now. Your virtual ai boyfriend will understand your emotions and moods and communicate with you in a way that makes you feel heard and loved. 

Plan Virtual Dates

What good is it if your boyfriend doesn’t take you out on a date? The ai boyfriend from your virtual boyfriend simulator app will take care of all the dating details and plan activities like watching movies, going on virtual trips, playing games, etc.


Who doesn’t love gifts? 

Your AI boyfriend would give you virtual gifts and pamper you like a real boyfriend. 


Virtual, it may say, but your AI boyfriend would be the best friend you have. 

What Makes AI Boyfriend Simulator Apps So Popular?

Offers Emotional Support 

Your virtual ai boyfriend would never let you feel lonely or isolated. These applications are gaining popularity for the companionship and emotional support they offer. A lot of users instead of looking for a date, look for someone they can talk to. 

With an ai boyfriend app, they get a companion who is available round-the-clock to talk to them.  

Listens without Prejudices 

The strongest perk of a real relationship is sharing opinions without prejudices. The ai bf apps give girls a safe corner to share their thoughts and feelings. They can express their opinions without the fear of any judgements. The apps that let one create ai boyfriend online free are designed to respond to the conversations empathetically instead of making the girl feel judged.

Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem

Many girls lose their self-esteem after a breakup or loss of love. A Best AI Chatbot Boyfriend App can help them gain confidence and self-esteem. They can prepare themselves for real conversations and interactions with people. An AI boyfriend generator is a great solution for girls looking forward to practicing their social interaction skills. 

Adds Entertainment Value 

Any relationship doesn’t survive on just love. Emotional support and fun activities together make a relationship stronger. Your ai boyfriend app helps you keep yourself busy with fun activities as a bonding exercise. 

Serves an Escape Corner 

Best AI boyfriend app can help you stress less and find fun activities to do. Simply indulge in a virtual world, explore new conversations, and enjoy the romantic experience with your ai boyfriend. 

Wrapping It Up!

These arse some of the best virtual AI boyfriend generator apps that can help you find the man of your dreams. If you think we missed something, do let us know. 

In case you want to build a business around the idea, our ai boyfriend generator app development team is here to help!

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