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With staff augmentation services, upskill your team with the latest technology without adding pressure on them. Hire dedicated developers India to work with your existing team and help develop innovative solutions. Hire dedicated developers In India from DPH that hold expertise in app development, bakend development, front end development, AI, ML and databse technologies. Our team of business analysts can help you with the features to include, the tech stack, and other details of your business application. If you are looking forward to building innovative solutions that can help you elevate your digital presence and reach a wider audience group, hire dedicated developers and software programmers from a reliable IT consulting firm that understands the complexity of your business inside out. Get front-end, back-end, or full-stack programmers for hire to build innovative solutions for any business vertical.

Our on demand developers have worked in various industries worldwide and bring global experience and an in-depth understanding of the project to the table. You can trust them for advanced technology and unique features for your product.

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Hire Dedicated Developers in India with Distinguished Certificates and Accolades

Hire dedicated developers in India with illustrious accolades and certificates. The team of dedicated software developers is highly experienced and has partnered with the best names in the industry. Our priority is to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. You can hire dedicated programmers who use advanced technology and the latest tools to create a never-before digital experience.

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hire dedicated developers from India
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Hire dedicated software developers in India for your next project and get brilliance serviced

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Why Hire Dedicated Developers and Programmers from Developerperhour?

Unleash the potential of your business idea with a team of experienced and skilled developers. With a customer-centric approach and comprehensive problem-solving skills, the Indian programmers and developers at DPH ensure your business solutions meets your expectations and delivers value to the consumers.

7-Day Trial Indian developers for hire

Discover before You Decide

Hire dedicated programmers and software developers from DPH only after you are confident they’d be an asset to your business. We have a 7-day trial policy where the team assists you for the seven days and if you are confident about the team, we can further proceed.

  • hire dedicated developers in India

    Before you hire software programmers in India to work with your business, connect with the developers on a trial basis.

  • hire Indian software developers

    Check for communication and collaboration capabilities of the developers who would be working for you.

  • hire software developers in India

    Understand the work culture and ethics before you hire programmers in India to collaborate on your dream project.

Synergy in Action

DPH has a team of coders for hire who excel in effective communication and are capable of comprehending your business needs and delivering solutions that match your business requirements. Hire dedicated software programmers in India and eliminate any communication barriers. The geographical location of India offers developers the advantage of real-time interactions with most Western countries.

  • hire dedicated developers in India

    We follow an agile development methodology. Thus, you’re a part of the development life cycle.

  • hire dedicated developers India

    Get daily updates on the progress of the project and communicate your suggestions and feedback with the team.

  • hire dedicated programmers

    Communicate with the development team via various channels when required.

hire dedicated programmers India
Great Quality at
Affordable Rates
hire Indian programmers

Value Beyond Cost, Quality Beyond Measure

India is the hub to outsource software developers and programmers for businesses of all sizes. The talent pool in the country is vast and can work from small size businesses to large-scale enterprises. If want to hire developers and programmers at affordable rates without compromising the quality, hire developers in India.

  • Hire dedicated programmers in India

    Most Western firms hire software developers in India to work with them, as the country has talented developers who are familiar with the latest technologies.

  • hire coders India

    The cost of hiring developers and programmers in India is low as the cost of living in the country and the services are low.

  • hire developer India

    Hire developers and programmers from India to get technical expertise for your business and expand it with insightful reviews and feedback.

Experience Before You Commit

Work with our experts before you trust them for your dream project.

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How Does Our Try and Buy Model Work?

Customer satisfaction is what we strive for. We offer a transparent one-week trial for a small fee for your convenience. If you are completely satisfied with our services, you can go on; else, you can always have the option to take off yourself.



Connect with our consultants and discuss your detailed requirements. They can help you hire developers who can help.


Expert Assigned

As per your project, we assign the right development team to your project. You can add more engineers to the trail and run the project.


Start trial phase

With the seamless and transparent process,, you can start with and try to deploy your project trail.


If not satisfied

The one-week trial work demo helps you thoroughly understand the development process and build your trust to take the further development in the project.

Hire Software Engineers for Diverse Technology Competency

Hire developers India for technology-driven solutions known for their identity, delicacy, scalability, interoperability, and high-end performance. Some of the top listed technologies that developers at DPH are known for

Mobile Technologies

Hire software engineers from DPH to develop a mobile application, Hire Mobile application developers with rich experience in native and hybrid platform-specific apps.

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Back-end Technologies

With growing technology, our dedicated development team upgrades itself. You can hire backend app developers to forge your most complex part of mobile and web applications in the streamline and workflow.

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Front-end Technologies

You can hire front-end engineers from DeveloperPerHour to append front-side building and API emulations without any hassle.

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E-commerce & CMS

Buy and sell in the world of infinite opportunities to explore. Hire e-commerce specialists in the niche.

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Frameworks & CRM

The dependency of frameworks explicitly add-on more features to the web and mobile platforms. Hire the best expertise in Framework designing and immigration of APIs.

  • Laravel
  • codeigniter
  • cakephp
  • yii3
  • symfony
  • Salesforce
  • zohO
  • HubSpot

Trending Tech

World is spinning with the boom of the latest technologies and trends. Do hire the top trend tech engineers for your business niches.

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Fullstack Developer

Hire the best full-stack developer who could match the front and back side capabilities within the deadline constraints and needs.

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UX/UI Designers

The UI/UX designers are best to overlay the beauty of the designs at the frontline. Hire the best designers from our team.

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Join 100+ Fast-scaling Startups and 200+ Fortune companies that have trusted Developer Per Hour

Including top Companies backed By

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Hire Coders for Quality Codes

Clean code is one of the key pillars of our business. Hire coders in India who ensure the project code is light, comprehensive, and clean.

hire dedicated developers in India

As you connect is us for coders to hire in India, we introduce you to a team of professionals who have served the market for a long and adhere to the best coding practices.

You get solutions with interoperability and high security. The coders integrate required APIs, third-party integrations, version controls, etc. in your project.

Hire dedicated developers in India to work for you at the most affordable rates. Our experts make sure the solutions you are looking for interesting and flawless. Hire a team of quality assurance and software testing service providers who can look after the solutions and help you be in the top of your game.

The Programmers for hire in India are well-versed with the latest of technologies and offer you out-of-the-box solutions. With growing infrastructure, India is one of the most preferred countries around the globe to outsource software development services.

Why Outsource Software Engineers from India?

India is the hub to hire dedicated developers for innovative solution development. With transparent pricing and highly skilled workforce, get the best software developers at your service.

hire dedicated developers

Hire programmers and developers in India without any delay. The team has experience of working on various projects and can comprehend your business needs easily. Partner with the experts to get a solution custom to your business needs without any delay or wasting time in training and onboarding process.

When you connect with Developerperhour for developers for hire, you get a team that has worked on various international projects. With a boastful clientele, we ensure you get to work with the best in the industry. Our development team has earned certifications from Microsoft, Salesforce, etc and can help you with a wide range of solutions.

Cultural adaptability is a crucial and often overlooked factor when hiring software developers. The programmers and developers for hire in India can adapt to the culture and work ethics of the client’s company, thus making the work environment productive and relax to work in.

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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Hiring dedicated developers directly impacts the success and expected outcomes of the project. Let’s have a look at the related benefits-

hire Indian developers

Knowledge and Expertise

Hire dedicated app developers in India with exceptional skills and specialization required for app development and better outcomes. In the current era of software development trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, IoT, etc., it has become necessary to hire dedicated software programmers with rich experience and proficiency in the same.

Highly Flexible and Available

Hire developers in India to satisfy your changing business requirements with utmost flexibility. If at any point, businesses feel that there are more designers or developers needed, they just need to convey it to the respective outsourcing mobile app Development Company and they will arrange it.

Lesser Time to Market

Hiring dedicated developers is considered the best as it enables businesses to experience less time-to-market. Hiring offshore developers will benefit you in fulfilling your project needs quickly. Also, these offshore developers are experts in cutting-edge technologies; hence, they are more qualified for faster project development in today’s time.

Cost Efficiency

Businesses can reduce their overall project development cost if they get to hire dedicated programmers. With dedicated developers, you can neglect extra expenditures including training, recruitment, infrastructure, and others. And, if you are hiring them for a long-term project, then you can demand some concession as well.

Risk Mitigation

Hire dedicated developers to lessen the risk of project delay due to the lack of proficiency to manage varied challenges. Having programmers for hire comprises established communication and project management tactics leading to fewer coordination issues. With experienced Indian programmers, businesses benefit from quick implementation & adaptability.

Better Results

When businesses decide to remote developers, it gives them access to a global pool of talent. They can have the best of all from different regions of the world with diverse perspectives and skill sets. Various dedicated development teams give quality assurance while delivering high-quality software with round-the-clock support.

Key Factors to Consider While Hiring Developers

Consider these below key factors when you are going to hire dedicated developers India to ensure that you are building a proficient and skilled development team. Here are some crucial factors to look at

Skills and Expertise

Assess the technical expertise and skills of the development team you are going to hire as per your project requirements. Hire dedicated software programmers in India as they have both expertise and an understanding of the industry’s best approaches.

Projects and Portfolio

Review previous work and portfolio of your outsourced development company to scale their quality of work. Also, before going to have software developers for hire, check if they have diversity in their handled projects or not.

Team Collaboration

Before you hire developers in India, ensure to gauge their ability to work with other team members and how they collaborate and communicate ideas. Consider how fit they are for your existing team arrangement.

Adaptability and Learning Attitude

In this quickly changing technical realm, if you are going to hire software developer India, then they must be adaptable and willing to learn whatever comes their way for project completion. Hence, you need to assess their inclination to stay updated with new trends in the industry.

Time Management

You must hire software developers with good time management skills to effectively accomplish the project deadline. Have a look at their hands-on experience with project management approaches and tools.

Coding Practices & Standards

Check the knowledge of your chosen Indian developers regarding coding standards, quality, and best practices. Contemplate their method to write maintainable and clean code.

Legal and Contractual Terms

Ensure to define all kinds of legal and contractual terms comprising payment structure, work hours, and intellectual property rights before having software developers for hire. You also need to follow data protection and security regulations.

Remote Work Capabilities

Based on the past experiences of your developers for hire, assess how comfortable they are in remote work environments. Find out if they have the essential tools and infrastructure to collaborate swiftly.

Defining Your Project Requirements

Defining your project requirements initially will benefit you in numerous ways as it provides coders for hire with an idea about what you want. These requirements include an understanding of project scope, work expectations, and long-term goals.

Both functional and technical requirements must be defined here as they lead to an effective alliance with developers. By proposing project requirements clearly, you enable developers for easy and fast execution with positive outcomes. Here are some key points to look at

Project Goals

Clearly state the project purpose, scope, goals, and intended results, for chosen software developer hire. The project overview can also include some key aspects such as target audiences, problem statements, predominant strategies, and anticipated deliverables.

Functional & Technical Necessities

Businesses need to identify the features & functionalities along with frameworks, technologies, programming languages, and software or hardware requirements required for software or app development before they hire dedicated developers in India.

Performance Outlooks

When thinking to hire programmers in India, first define performance standards encompassing load handling, response times, and scalability requirements. You must convey your performance-related requirements to get the results.

UI/UX Designs

Communicate regarding wireframes, mockups, and final UI/UX design to deliver users an exceptional experience. Also, if you want to apply specific design & branding strategies, then hire programmers accordingly.

Security Needs

While hiring developers, make them understand about required security measures, access control needs, and encryption standards to protect your confidential data. Specify if you have any regulatory or compliance criteria to follow.

Project Timeline

Businesses have strict guidelines for their specific projects so it will be better if they convey the project timeline such as deadlines and milestones to their chosen developers. Before you have a software developer hire, arrange a project schedule underlining acute stages for them.

Documentation Needs

Ventures may require making some changes in the project even after its completion. Hence, they need to discuss with their outsource development team about handing over the documents like source code, user manuals, etc.

Budget & Resources

Unmistakably define resource availability and budget constraints before you hire Indian developers. You must discuss the possible fluctuations in the project and their direct effect on the timeline and budget.

Choosing the Right Hiring & Engagement Model

Choosing the appropriate hiring and engagement model is a crucial decision to make as it impacts the project's success. Businesses should go for a model that perfectly aligns with their available resources and budget. If you have a fixed budget and still want to hire developers in India, these models will work well for you.

Here we are offering you a hiring and engagement model that you can choose as per your project requirements and budget.

Hiring Model:

You can hire programmers in India by considering one of the suitable options offered by the hiring model. Choose among on-site, off-site, or hybrid developers, have a look at the below-

Hire On-site Developers

Hire software developers while escalating your in-house development team by getting them to work physically at your preferred location without offering them the benefits of a regular employee.

Hire Remote Developers

Hiring remote developers comprises finding expert professionals who work for you from any of their preferred locations. If you go to hire remote programmers, it will be very cost-efficient for your project.

Hire Hybrid Developers

With the hybrid model, businesses can hire developers for both full-time and part-time. They can have some full-time programmers and can also hire & pay others according to the project requirements.

Engagement Model:

Every venture requires a flexible pricing model that can satisfy its budget needs. The engagement model offers them various options such as hourly rate, fixed budget, and time & material so that they can choose the best-

Hourly Rate

Hire software programmers on an hourly basis that is appropriate for projects with changing requirements or projects with non-defined scope. In this, developers are charged based on their work and given hours.

Time & Material

In this, experts will be paid based on the time they spent on the project along with their required or used resources. It offers the utmost flexibility to ventures with evolving and large-scale requirements.

Fixed Price

A fixed price model offers a fixed amount for the entire project at a particular time. It is more suitable for projects with constant scope, clear requirements, budget, and timeline.

Typical Challenges for Hiring Developers

Hiring dedicated developers is no less than a challenge as businesses face a lot of difficulties while doing so. Let’s get to know what those challenges are-

Lack of Skills

Nowadays, finding developers with the precise, right skill set needed for a certain project is both stimulating and time-consuming due to the lengthy hiring procedure.

Modern-edge Tech Trends

The tech market is full of advancements and modern-edge technologies; hence, it is difficult to have developers with the latest skills and knowledge, particularly in technologies like Blockchain, AI, etc.

Remote Work Challenges

When you hire a developer from offshore locations, it comes with lots of challenges including communication barriers, different time zones, lack of productivity & engagement, and many more.

High Competition

In the race to be technically advanced, all the start-ups, tech firms, and established ventures are tossing for the same pool of expert developers which makes finding suitable developers more challenging.

Issue of Quality

While outsourcing the project, you can’t expect the same quality work from all. Therefore, you need to assess their portfolio, experience, and expertise before hiring them to get better outcomes.

Data Security

Sharing confidential data with offshore developers can be risky as it may raise concerns about leaking the code sources and sensitive information. Thus, it will be good to sign an NDA between both parties.

Hiring Individuals vs. Developers from an Agency

Choosing between hiring individual programmers and developers from an agency can be quite confusing but you can consider some key factors that will help you to select the best. These factors comprise project scope, tech requirements, timeline, budget limitation, etc. Below is the comparison between them both-

Hiring Individuals:

  • Individuals may have some specialized skills beneficial to satisfy your project’s particular requirements.
  • Direct Communication & collaboration with individual freelancers will enable fast decision-making and project updates.
  • Individuals may propose more flexibility when it comes to evolving project requirements.
  • Hiring a software developer individually is less expensive than hiring a development agency.
  • A small team of 3-4 individual developers will have more understanding and consistency compared to a larger team.
  • Higher dependency on the availability of an Individual.
  • Not appropriate for a large-scale project.
  • Obvious lack of expertise for multifaceted projects.

Hiring Developers from an Agency:

  • Access to a large pool of developers with diverse skills, expertise, and experience apt for complex projects.
  • Any agencies you hire can rapidly scale up or down their team as per your requirements.
  • Hiring a software development company will provide a level of reliability and protection regarding your sensitive data.
  • With years of experience, firms have pre-defined project management and development procedures leading to an organized approach.
  • Agencies have expertise in project development with fewer risks and easy problem-solving as they have experience working on various projects.
  • Highest cost than hiring individuals.
  • Less flexibility in building the team.
  • No direct communication leads to misunderstanding.

How to Ensure Effective Communication with Dedicated Remote Developers?

Establishing clear and effective communication with dedicated remote developers is necessary to get positive project outcomes. Here is how you can lead effective communication-

Create Communication Protocols

It will be better to outline clear communication protocols that can comprise preferred channels, strategies for steady communication, and their response time.

Regular Meetings & Updates

Conduct regular face-to-face meetings, and audio/video calls, and ask for continuous updates of the project leading to status reports and newsletters about the project’s progress.

Use of Collaboration Tools

Employ collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Asana to enable real-time, effective, and transparent communication and information sharing.

Provide Clear Documentation

Get documentation of project goals, specifications, coding practices & standards, and other required information to provide remote developers with a clear idea about the project.

Use Project Management Tools

Consider using efficient project management tools such as Trello, Jira, or Monday.com for task management, progress tracking, and visibility maintenance within the timeline.

Encourage Feedbacks

Creating regular feedback and considering them quickly will bring out exceptional outcomes. Hence, provide your input on collaboration, progress, processes, and team dynamics.

How to Verify the Experience and Expertise of Developers?

When you go to hire developers India, it is required to verify their experience and expertise for the quality and success of the project. Here are some considerable ways to verify their authorizations-

Get References

Get connected with the developers’ previous employers, or clients to verify their professionalism and performance. Ask them questions about their work ethic, skills, and ability to cooperate.

Technical Valuation

Evaluate their technical knowledge and coding skills by conducting practical tests. Also, consign real-life coding challenges to assess their problem-solving capability and proficiency.

Evaluate Portfolio

Hire coders by evaluating their portfolio involving previous projects and accomplishments, used technologies, and assigned roles. Carefully review it as it will provide you with an exact assessment of their work quality.

GitHub or Version Control Repositories

Take developers’ GitHub or version control repositories into consideration to evaluate their coding method, quality of code, and assistance to open-source projects. Examine their steadiness and vitality with time.

Online Presence

Developers must stay active on different online channels such as websites, blogs, social media accounts, etc. to stay updated with the latest market trends and their professional network.

Gauge the Soft Skills

Though your focus must be on technical skills, developers must also have impeccable soft skills comprising teamwork, communication, and flexibility. These skills are essential to have active collaboration.

Get the Best Android App Developers at the Most Affordable Rates

As you move forward to hire developers for your business, it is also essential that they come at a genuine price. We offer the best in the market development rates. You can check our pricing scheme:

Junior Developers

  • 1-2 years of experience
  • 160 man-hours guaranteed
  • Gathered the information from clients
  • Zero contract look-ins
  • Hire developer in your time zone

Mid Level Developers

  • 2-4 years of experience
  • 160 man-hours guaranteed
  • Gathered the information from clients
  • Zero contract look-ins
  • Hire developer in your time zone

Senior Level Developers

  • 5+ years of experience
  • 160 man-hours guaranteed
  • Gathered the information from clients
  • Zero contract look-ins
  • Hire developer in your time zone

Client Testimonials

Words that keep us motivated

Mr. Manon Schipper

Co-Founder, Barbacoa.PRO

Project summary: Barbacoa.PRO

Developer Per Hour built iOS and Android apps to help users organize recipes. The app indexes foods by both origin and type.

  • Budget Less than $10,000
  • Duration Jan. 2017 - Ongoing
  • Project Name: Barbacoa.PRO

Mr. Fabrizio Politi

Founder, Social eCommerce Platform

Project summary: SixthContinent

Developer Per Hour is currently working with the client to develop and improve an existing social e-commerce platform by providing frontend and backend work.

  • Budget $200,000 to $999,999
  • Duration Dec. 2015 - Ongoing
  • Project Name: SixthContinent

Mr. Michael Williams

Founder, Speech Therapy Clinic

Project summary: PRO90D

Developer Per Hour built two iOS apps based on existing training videos, audio, and written materials.

  • Budget $50,000 to $199,999
  • Duration Sep. 2014 - May. 2015
  • Project Name: PRO90D

Mr. Saurabh Jha

Playing 11 Pvt. Ltd.

Project summary: Playing 11

Chosen for their proven industry expertise, Developer Per Hour created a fantasy cricket app focusing on adding several features and making it more attractive than the competition. They also created a website.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Dec. 2018 - Mar. 2019
  • Project Name: Playing 11

Frequently Asked Questions

The prices depend upon the technology you hire the developer for. For web designers and developers, our charges are $2,500/month. For mobile app developers, the monthly charges are around $3,000 per month. All the prices are negotiable and we try to offer you the best packages.

We try our level best to match up with your local working hours. For huge time difference (like the USA and Canada), we will ensure 2-3 common hours between you and your dedicated resource.

We use Basecamp, Email or Skype talk or Direct phone access to communicate with our clients.

Generally, we suggest you some developers from our team based upon your requirements and we remember to suggest you the best from our pool. However, if you prefer, you may ask us to send as many resumes as possible.

Yes, we believe in 100% transparency. You would get daily, weekly and monthly reports of your team’s work and time spent on each project.

For the basic level, our developers are able to perform QA. However, if you need a skilled Quality Analyst for comprehensive testing, we suggest you hiring a quality analyst from our team.

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