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Work with the best talents by hiring a remote team of developers to join your business and leverage their expertise and experience. Whether you are looking for consultation or development of a new project, our remote developers strive to deliver optimal results tailored for your business objectives. The business analyst team can assist you to pick the significant features, appropriate tech stack, development process, etc. for your business. We have a team of developers, designers, quality analysts, UI/UX designers, project managers, and more, to ensure a comprehensive staffing solution.

Opting remote work stands as one of the most sought after approaches for businesses to enter the digital arena. With a rigorous hiring process, and interviews you can put together a team of developers with precisely the skill set needed for your project.

At Developerperhour, we have a streamlined hiring process to simplify the recruitment process, enabling you to onboard remote development teams in just a few clicks. Hire remote developers in India with expertise in full stack development, front-end development, backend development, AI, ML, and advanced database technologies.

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Illustrious Accolades and Certificates to Celebrate Remote Developers in India

Hire remote app developers from India with esteemed certificates and honors. The remote development team has earned itself appreciation and applause from the best names in the industry. Partner with the programmers and engineers who aim to assist businesses of all sizes in their digital endeavors. With hands-on experience in the latest technology and trends, the remote development team works as a managed team with you.

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hire dedicated developers from india
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What Makes DPH the Right Stop to Hire Remote Developers in India

With a talented pool of remote developers in India, Developerperhour is a rapidly growing platform to hire developers who can alleviate your business growth with technical expertise and a logical problem-solving approach.

Bringing Brilliance
Beyond Borders
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    Bug-free Coding

    The remote developers to hire associated with us create flawless, optimized, and high-performing solutions.

  • hire indian software developers
    Seamless Communication

    Remote developers in India have high English proficiency and can smoothly communicate with clients from around the globe.

  • hire software developers in india
    Pre-vetted Resources

    The vetted remote developers have hands-on experience in working with a myriad of industries.

  • hire software developers in india
    Talent Across Technologies

    DPH has a pool of 350+ remote developers in India to help you hire the best in the field.

  • hire software developers in india
    Quickest Time-to-market

    To enter the market quickly with your solution, you can hire remote development team from DPH.

  • hire software developers in india
    Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

    To maintain the project’s secrecy, we sign an NDA when you hire remote developers in India from our platform.

  • hire software developers in india
    Try Before You Trust

    Our try-and-buy hiring model lets you avail of our services for a short time, where you can check the working style of our team.

Building Credibility with
Client-friendly Policies
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Let’s Thrive Together

Hire dedicated software developers in India for your next project and get brilliance serviced

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How Does Our Try and Buy Model Work?

Customer satisfaction is paramount at the core. To ensure you hire remote developers with the required skill set we extend a one-week trial for a nominal fee. If our remote app developers meet your expectations, you can further lock the deal. In case you aren’t comfortable you can interview other remote developers working with us.



The business administration team can guide you through the right engagement model to hire remote developers who can help.


Expert Assigned

Depending on your project needs, we assign developers for remote work. With growing project needs, staff augmentation is always available.


Start trial phase

Connect with the remote development team assigned to you and start working.


If not satisfied

The one-week trial is designed to let you understand the development process and development teamwork.

Hire Software Engineers for Diverse Technology Competency

Hire developers India for technology-driven solutions known for their identity, delicacy, scalability, interoperability, and high-end performance. Some of the top listed technologies that developers at DPH are known for

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Your All-in-all Guide to Hire Remote Developers

If you want a development team for remote work for your project, connect with Developerperhour. Share your business requirements with us and our talent mapping team helps you pick the best remote development team to accomplish your task.

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Skip Hassles of Hiring

We all know hiring in-house teams means involving resources, going through long recruitment processes, filtering the right candidate etc. When you choose to hire remote developers you put all this burden to the outsourcing service providers, while you focus on your business growth.

Save Time and Money

Working with a remote development team means you get to save on infrastructure cost, hiring process, and other minor elements. Also, since you share your requirements to hire remote developers with the platform, you save time in the whole process.

Work with Talent Across Borders

The biggest advantage of working with remote developers is you get to access the talents across the globe. You can collaborate with the field experts no matter where from your location.

Scalable and Flexible Hiring

Hiring remote developers for your project allows you to scale your team up or down as your business requirements change. In remote work you get the flexibility to adapt your product according to changing customer needs.

Diversity Adds Perspective

Hiring remote developers from different geographical regions means bringing together different cultures together which adds to the diversity and healthy working environment.

Boost Productivity

Since in case of remote work, developers get to work at their ease, they can deliver better than an in-house setup. They can stretch their work hours or divide their tasks as per their ease to deliver before the deadline.

Myth 1- Remote Work Hampers Productivity

Myth: When hiring remote developers many businesses believe it may impact the productivity of the team as communication and random discussions would be impacted between the remote and in-house teams.

Fact: With the use of the right collaboration channel and coordinated work timings the productivity can be increased over several folds as you work with the best in the field.

Tip: When hiring remote team of developers check for their availability round the clock and turn around time.

Myth 2- Cultural Difference May Create Conflicts

Myth: Hiring remote developers creates friction in the team due to their cultural and background differences. It impacts the productivity and efficiency of the result.

Fact: Diverse culture creates a resilient work environment. People bring their expertise and experience in managing critical situations to the table.

Tip: As you collaborate with people from different cultures, they all bring their industry understanding and problem solving skills which makes it easier to pass a tough situation.

Myth 3- Data Fraud and Security Concerns

Myth: Hiring remote app developers may put the confidential data and other business related information at risk. The information would be accessed over different mediums and systems.

Fact: When you hire remote development team from a trusted outsourcing company, the IT infrastructure is updated with enterprise-grade security measures.

Tip: When you choose your remote development firm do sign NDA with them and discuss the security updates of their IT infrastructure.

Myth 4- Communication Will Be a Hassle

Myth: Communicating with remote developers may be difficult due to language barrier and time zone disparities.

Fact: If you research and pick the team of remote developers from the right destination, plausibility is you can easily communicate and connect with them. English speaking population and cultural adaptability is the major reason why businesses hire developers in India.

Tip: For a calm and clear collaboration, you can set up a proper communication channel.

Myth 5: Monitoring Remote Team Is Difficult

Myth: Monitoring and assessing a remote app developers’ team may seem a challenge as you have no real-time visibility of operations.

Fact: With the right project management and team collaboration tools managing remote teams is a child’s play.

Tip: When hiring a remote development team, define your expectations, business objectives, business goals, clearly.

When hiring remote teams, businesses often in a rush make some general mistakes and cannot explore the advantages of hiring top remote developers for their project.

1. Ignoring Timezone Disparities :

When working with remote developers, it is important to respect the time zones. If the developer is from some other country, make sure to have some common work hours for seamless remote work.

2. Communication Plan

Effective communication is vital when working with remote software developers. The right communication tools, channels, and team meetings are crucial to the success of your project.

To ensure your work is delivered on time, every member should have clarity on the KPIs, project progress, and goals.

3. Inefficient Project Management Tools

When hiring remote development team, you’ve to integrate the right management tools to monitor the work. Use a reliable tool to inculcate a sense of accountability, track progress of the tasks.

Right tool helps you assign tasks and set deadlines easily. With the right project management tools you can check on your remote development team and share your requests easily.

4. Unorganized Onboarding Process

When you onboard remote software developers, a scrutiny test is a must to pick the best developers. You can do also, only after proper training and project knowledge sharing.

When you hire remote developers, give them access to various training videos and tutorials to help them in the working process.

5. Using Budget as the Dominant Hiring Factor

The cost of hiring a remote team of developers is a significant factor to consider. Budget is one of the factors, you must invest in the skills, experience, industry understanding, and comprehensive work ethics.

6. Delayed Hiring Process

All businesses want to partner with the best remote app developers for their business. If you take too long in selecting your development team, there are chances that you may not end up with the best remote developers.

Before you hire a team for remote work, there are a few essential questions your developers must answer.

  • Do they have experience in working as remote developers before?
  • Share some challenges as a remote app developer you face and how do you tackle them.
  • What are the key implementations to safeguard data privacy?
  • How do you upskill and enhance your business understanding to match evolving trends when working in a remote setup?
  • In case of a stringent deadline what would be their approach?
  • What tools do they use to manage and organize their time when working in a remote setup?
  • What communication channels are they familiar with and often use to connect with the client?
  • Share your system and work set-up.
  • How do you manage team disparities with other members?
  • In case of any disagreements with the team members what would be your approach?

Managing a remote team may sound like a challenge, but in practice with a little patience, growth mindset, and the right set of tools everything becomes child play.

Clear Communication:

The paramount of working with a remote development team is clear and concise communication. Be available for the development team via various channels like video conferencing, chat platforms, and other project management tools to foster seamless collaboration.

Define Project Goals:

The team closely communicates with the client to understand project requirements and documents the goals, deadlines, business objectives, expectations from the remote app developers, and other details.

Share Clear Documentation:

When you hire remote developers, share a document of scope to define the deadlines, process, guidelines, best practices for a consistent and clear functioning, for competent knowledge transfer.

Hold Scrum Meetings

To schedule tasks and have a review of the progress, you can connect with the remote development team on a daily or weekly basis. Address the limitations, share insights, discuss project progress to stay updated with your development project.

Encourage Your Team:

As you work with remote developers, engage them with virtual brainstorming, code review sessions, training opportunities, etc. Let them enhance their skills and stay abreast of the advancing technology environment.

Demonstrate Trust

Building trust within your remote team, is a must thing. Instead of micromanaging your remote development team at each step, emphasize on outcomes and let remote developers take charge. Organize virtual events to reflect team camaraderie.

Trust Project Management Tools

With advanced project management tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, etc. promote accountability in the team and manage productivity. This helps you assign tasks to remote developers anytime you want.

Appreciation Is the Key

Appreciate and acknowledge the team's contribution for your work. With constructive feedback and encouragement you can motivate the remote developers to deliver continued excellence.

Get the Best Android App Developers at the Most Affordable Rates

As you move forward to hire developers for your business, it is also essential that they come at a genuine price. We offer the best in the market development rates. You can check our pricing scheme:

Junior Developers

Starting from

  • 1-2 years of experience
  • 160 man-hours guaranteed
  • Gathered the information from clients
  • Zero contract look-ins
  • Hire developer in your time zone

Mid Level Developers

Starting from

  • 1-2 years of experience
  • 160 man-hours guaranteed
  • Gathered the information from clients
  • Zero contract look-ins
  • Hire developer in your time zone

Senior Level Developers

Starting from

$3500 Onwards
  • 1-2 years of experience
  • 160 man-hours guaranteed
  • Gathered the information from clients
  • Zero contract look-ins
  • Hire developer in your time zone

Client Testimonials

Words that keep us motivated

Mr. Manon Schipper

Co-Founder, Barbacoa.PRO

Project summary: Barbacoa.PRO

Developer Per Hour built iOS and Android apps to help users organize recipes. The app indexes foods by both origin and type.

  • Budget Less than $10,000
  • Duration Jan. 2017 - Ongoing
  • Project Name: Barbacoa.PRO

Mr. Fabrizio Politi

Founder, Social eCommerce Platform

Project summary: SixthContinent

Developer Per Hour is currently working with the client to develop and improve an existing social e-commerce platform by providing frontend and backend work.

  • Budget $200,000 to $999,999
  • Duration Dec. 2015 - Ongoing
  • Project Name: SixthContinent

Mr. Michael Williams

Founder, Speech Therapy Clinic

Project summary: PRO90D

Developer Per Hour built two iOS apps based on existing training videos, audio, and written materials.

  • Budget $50,000 to $199,999
  • Duration Sep. 2014 - May. 2015
  • Project Name: PRO90D

Mr. Saurabh Jha

Playing 11 Pvt. Ltd.

Project summary: Playing 11

Chosen for their proven industry expertise, Developer Per Hour created a fantasy cricket app focusing on adding several features and making it more attractive than the competition. They also created a website.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Dec. 2018 - Mar. 2019
  • Project Name: Playing 11

Frequently Asked Questions

The prices depend upon the technology you hire the developer for. For web designers and developers, our charges are $2,500/month. For mobile app developers, the monthly charges are around $3,000 per month. All the prices are negotiable and we try to offer you the best packages.

We try our level best to match up with your local working hours. For huge time difference (like the USA and Canada), we will ensure 2-3 common hours between you and your dedicated resource.

We use Basecamp, Email or Skype talk or Direct phone access to communicate with our clients.

Generally, we suggest you some developers from our team based upon your requirements and we remember to suggest you the best from our pool. However, if you prefer, you may ask us to send as many resumes as possible.

Yes, we believe in 100% transparency. You would get daily, weekly and monthly reports of your team’s work and time spent on each project.

For the basic level, our developers are able to perform QA. However, if you need a skilled Quality Analyst for comprehensive testing, we suggest you hiring a quality analyst from our team.

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