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Hire MERN Stack Developers for End-to-End Web Applications

Our outsourcing firm has a team of MERN stack developers for hire, deploying top-notch web applications to alleviate your business performance. With a talent pool of around 200+ MERN Stack developers working with us, we ensure you’d be working with the best team around. Our programmers overcome the challenges and obstacles during the development process and build a robust application to showcase your offerings to the audience.

The MERN Stack developers harness the potential of MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js to deliver an out-of-the-box web experience. With a user-centric approach, the experts create customized software solutions that align with your business goals. Hire MERN Stack programmers for performance-oriented solutions integrated with optimized functionalities. As you connect with our team you’ll onboard developers who ensure top-notch solutions for your business needs.

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Tailored Service Suite Our MERN Stack Developers Offer

With unparalleled expertise, our MERN Stack developers deliver top-notch solutions for your business. The seasoned MERN stack developers for hire have experience and knowledge in various business verticals.

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Custom CMS Development

To fully control what goes into your web app, you need a simple way to manage and update your content management system. Hire MERN Stack developers for custom solutions to help you better engage with your audience.

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Enterprise Web App Development

If you want to elevate your business to enterprise-grade, our MERN Stack service providers can assist you. With experience working on several enterprise solutions, our team integrates the best functionalities to automate your business.

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MERN Stack E-commerce Website Development

Giants like eBay, Amazon, etc., have created an extended fan base for e-commerce mobile and web applications. Hire MERN Stack developers in India to develop eCommerce web applications like your offline store.

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MERN Stack Migration & Integration

MERN developers for hire at Developerperhour offer top-notch solutions to businesses and brands. They can easily integrate extended functionalities or migrate your legacy application to advanced technology.

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SPA Development

Take to the market a brilliantly developed single-page application that functions seamlessly. With their expertise, the MERN Stack developers for hire create solutions that align with your business needs.

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App Maintenance & Support

Our app maintenance & support services offer stability and optimization in the true sense. If your existing application requires any modification, then our talented team of MERN stack developers for hire can assist you in real-time.

Alleviate Your Business with the MERN Technology Stack

Partnering with a trusted firm to hire MERN Stack developers for your business needs is necessary. They can offer solutions designed and crafted to offer your users an incredible experience. The team of MERN stack developers at DPH has an in-depth understanding of the tech stack and can use it to the fullest extent.

Code Maintenance

MERN Stack technology offers ease of development and code maintenance compared to traditional web applications. Its multi-tiered architecture allows it to be easily scaled to meet project needs.

Basic Directions

The programming language is a hybrid offline and online environment offering vital services. Hire MERN Stack developers to enjoy the full capabilities of the technology and get a successful web application.

Budget- Friendly

Hire MERN Stack developers with an ideal budget and get an immersive website. Since it combines frontend and backend technologies, hiring MERN Stack developers is a pocket-friendly choice.

Full-stack JavaScript

With a full-stack development package, it becomes much easier for MERN Stack developers to create a web application that can be launched in a limited time.

High Performance

Noed.js and React enhance the application's scalability, operability, and functionality. The experts can create high-performing solutions that flawlessly deliver your services to the end users.

Strong Community Support

With a vast community of web developers learning and offering MERN Stack development services, the community is well-supported by community leaders.

Hire Dedicated Developers in India with Distinguished Certificates and Accolades

Hire dedicated developers in India with illustrious accolades and certificates. The team of dedicated software developers is highly experienced and has partnered with the best names in the industry. Our priority is to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. You can hire dedicated programmers who use advanced technology and the latest tools to create a never-before digital experience.

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hire dedicated developers from India
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Let’s Thrive Together

Hire dedicated software developers in India for your next project and get brilliance serviced

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Advantages of Hiring MERN Stack Developers from DPH

At developerperhour, you get to hire a team of MERN Stack developers who collaborate with you like your dedicated team and help you scale the process of MERN Stack development easily.

Brilliance Beyond Borders! indian developers for hire

Hire a team of MERN Stack developers from different parts of the world who work in synergy to deliver trailblazing web applications for your business.

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    Up-to-date Developers

    Hire MERN Stack developers who constantly push their boundaries with new challenges. The team is updated with the latest trends and tools for web app development in the market.

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    Easy to Scale the Team

    Scale your team of developers by hiring MERN stack professionals from DPH and let them work as your development team for the best results.

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    Streamlined Process

    With a streamlined and review-based development process, the MERN Stack developers for hire communicate with you regularly and can iterate the solution as required.

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    Full Range of MERN

    Our MERN experts have expertise in developing the full range of MERN products like web apps, mobile apps, executable libraries, binaries, and IoT apps.

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    Great UI Rendering

    Hire MERN Stack developers to render great user interfaces for your web solutions. The experts engage your users with top solutions designed aesthetically for the best results.

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    Dynamic And Secure API

    Integrating dynamic and secure API with your web solutions helps you manage operations and engage your users in a great way.

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    Easy To Switch Between Client And Server

    With MERN Stack development it becomes easier to switch between client and server making it easier to migrate information from the developers' end.

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    MVC Architecture Supports Smooth Development

    With a view controller architecture, the MERN Stack developers can create solutions with logic defined in multi-layer.

Technology with a Difference hire dedicated programmers india

Experience Before You Commit

Work with our experts before you trust them for your dream project.

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How to Hire MERN Stack Developers from Developerperhour


Share Your Requirements

In the contact us form, share your project requirements and business vision, to let our team plan and ideate your development process.


Shortlist the Right-Fit Talent

Our team would pick the talent that fits your business needs.


Interview the Talent

You can interview them and finalize the developers you’d work with. We can assist you with technical assessment if needed.


Onboard & Begin the Project

Once you find your right-fit talent, we’ll help you remotely onboard, begin the project, and provide managed support.

Technology Competency of Our Proficient MERN Stack Developers

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Hire MERN Stack Developers for Trailblazing Solutions

To give your business an unparalleled digital revamp, hire MERN Stack Developers and leverage the potential of the best technologies for user-friendly solutions.

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Our team of MERN Stack developers holds intellectual property in high regard and has integrated IP security systems to maintain the confidentiality of your project. As you hire MERN stack developers they sign an NDA to ensure the privacy of the project.

Before we deploy the project, the team of quality assurance and software testing checks the operations and functioning of the solutions. Thus, each deployment comes with the best industry standards and zero disruptions.

Our experts abide by the latest marketing trends and comprehensively map the buyer journey before they start working on your web solution. The MERN stack developers ensure the solution helps you grow your business and generate profits.

Why Hire MERN Stack Developers from India

Hire MERN Stack developers in India for affordable solutions at the best prices. Indian developers have a great understanding of audience behavior and with advanced infrastructure can deploy trustworthy solutions.

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The MERN stack programmers in India have English fluency thus making communication easy and effective. Also. with professional communication tools, they ensure engaging regularly and update you with the progress to affirm the solutions align with your vision and expectations.

Due to its strategic location, the MERN Stack programmers in India can easily align their availability with your time zone. Hire Mern Stack developers in India for seamless communication and collaboration despite your zone.

The MERN stack developers in India have experience and expertise in working with various business verticals. With their willingness to accept challenges and explore new opportunities, they deploy some of the path-breaking solutions for their clients.

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Our Recent MERN Projects

Look at the different types of MERN apps and digital solution gives to your clients.

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Get the Best MERN App Developers at the Most Affordable Rates

As you move forward to hire developers for your business, it is also essential that they come at a genuine price. We offer the best in the market development rates. You can check our pricing scheme:

Junior Developers

  • 1-2 years of experience
  • 160 man-hours guaranteed
  • Gathered the information from clients
  • Zero contract look-ins
  • Hire developer in your time zone

Mid Level Developers

  • 2-4 years of experience
  • 160 man-hours guaranteed
  • Gathered the information from clients
  • Zero contract look-ins
  • Hire developer in your time zone

Senior Level Developers

  • 5+ years of experience
  • 160 man-hours guaranteed
  • Gathered the information from clients
  • Zero contract look-ins
  • Hire developer in your time zone

Client Testimonials

Words that keep us motivated

Mr. Manon Schipper

Co-Founder, Barbacoa.PRO

Project summary: Barbacoa.PRO

Developer Per Hour built iOS and Android apps to help users organize recipes. The app indexes foods by both origin and type.

  • Budget Less than $10,000
  • Duration Jan. 2017 - Ongoing
  • Project Name: Barbacoa.PRO

Mr. Fabrizio Politi

Founder, Social eCommerce Platform

Project summary: SixthContinent

Developer Per Hour is currently working with the client to develop and improve an existing social e-commerce platform by providing frontend and backend work.

  • Budget $200,000 to $999,999
  • Duration Dec. 2015 - Ongoing
  • Project Name: SixthContinent

Mr. Michael Williams

Founder, Speech Therapy Clinic

Project summary: PRO90D

Developer Per Hour built two iOS apps based on existing training videos, audio, and written materials.

  • Budget $50,000 to $199,999
  • Duration Sep. 2014 - May. 2015
  • Project Name: PRO90D

Mr. Saurabh Jha

Playing 11 Pvt. Ltd.

Project summary: Playing 11

Chosen for their proven industry expertise, Developer Per Hour created a fantasy cricket app focusing on adding several features and making it more attractive than the competition. They also created a website.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Dec. 2018 - Mar. 2019
  • Project Name: Playing 11

Frequently Asked Questions

The prices depend upon the technology you hire the developer for. For web designers and developers, our charges are $2,500/month. For mobile app developers, the monthly charges are around $3,000 per month. All the prices are negotiable and we try to offer you the best packages.

We try our level best to match up with your local working hours. For huge time difference (like the USA and Canada), we will ensure 2-3 common hours between you and your dedicated resource.

We use Basecamp, Email or Skype talk or Direct phone access to communicate with our clients.

Generally, we suggest you some developers from our team based upon your requirements and we remember to suggest you the best from our pool. However, if you prefer, you may ask us to send as many resumes as possible.

Yes, we believe in 100% transparency. You would get daily, weekly and monthly reports of your team’s work and time spent on each project.

For the basic level, our developers are able to perform QA. However, if you need a skilled Quality Analyst for comprehensive testing, we suggest you hiring a quality analyst from our team.

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