Best Intermittent Fasting Apps – Intermittent fasting, or IF, is a current diet trend that works around a simple concept: you can eat almost anything you like, but only during a certain time. However, unlike other diet plans, this regimen is unique because it has scientific evidence to support its claims. Also, our Android and iOS app development teams stand by the fact that intermittent fasting apps are much more popular than any other fitness application. Stefani Sassos, a qualified nutritionist and deputy nutrition director of the Good Housekeeping Institute, explains that “when it comes to shedding excess pounds, the research on conventional intermittent fasting is highly effective.” In this blog, we will discuss here best free intermittent fasting apps for weight loss in 2024.

Although fasting can hypothetically reprogram your metabolism, it may lead to weight loss because you consume fewer calories when you limit your eating to specific time frames.

Types of Intermittent Fasting 

One of the biggest reasons intermittent fasting appeals to many people is that it usually does not necessitate counting calories or monitoring macronutrients; rather, it simply entails setting a time window for eating that suits you. There are a variety of IF schedules to choose from, including the standard 16:8 cycle, the 5:2 cycle, or the highly rigorous One Meal a Day (OMAD) plan. There are different types of free intermittent fasting apps that you can take help from an intermittent fasting diet that you can follow.

1. The 16:8 Method

As the name suggests, this fasting plan allows you to eat anything during 8 hours of the day and wants you to abstain during the remaining 16 hours. Therefore, this plan goes with the time-restricted feeding (TRF) method.

The best part is that this regime allows you to choose 8 hours of the day as your eating hours. Some people skip breakfast to fall under this regime, while others skip dinner. Due to this flexibility, this is among the most popular intermittent fasting plans.

2. The 5:2 Method

Unlike the 16:8 method which deals with hours of the day, the 5:2 method deals with days of the week. In this method, you eat a normal meal for 5 days a week and then for the rest 2 days, you cut your calorie intake to a quarter of your regular meal.

Studies prove that the 5:2 method is as effective as any other intermittent fasting plan, along with being highly flexible that allowing you to choose any 2 fasting days.

3. One-Meal-a-Day (OMAD) Method

As the name suggests, this diet plan allows you to enjoy only one regular meal daily and skip all other meals. Many people have been following this trend even before this came into trend. Traditional fasting methods also follow the same rule: people keep fast for the whole day and have a healthy lunch or dinner.

How Intermittent Fasting Apps Can Help to Reduce Weight?

10+ Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps For Android & iOS 2023

Regardless of which IF regimen you may be contemplating, an intermittent fasting application can help you stay on course. The first and foremost important benefit of having one such app is keeping track of your fasting regime. If you follow the traditional method, keeping a record of everything might become difficult, which helps you maintain everything. You should continue reading if you want to know the best, most reliable, and free fasting app.

There are numerous iOS and Android options available that offer a variety of features, but most IF apps are stopwatches offering custom notifications and reminders. Depending on your objectives, you may choose an intermittent fasting application with hydration tracking, nutritious recipes, or other features.

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Intermittent Fasting App Developers

Top 13 Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps [No Subscription]

Below are some of the most popular free intermittent fasting apps for Android & iOS:

1. Zero – one of the best free intermittent fasting apps

Zero - Best Intermittent Fasting App

Intermittent fasting (IF) has become a buzzword, with many apps catering to those wanting to try it out. Zero stands out as an intermittent fasting app due to its all-in-one package, boasting a wide range of features such as timers, journals, and other essential tools for IF enthusiasts. Furthermore, Zero provides a wealth of useful articles covering topics like the healthiest beverages to consume during fast periods and ways to improve one’s sleep quality. Our experts found Zero easy to navigate, even for those new to IF.

One of the app’s unique features is its ability to gauge one’s mood each day, which generates a fasting “mood graph” that can be used to identify patterns in eating habits. Reviewers have lauded the app for gamifying the fasting experience and providing insights into what the body is supposed to be doing during fasting periods. Even with the free version, users still benefit from the app’s useful features, and there’s no hard sell to upgrade to the paid version, Zero Plus.

For those who want more personalized coaching, Zero Plus includes guided fasting geared toward those who require more assistance. The journal function is also available, allowing users to reflect on their mood during fast periods, and other health markers like heart rate and sleep can also be tracked. This is one of the best free intermittent fasting apps.


The cost for accessing the full version of Zero Plus is $70 per year or $10 per month. 

The basic app is free to download and use, it’s worth considering the benefits of upgrading to Zero Plus.

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2. Window

Window- Free Fasting App

Intermittent fasting has become increasingly popular among individuals looking to shed weight and improve their overall health. One notable application in this space is called Window, which has garnered attention for its unique features and capabilities.

Of particular note is Window’s ability to toggle between fasting and eating window durations, both in the calendar overview setting and while looking at user stats. One enthusiastic user commented, “The fact that it is also a weight tracker…is an added benefit. This app has played a big role in my success with intermittent fasting.”

The cost structure of the app may be a potential drawback, but for those who are serious about their intermittent fasting regimen, the benefits of Windows features may outweigh the cost. The app’s clean aesthetic and intuitive design further add to its appeal.

Although the application can be downloaded for free, its full range of features is only accessible with an annual subscription fee of $40. However, Windows stands out for its diverse range of fasting options, including “Easy Start,” “Lean Gains,” “The Warrior,” and OMAD. Additionally, the app boasts a range of useful tools, such as a blog featuring insights from top nutritionists and a weight tracker that allows users to monitor their progress over time.

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3. Simple

Simple - intermittent fasting application

As the name implies, this Simple intermittent fasting application proffers effortless fasting schedules and counsel throughout the day, making it an exemplary option for novices. In addition, you can meticulously document your victuals while monitoring your hydration and physical activity stats.

This app works fine with Apple’s Health and Fitbit’s operating systems. Furthermore, various objectives are available, including shedding pounds, practicing deliberate eating habits, and minimizing tension. The premium subscription is also available if you seek extra motivational content, personalized insights, and other features.

Pricing: The basic content is free to download and use, while full access requires a subscription fee of $50 annually or $30 for three months.

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4. BodyFast

BodyFast - fasting app

BodyFast is one of the most popular intermittent fasting apps with over 30 million downloads. The app offers a range of fasting options, including Stone Age and Aurora, which users can switch between based on their goals and requirements for the day or week. However, most of these options are only available with the premium plan, which also offers access to a personalized coach.

The app’s flexibility in adjusting to hectic schedules has received positive feedback from users. One online reviewer commented that they appreciated the few options available for eating schedules, allowing them to adjust their fasts accordingly and receive timely alerts throughout the day. Although the app offers a free plan, the reviewer also mentioned using the basic content.

To access the app’s full range of features, users must upgrade to the premium plan, which costs $17 per month.

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5. Sunrise Fasting

Sunrise Fasting App

Sunrise Fasting provides an innovative solution for keeping track of fasting times. This app utilizes your location to determine the appropriate time to begin and end your fast based on the sunrise and sunset in your area. Moreover, the app offers a range of fasting options, including a customizable setting for users to personalize their fasting regimen. Additionally, users can record their moods and take notes in the app. We can also include it in our top free intermittent fasting apps list.

According to our team of experts, the free version of Sunrise Fasting offers more features than other apps we have reviewed. Moreover, unlike many other intermittent fasting apps, this app does not aggressively promote its premium version. One online reviewer spoke highly of the app, “As someone new to intermittent fasting, I appreciate how this app tracks my fasts, offers visual aids to monitor my progress, allows me to customize my fasts, and records my weight. Seeing the percentage of my fast that I have completed is extremely motivating.”

Although there is a premium version of the app that offers advanced statistics and fasting presets, the basic version is sufficient for most users. The app is free to download, and users can access the basic content without any cost. However, users must pay $3 per month or $27 per year for full access.

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Free Fasting Apps

6. Fastient (one of the top free apps for intermittent fasting)

Fastient - Best Fasting App

Fastient, an intermittent fasting application, is a prime choice for individuals seeking a basic yet effective application. This program has minimal excess features and offers users a platform to record their progress and any thoughts and worries regarding their fast. An online user describes Fastient as “a simple and refined fasting app that provides all the necessary features without any additional fluff to deceive users. The ability to take notes is particularly favorable as it allows me to concentrate on what motivates me personally.” The advanced version of the app includes added features such as the ability to attach progress photos.

Regarding pricing, Fastient offers a free download to access basic content. Two subscription options are available for individuals seeking full access to all features. One can either opt for an annual payment of $5 or pay $12 for a lifetime subscription.

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Free Intermittent Fasting Apps (Best of 2024)

7. FastHabit


FastHabit app has garnered widespread recognition for its straightforward interface, which graphically displays statistics and contains a calendar feature. Additionally, the application boasts an affordable price point and allows for integration with Apple Watches. A user of FastHabit lauded the app for its efficacy in tracking not only fasting hours but also keeping them motivated to continue their progress.

The application also features a ten-day snapshot function that prominently displays how many consecutive days the user has met their fasting goals, a metric known as streaks.

The base application is free, but for a nominal fee of $3, one can upgrade to the premium version, which offers customizable reminders, notifications, and other enhanced features such as weight tracking and synchronization with the Apple Health app. The app’s functionality is further enhanced through extended fasting hours, access to data export, and additional statistics.

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8. LIFE Fasting Tracker

LIFE Fasting Tracker App

Life Fasting Tracker is an application that prioritizes teamwork as its main feature in intermittent fasting. By creating social circles, you can share your fasting journey with your acquaintances, which can hold you accountable for your actions. To motivate some users, this application utilizes visual graphics to show when you are entering the phase of burning fat during your fast.

You can join the application for free, but upgrading to Life+ will grant you access to exclusive features like habit trackers, enhanced statistics, and fitness videos by Les Mills. An online reviewer praised the application for its convenience in visualizing their weekly fasting time and ketosis duration, which helped them plan their family meals according to their husband’s fasting schedule.

The basic content is accessible for free, while full access to Life+ requires a monthly payment of $3.

Download Links:

9. Fastic

Fastic - Intermittent Fasting Apps

Another Best Free Fasting App – Fastic is an app that has a large community of 20 million intermittent fasters to support users on their journey. The free fasting app provides basic features such as a fasting timer, water tracker, and step counter. However, to access more features like recipes and challenges, users need to upgrade to the premium version, which starts at $12 a month.

The upgraded version of the app offers fasting graphics that show the user what phase of the fasting period they are in and what is happening to their body. According to one online reviewer, this feature helps them to stay motivated and reach their fasting goals.

The app can be downloaded for free, but users need to upgrade to the premium version to access all the features by paying $12/per month.

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10. Vora

Vora - Free Intermittent Fasting Apps

Vora is also one of the most popular free intermittent fasting apps. The application, designed for basic fasting tracking, enables users to obtain a comprehensive graphic record of their recent fasts. Furthermore, the Vora Fasting application allows sharing one’s fasting experience on social media and allows users to make notes about their experience, which they can review later.

The application’s capability to display the graph of past fasts is particularly inspiring for one online reviewer. This same reviewer has also praised the option to set individual targets for each fast and to be able to leave notes to reference later. This individual managed to shed over 45 pounds in less than four months, which he attributes to the aid of this application.

The basic content of the application is free to download and access, while the full Vora Pro version requires a $5 fee.

Download Link: iOS

11. Ferometer

Ferometer - Free Fasting App

Ferometer is an application that is exclusively designed for females and is equipped with numerous capabilities to enhance their success in intermittent fasting (IF). Among its offerings is a step-by-step guide to IF, a comprehensive set of trackers for monitoring weight, water consumption, sleep, and activity, as well as reminders to keep you on track toward achieving your goals.

According to Moltzen, the driving force behind one’s success is motivation. To maintain alertness and interest, these miniature reminders play a crucial role.

The basic features of this application are available to users free of charge. However, users can opt for one of the following subscription packages: a monthly plan for $9.99, a quarterly plan for $14.99, or a yearly plan for $49.99. By upgrading to a subscription plan, users gain access to a personalized fasting plan, which includes a comprehensive nutrition guide.

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12. DoFasting

DoFasting - Free Fasting App

DoFasting proffers seven individualized Intermittent Fasting regimens, a vast library of erudite articles and bespoke fitness routines, and a litany of over 5,000 culinary formulae. Furthermore, they incorporate an abundance of fitness videos.

Moreover, the application grants the ability to craft a customized meal program directly within the app, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly, then compare it to your recommended calorie intake for optimal wellness. Moreover, the app allows you to monitor your physical heft, hydration levels, and steps taken.

DoFasting is free of charge, accompanied by diverse subscriptions: one month’s use presently costs $33.00, three months of usage costs $15.33 per month, and six months of use will amount to a monthly fee of $11.00.

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13. Ate Food Diary

Ate Food Diary - Online Fasting App

Ate Food Diary has recently become one of the famous free intermittent fasting apps. The Ate Food Diary facilitates recording gastronomic indulgences through an illustrative journal, revealing the intermission elapsed between meals and snacks, thus allowing introspection into your nutritional preferences and their respective physiological and psychological consequences. If you are inclined towards social media accountabilities, Ate simplifies the dissemination of your culinary interests through various channels.

The application’s free version lasts for 7 days. Following this, one must subscribe to either a $9.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly plan. Upgrading eliminates advertisements while offering advanced features.

Download Links:

How do you select the best intermittent fasting applications?

We reviewed and tested all sorts of wellness, nutrition, and health-related applications, such as weight loss, meditation, and calorie-counting applications. We consider several factors while assessing and researching these applications, such as their ease of use, quality, price, and whether they offer up-to-date information.

In particular, when evaluating intermittent fasting applications, our editors and experts carefully examined numerous online user reviews and downloaded several applications to gain first-hand experience. We ensured that our selection highlighted apps that performed well in providing dependable reminders and motivation for adhering to specific fasting windows.


Which Intermittent Fasting App is Best for You?

In discovering the best intermittent fasting application that suits your individual preferences and objectives, there are certain considerations to consider. Firstly, it is important to assess your specific aims and necessities. If you intend to document your sentiments and encounters, a range of options, such as Fastient and Sunrise, offer this capability. Conversely, if you prefer to visually analyze your progress through the use of graphs and reports, applications such as Vora and Zero may be more fitting alternatives.

Suppose you remain indecisive regarding which IF application to download. In that case, a negligible drawback exists to experimenting with a few of these options to determine the most compatible one for you. Most fasting applications provide a cost-free trial, allowing you to evaluate their effectiveness before committing to a month or year-long subscription. While it is imperative to prioritize your well-being and allocate resources accordingly, it is equally critical to consider the impact of pricing on your monthly budget.

Final Words About Free Intermittent Fasting App:

These are the top free intermittent fasting apps that are simple to use and provide fantastic functionality to their users, allowing them to complete their intermittent fasts more quickly. The best part is that all of these features are simply accessible and free of charge. You can select any of these best intermittent fasting apps for your requirements.


Is there a Fasting App that’s Free?

Yes, various fasting apps are available for free like iFasting, Fastic, Ate food diary, and many more.

How does an Intermittent Fasting app work?

An Intermittent Fasting app helps users track their fasting periods, provides personalized meal plans, and offers reminders and guidance for a successful fast.

How much time does it take to develop an Intermittent Fasting app?

Developing an intermittent fasting app may take a couple of weeks to a few months. It depends on the number of features and functionalities you want to integrate into your mobile app.

What are Some Free Apps for Intermittent Fasting?

There are lots of free fasting apps available but the top fasting apps are BodyFast, Zero, Fastic, DoFasting, and Vora. You can download any of these to start intermittent fasting.

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