Having an online presence is a positive point for the business, bringing many benefits to the fence. However, it is equally important that your website provides a smooth experience and the proper insight into the company so that it can add value for the customers.

A range of web development frameworks and approaches can be used for the same, and Asp Dot Net is one of them. However, it will not be wrong to say that Asp.Net is one of the best website development frameworks. But, to leverage the advantages of this framework, it is essential that the developer you are hiring is proficient enough in Asp.net and can deliver you a top-notch website for your business. 

Today in this blog, we will discuss the benefits of using the .Net framework and how you can get a perfect partner to deliver these benefits.

Why Dot Net for your development project?

As already discussed, there are various frameworks that can be used for website development, but dot net offers great benefits over others. The reasons for choosing Dot Net for your development project are but are not limited to- 

  1. Free and Open-source Platform 

The community base of .Net is extensive; thus, it is one of the most cost-efficient frameworks for developing a website or even an app for your business. Being an open-source web framework, it becomes easier to maintain and scale the website or application on any device or platform. At the same time, the framework can be used to develop websites, apps, desktop apps, and services like Azure. 

  1. Provides Wholesome Tools for Rapid Project Development 

Various tools incorporated in the .Net framework make performing the various functions easier, making the task easier for the developer. The framework’s versatility helps reduce maintenance costs and enhance business productivity. 

  1. Easy Integration of Security-Centric Features 

Code security is one priority for ensuring code protection from cyber-attacks. The novel features and technologies provide users with a secure platform where the data is completely secure. 

  1. Cross-platform Support 

Developing the application on the .Net framework makes it possible to run it on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. So, using a single language is enough to deploy the website or app on multiple operating systems without any compatibility issues. 

  1. Scalable Web Apps 

Business websites are meant to be scalable so they can handle the huge consumer base in the future. Dot Net makes this possible by providing the opportunity to replace the component simultaneously without affecting the complete architecture to ensure better performance and fewer resource consumptions. 

How to Hire the Right Asp.Net Development Company? 

Selecting the right Asp.Net company is as important as choosing the right architect for your residence. But, it is not always easy to pick the right partner and ensure the project is safe. At the same time, plenty of experienced and non-experienced companies would like to grab your project, whether or not they can deliver the worth for your investment. So, there are certain factors that you can consider to make your decision more accurate. The considerations are-

  • Define Your .Net Project Requirement. 

No matter how many companies or development partners you go through, ensure that you effectively define your project requirements to them. Establishing a clear understanding of the project between both parties is essential. This practice will help the development partner decide whether they can work on your project. At the same time, define all the core competencies you want to see in your project so that you don’t have to outsource the talent in future stages to get the work done. 

  • Goals and Objectives

Convey your goals and objectives with the project so they can better understand your vision. Communicate about the type of app or website, the target audience you want to connect, the type of product or service you wish to provide, and the monetary benefits you expect to gain. At the same time, also talk about the user base you expect to entertain through your website so it can handle the traffic.

  • Mind your Budget and Timeline 

Budget and timeline are going to be the primary considerations for you while developing the website. Every company will offer its quotations and timeframe for completing the project. 

So, match your expectations with the offerings of different dot net development companies and make the right decision. Here, you can utilize your ROI calculation to select the right Dot Net developer for your project.

  • Communication Channel 

It would be best to connect with the team during the project. You might want to share suggestions, seek changes, or know the project’s progress. So, there has to be a communication channel where you can get insight into your project. Ensure the Dot Net development company you hire has an efficient communication channel to connect with its stakeholders.

  • Reporting tools 

Ask about the reporting tools they will utilize throughout the project for streamlined communication with you. There are various reporting tools, such as Birt, Pentaho, JasperReport, SpagoBI, ReportServer, KNIME, Seal Report, and many more. The absence of a reliable reporting tool might make you compromise efficient communication within your project.

  • Discuss Engagement and Pricing Model 

Pricing models also differ in the companies as per their services and brand recognition in the market. Some popular pricing models are penetration pricing, high-low pricing, premium pricing, bundle pricing, and competitive pricing. Every model has its competencies according to its nature. So, select the one that satisfies your needs and budget.

Here, you should also analyze the engagement model that the company follows. Some examples of engagement models are “Build operate transfer, ” “Virtual development lab, ” “dedicated development center, ” “hybrid model, ” and “Global resourcing. ” Study these resourcing models well and select the one that best fits your project.

  • After service support 

Developing a website is not everything; you must manage it well, instill the features, update the information, change the design, remove bugs or errors, and much more. All this can be done with the after-service support provided by the Dot Net development company. So, evaluate the after-service support offered by the different companies, compare it well, and go for the best one. Entertaining after-service support will help you ensure that your website has the support of proficient developers even after the deployment.

Hire Asp.Net Developers

Identify Right Asp.net Development company skills. 

The expertise of a company lies in the skills they have mastered and can work with. Here, skills don’t refer to the traditional hard and soft skills but the firm’s overall capabilities to deliver you the worth for the money. But, just like choosing the right development partner, identifying the skills and, thus, the right agency can be a real headache. So, here are some of the steps that you must follow to ensure that the Asp.net development company you are selecting has the relevant skills-

  • Go Through Company’s Previous Work Portfolio 

The company’s previous work portfolio is the mirror of the company as it portrays the skills, capabilities, and quality of its work. You must go through their previous work portfolio when choosing a development company for your project. Here, you can analyze the number of projects, proficiency, type of projects, the framework they work on, lesson plans, and much more. 

  • Ask for the previous client’s reference. 

Contacting previous clients can be a great idea to ensure that your selected firm will lighten your project. Get in touch with a previous client, ask for their experience with the development agency, check the efficiency and quality of their project, and much more. You can also talk about their working method, discipline regarding timeline and costing, and level of skills their developers have.

  • Microsoft Certifications Are Must

Just like the qualification degrees helps to determine a person’s eligibility, Microsoft certification will ensure that the agency is proficient in a particular skill associated with the industry and requirement. So, if your selected company has Microsoft certification, they are likely to be proficient developers with them. 

  • Dot Net CMS and CRM Knowledge

The development company you select must know about Dot Net Content Management System and Customer Relationship Management. It will help you ensure that your website can provide important insight about the services and maintain an efficient relationship with customers. Major .Net CMS are Kentico, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, N2 CMS, and Sitefinity. 

  • 3rd Party Software- APIs Integration skills

APIs make the website function. However, there are thousands of APIs in the market, and a development company must select the best one to make the website or app function. Thus, checking if the Dot Net development company has the right API integration skills is essential.

  • Database Technologies 

Defining database technology takes the information and thus stores, processes, and manages the data so that users can easily find what they are searching for. So, for a company developing your project, ensure they have exceptional database technology skills.

  • Good Knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem (Azure, 360, Office 365, Sitecore, Power BI, MS Dynamics, etc)

Good knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem, including tools like Azure, 360, Office 365, Sitecore, Power BI, MS Dynamics, and more, will help increase your project’s efficiency in various ways. Integrating the tools into your website can enhance its performance and usability significantly. So, you should ensure that your selected Asp.Net development company knows about the same. 

  • Give Sample Coding Project 

It is always a good idea to be double-sure about the decision. For the same, you can give a sample coding project to the selected company and analyze their proficiency, quality of outcome, timeline discipline, workflow, communication, and everything else. If your small project matches your expectations, it will be worth trying for the bigger one.

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Finalize The Asp.Net Development Company 

Now, when you have reviewed the profiles of several dot net development companies and service providers and examined their skills and portfolios, you will have finalized a name or two for your project. You need to make sure that proper formal communication and understanding have been entertained between both parties. We suggest you perform the following formalities with your chosen Asp.Net development company. 

  • Discuss Terms and Conditions 

When investing considerable time and money in your project, you and the Asp.Net development company you are hiring might have some terms and conditions. So, convey your terms and conditions to the company. At the same time, they know the terms and conditions from their side. This practice will help you prevent any chances of misunderstanding during the project. Terms and conditions can include the factors like timeline, budget, payment schedule, communication method, responsibilities, technologies to be used, your requirements, etc. 

  • Payment Schedule and Channels 

Talk about the payment schedule for your project. It can be one time in advance, one time after completion, periodic, or according to the milestone. So, please choose the method suitable for both parties and add it to the deal document. The deal documentation must also discuss the communication channels you opted for during the project. 

  • Project milestones with the timeline 

The project can be completed on time only when the major milestones are achieved timely. So, mark the project’s major landmarks along with the project’s timeline. Here, the practice will ensure the proper progress of the project with time and thus enhance the chances that your project will be delivered on time, with the expected quality. 

  • Don’t Forget to Sign NDA 

NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement is documentation that ensures that all the information about your project is secured between you and your development partner. It cannot be shared with any external entity or third party. Violating the agreement might lead to regulatory action against the faulty party. Make sure that your partner signs the NDA for the project.

What Services Can You Avail by Hiring .Net Development Company?

If you think that a .Net development company will only develop a website for you based on the framework, you are only half right. The core service of these agencies is undoubtedly developing new websites for their clients. However, there are several other services as well that are provided by Asp.Net companies. These services are but are not limited to- 

  • Asp.Net Development 
  • .Net Consulting 
  • .Net CMS Development 
  • .Net Maintenance and Support 
  • .Net Upgradation and Migration 
  • .Net QA and Testing 
  • .Net Integration Services 
  • .Net 3rd Party Customization
  • Microsoft-based solutions

Top Asp.Net Development Companies Across the Globe 

Going through the above analysis is a great idea to ensure you handle your project with a responsible and reliable partner. However, selecting a well-established brand for your project might divide your efforts for the same. So, we are enlisting some of the top Asp.Net development companies that you can hire for your project- 

Best Dot Net Development Companies


India-based and well-known firm in the IT sector, Developerperhour is among the top Asp.Net developers in the world. The company has completed more than 1300 projects for 500+ happy clients. It has 200 expert members working on more than 40 client projects. The company has been operating in the industry for 15 years and now carries ample experience to deliver the worth of your investment in the project. The company enables companies to hire dedicated developers from India at cost-effective prices.

Asp.Net Development Companies


iFlexion is a popular name providing services for Dot Net development. The firm has an experience of more than 2 decades of delivering the services like web development, app development, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. The firm has been serving more than 500 clients, some listed in Fortune 500 companies. The firm’s client base has names like PepsiCo, Adidas, Xerox, Toyota, PayPal, Philips, eBay, and more. 

Hire Asp.Net Development Company


The company was founded in 2000 with a team of 20 developers. The firm has worked hard in the industry and is now known for its services with the .Net framework and its application. In this journey, the firm has added numerous awards to its portfolio, including Forrester, Gartner, Clutch, GoodFirms, Brandon Hall Group, Adobe, ITFirms, SoftwareWorld, and much more. 

Hire Dot Net Development Agency


The company has expertise in technologies like ReactJS, Node.js, .NET, and AWS for over 8 years. The firm develops apps and websites with futuristic technologies to ensure a strong online presence for its clients. Brainvire is known for its strict recruitment procedure of developers. So, you need not worry when you have chosen Brainhub for your project development as a proficient and experienced team is handling it.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Asp.Net Development Company?

The cost of hiring a Dot Net development company is never constant because it depends on various factors. These factors are but are not limited to-

  • The market you are selecting the company from
  • Type of website or app you want to develop
  • The platform you wish to launch the website on 
  • Technologies you want to use in the development 
  • Number of features you want to see
  • Type of features you want to include 
  • The number of hours it takes for the Development Company, etc. 

So, you will have to answer all the above points to get the exact number for your website development cost in the Asp.Net framework. However, you can consider an average cost of $25-$100 per hour.


Asp.Net is a popular framework for developing a website with exceptional capabilities and features whole experience. At the same time, you must select the right .Net development company to get the website developed for your business. Some of the significant factors you should ensure while choosing the perfect .net developer for your project are their experience, expertise, previous work portfolio, engagement models, pricing strategy, etc. At the same time, it should also be ensured that the development partner holds a good brand image in the industry.  

Developing a website will require a good investment; thus, you must rely on a known, responsible and proficient asp.net development agency for the same.


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