Introduction – Hiring Offshore Development Team

What is the Offshore Development Team?

Why You Should Hire the Offshore Development Teams? 

Highly Expanding Market

The offshore development market is spreading so fast beyond our imagination. The overall size of the offshore software development market was esteemed at US$122,257.5 million in the year 2021 and is estimated to be US$283,457.5 million by the year 2030 at a 10.13% CAGR between the year 2022 and 2030. Looking at these stats, you must have an idea of why it will be beneficial to hire offshore development teams.

Reduced Cost & Time

Extended Expertise 

Understanding of Newest Technologies

Higher Flexibility & Work Efficiency

When You Must Consider Hiring Offshore Developers?

Limited Budget

Required Skill Set

Expanding Business

Need for Higher Productivity

Hard to Meet Customers’ Expectations

HIre offshore development team

Offshore Development Team Structure

Project Manager

Front-end Developers

Back-end Developers

QA Engineers

Hire Offshore Development Team

Best Places to Hire Offshore Development Teams Online


LinkedIn Network

Freelance Workplaces

B2B Portals

Take Help from the Community 

HIre offshore development team

Best Geographic Locations to Hire Offshore Development Team

Eastern Europe

offshore software development team from Eastern Europe

Latin America

Hire offshore development team from letin america


HIre Offshore development team from Asia

How do you hire an offshore development team and developers?

Hire Offshore Developers from Marketplace VS Agency

Can you Give Up on In-House Hiring for Offshore Outsourcing?

Why Choose Developerperhour as Your Offshore Development Team?


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire an offshore development team?

It is good to hire an offshore development team when you have a large-scale project with undefined requirements that require specific expertise leading to higher flexibility and cost-effective solutions.    

How do I hire an offshore development team?

You can start by defining your project requirements, researching about the offshore development team you are hiring, conducting interviews, shortlisting them, and then, go for hiring the suitable and affordable ones among them.

When should I hire an offshore developer?

Hiring an offshore developer will be beneficial for you in case you are looking for additional support or team extension to complete specific tasks on a given deadline or require particular skills or talent.    

What is the rate for offshore developers?

To hire offshore developers, the rate will vary between $15 and $150 per hour. It depends on different aspects such as location, experience, skills, and project complexity.

What is the salary of an offshore developer in India?

On average, the salary of Indian offshore developer ranges from ₹3,00,000 to ₹25,00,000 annually which differs according to their skill set and experience.      

Where to find an offshore development team?

To find an offshore development team, the best way is to use different online freelancing platforms, take referrals, and contact specialized job platforms for remote work or outsourcing agencies. 


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