Understating the growth of Outsourced Product Development

What is Outsourced Product Development?

When You Need to Outsource Software Product Development?

outsourced product development

When not to outsource product development

What We Can Outsource In Software Product Development?

Steps to Outsource Product Development 

    • Choose the Right Outsourcing Team: Conduct comprehensive research to determine a list of possible outsourcing partners, who possess the right expertise, experience, and capacity to perform your tasks. Analyze parameters that include professional competencies, work experience, fame, and staff adaptation level.
    • Establish a Request for Proposal (RFP): Summarize the tasks in the RFP document by including project scope, objectives, deliverables, time frames, and performance credit. Enumerate your company, the project background, technical specifications, and expected outcomes towards the end of your proposal.
    • Assess the Proposals: Evaluation and selection of bidders’ proposals from prequalified suppliers based on criteria like technical capabilities, industry experience, approach, form of teamwork, and support costs. Assess each proposal against the RFP requirements to identify the most appropriate Outsourced Product Development Partner.
    • Develop Communication Structure: Establish communication channels that are open and transparent with the outsourcing partner chosen to improve collaboration, information sharing, and taking decisions as well. Specify the aspects of communication protocol, tools, and communication update frequency to be used for smooth coordination among teams.
    • Project Management Processes: Oversee the implementation of effective project management interventions. It should entail the identification of critical project lines, the risks involved, and the delivery of expected outcomes. Establish roles and responsibilities, set up KPIs, hold status meetings, and review progress regularly.
    • Monitor the Process: Constantly conduct project progress monitoring, measure key metrics, and solve any problems or verify their occurrence as soon as possible. Keep proper communication with the outsourcing team, giving out evaluations, instruction, and assistance as required to continue the project and gauge your goal.
    • Conduct Quality Testing: Carry out thorough testing and quality assurance procedures of deliverables to guarantee their functionality, performance, and reliability. Do user acceptance testing (UAT) by collecting feedback and making sure the product meets stakeholder expectations before its final deployment.
    • Finalize Deployment: Review with the outsourcing partner and check that the deliverables meet the specified quality and the standards of quality. Get ready for the product rollout, with installation, configuration, and end-user delivery.
    • Maintain Collaboration: Sustain the relationship along with the collaboration with the outsourcing partner to deal with the issues that occur at the time of deployment. Install the appropriate infrastructure, and be prepared to add or adjust it accordingly. Create such a relationship based on cooperation, trust, openness, and mutual respect, which will lead to long-term success between those two entities.
    • Performance Reviews: Hold periodical appraisals to assess the outsourcing partner’s performance in comparison with the agreed-upon measures and KPIs. Assess criteria such as quality of outputs, meeting deadlines, feedback responsiveness, and collaboration results. Offer helpful suggestions along with ways to enhance efficacy and encourage a more performance-oriented attitude.
    outsource product development

      Mistakes To Avoid When Outsourcing Product Development

      Benefits of Software Product Development Outsourcing:

      Time for Core work: 


      Risk Mitigation: 

      Scalability and flexibility: 

      Faster Turnaround time: 

      Disadvantages of Outsourced Product Development

      How much Does it cost to outsource product development?

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