What is Databricks?

What Are the Key Features of Databricks?

Thus, when a Databricks lakehouse consulting firm works with your enterprise, they bring ease, automation, and expansion possibilities to the table. 

Here are some key features of Databricks Lakehouse Platform:

Unified Data Storage 

You can store processed and raw data in a single location. Thus, accessing everything that you may need is easy and you don’t have to switch between the data locations. 

Scalable Processing 

Databricks lakehouse brings to the table robust data processing abilities that allow distributed computing and parallel processing. With such processing abilities, you can manage the data pool of your business easily no matter how large it is. 

Advanced AI-Powered Analytics 

When we talk about databricks, we are talking of a technology that bridges the gap between automation and present processing. With advanced analytical tools like machine learning, data visualization, and exploratory data analysis, to work on your data you get a little relaxation on the research part.

Data Governance and Security 

The data that your firm processes is exclusive to itself and you need to manage the data quality, access rights, and lineage. These basic aspects help you maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your data without exposing it to larger available teams. 

Schema Enforcement 

You understand the role schema plays with your data. Many data lakes do not let the users enforce schema to their data. Databricks allows users to insert schema making it easier for the organizations to manage their data. 

Performance Optimization 

A significant reason why you are looking forward to partnering with a databricks consulting company is to optimize your functioning and make your data retrieval process faster and reliable. 

If you are looking forward to consulting Databricks Lakehouse consulting companies, these are some of the advantages that you can avail. 

Not sure where to connect to avail these advantages? 

Don’t worry!

We got you covered. 

Here’s a curated list of top Databricks Lakehouse Consulting Companies you can choose from. 

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Top Databricks Lakehouse Consulting Companies 



Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Founded: 1989

This Irish American company set up in 1989 is transforming businesses with the help of the latest technology. Accenture is known to have helped enterprises with various Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based solutions. 

The company is known to keep up with the changing technology and is one of the top databricks consulting firms that enterprises can partner with. 


Data Art

Founded: 1997

Headquarters: New York, USA

Leading in the domain of data analytics and consulting, DtatArt is the most trusted name in the Databricks Consulting Partners. The company helps organizations in resolving their end-to-end requirements of handling large amounts of data and simplifying the complexities. DataArt makes use of Business Intelligence (BI) tools to provide its clients with insight-driven augmented data analytics.

Celebal Technologies

Celebal Technologies

Headquarters: Houston, TX, United States

Founded: 2015

Celebal Technologies is a renowned name in the enterprise mobility solution providers market. The company with its technology-driven solutions and multiple location availability is able to assist enterprises with advanced solutions. Along with data warehousing, data analytics, etc, the company has gained itself a position in one of the best databricks lakehouse consulting companies.  



Founded: 2016 

Headquarters: Illinois, USA

Conceived under the shelters of Microsoft, 3Cloud has grown to be one of the most reliable Azure consulting service providers. The founders have in-the-field Microsoft experience for over two decades and they use it well to grow their business. With the experience and expertise they bring to the screen, they are one of the most relied databricks consulting service providers for any size of enterprise group. 

They have partnered with the best in the field and acquired some big names from mid-market organizations across the US. 



Founded: 1967

Headquarters: Paris, France

The leading provider of IT services across the globe, Capgemini is the next in our list of the top Databricks Consulting Companies. Capgemini’s robust Data Migration Methodologies ensure that their enterprise clients align to their cloud and digital transformation needs by providing them with a streamlined cloud architecture and migration pattern. The company uses a combination of cloud and data analytics to help you migrate your valuable data to the Databricks Lakehouse platform.



Headquarters: London, England

Founded: 1845

Another dominant organization in the field of databricks consulting companies. Deloitte partnered with Databricks Lakehouse to showcase its expertise in data modernization and advanced data analytics. The Deloitte Databricks Migration Factory provides structured approach and methodology for on-time and on-budget implementation of data. The organization also enables enterprises to simplify end-to-end data management and governance.




Founded: 1994

Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

In the year 2021, Cognizant received Databricks Consultant and Systems Integrator Customer Impact Award, for the organization helped a few clients resolve their high-end data transformation needs by cutting in the operational costs with the aid of Databricks. Cognizant exemplified in cloud, Artificial Intelligence and data analytics implementation with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, leading to faster turnaround, reduced costs and better business outcomes.



Founded: 2002

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Analytics8 is the leading name among data consulting service providers and the company has recently added into its feather the services of Databricks Lakehouse. The company helps its enterprise-level clients in streamlining their data lakes to a robust, highly-protected environment called Databricks Lakehouse. The  company provides a variety of databricks services including data architecture and databricks, databricks health check, database platform migration and cloud readiness assessment. 

4 Miles

4 Miles

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: CA, USA

4Miles is a top-notch data consulting service provider working with a simple motto – to provide clients with the most value from their data. The organization offers a wide range of services, from data warehouse design to creating funnel visualization of the data. With their partnership with Databricks Lakehouse, the company aims to help its clients with the hassle-free migration of their valued data to a more secure and robust platform.



Founded: 2007

Headquarters: CABA, Buenos Aires

As the name suggests, Datalytics provides data analytics services to enable their enterprise clients to analyse their data, understand it and make wise decisions with it. They like to call themselves a data university, where they learn to use the raw data in a more productive manner, and help their clients make better business use of it. With Databricks Lakehouse, Datalytics enables their clients to not only store their data to a safer environment but also helps them process it for their business purposes.

Role and Responsibilities of Databricks Lakehouse Development Companies

Well, your databricks lakehouse consulting company would offer you a diverse ecosystem that would support the development, management, and analytics of data your enterprise uses. Some of the major responsibilities that your consulting firm would take are: 

Designing and Maintaining Infrastructure for Data Storage 

When you partner with a databricks lakehouse consulting firm, they would first expand your infrastructure to expand your data storage and processing capacities. They would plan a clear process to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from various sources into your lakehouse. The significant points to consider here are data quality, reliability, and optimal performance of the complete process. 

Any loophole in the process would result in the data migration failure and could threaten the company’s confidential information. 

The consulting firm would assign data engineers who would look into data partitioning, clustering, and storage optimization for efficient querying.

Performing Advanced Analytics and Extract Insights

As we talk about the roles and responsibilities of the databricks lakehouse consulting firms, they don’t manage and store data but perform advanced analytics and extract insights from them too.

The data engineers working with your consulting firm would use machine learning models for statistical analysis and data mining services to better understand your business issues. A lot of homework goes into data preparation, feature engineering, model training, evaluation, and deployment within the Databricks environment.

Exploring and Visualizing Data to Derive Actionable Results

Your data lakehouse service providing partner would not only offer data management solutions, but create interactive dashboards that reflect every detail you’d need regarding your business. They would take into account roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders and provide a dashboard that can help you through. 

Automating and Managing Deployment 

Your Databricks Lakehouse consulting firm would focus on managing and deploying the solutions. Not just this, it would also take care of scaling and monitoring the clusters of Databricks and its applications.

Most consulting firms set up continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, manage infrastructure as code and check cluster performance.

Bridging Gap Between Technical Teams and Business Stakeholders 

Well, the business analysts working with your Databricks consulting firm would help you achieve your goals by communicating your needs to the tech team. They’d basically keep things documented and identify technical specifications to work on. Also, it is their responsibility to share your needs and requirements with the tech team at the consulting firm. 

These are some of the basic roles of your data lakehouse consulting firm. Along with this, they’re responsible for upscaling the solutions, expanding the scope, etc. 

We now, understand that databricks lakehouse consulting companies assist enterprises in data management, utilization, storage, analytics, and other functions. Before you decide which of the above firms you want to partner with, here’s a brief of Data Lake, Data Warehouse, and Data Lakehouse to help you make an informed decision. 

Understanding the Difference Between Data Lake, Data Warehouse, and Data Lakehouse 

What is Data Lake?

Data Lake is a huge space for all kinds of information.  You simply put all your data like text, pictures, videos, and more all in there as it is. One thing to note here is, in the data lake you’d have to arrange your data on your own in a structured form. 

Thus, you can easily find the data that you are looking for. The best part is data in data lakes isn’t globally accessible and cannot be accessed by anyone. It’s flexible and can hold a lot, which makes it great for analyzing and learning from the information stored inside.

What Is Data Warehousing? 

Imagine data warehousing as a giant organized storage room for information in a company. This room gathers data from different parts of the company, like sales, operations, and customer service. It puts all this data together neatly so that it’s easy to find and use.

Instead of mixing everything up, the data warehouse keeps things tidy. It also keeps a record of how things have changed over time, kind of like a history book for the company’s data. This is super helpful because it lets the company see patterns and trends, like whether sales go up during certain seasons.

What Is Data Lakehouse? 

Well, we have talked about data lake which is a pool of structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data at a place. Then the data warehouse offers storage for data in an organized manner. Data Lakehouse is a relatively new term that manages, segregates, arranges, and analyzes data for scalable and flexible utilization. Here the data can be used in any of the ways be it in stored form or in real-time. 

So, to get the best of the technology you can partner with one of the top datalakehouse consulting firms around the world. 

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With the expanding scope of your business, you need advanced tools that can support enterprise mobility and advanced functioning. With a myriad of alternatives available in the market, our experts have curated the list of best databricks lakehouse consulting companies that can help you automate and manage your business well!


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