IT Outsourcing India (Statistics)

Best Websites to Hire Dedicated Developers from India

Value Coders

Your Team in India

Radix web


Clarion Tech

Virtual Employee

Developers App India

Technical Skills to Consider While Hiring Dedicated Developers

Soft Skills to Consider While Hiring Dedicated Programmers

What Questions to Ask When Hiring Dedicated Developers from India



Q. Why would companies from across the globe outsource to Indian developers?

Ans. Most companies prefer to hire Indian developers because of the combination of cost-effectiveness, education, and English proficiency.

Q. Are these platforms good for long-term engagements?

Ans. Yes, these platforms provide a secure and suitable engagement model for a long-term partnership.

Q. How do I ensure quality when hiring people from these websites?

Ans. Search for websites with well-developed QA procedures and client feedback.

Q. Can I hire developers for my short-term projects?

Ans. Yes, some of these platforms do have various hiring models that include short-term contracts.


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