In-house Development Team By Definition

Pros of an Inhouse Development Team

Cons of an in-house development team

What Is a Dedicated Team of Developers?

Benefits to Hire a Dedicated Development Team

Key Differences Between In-House Development and Dedicated Developers

Which Option is Better to Consider For Your Upcoming Tech Projects and Business?

Empower Your Development Team with Developer Per Hour


How do I find good dedicated developers for my project?

You can simply start by exploring the options on Developer Per Hour. You can check the profiles of the developers who are willing to offer their services. You can even compare to make a sound decision. 

What will be the cost of hiring a dedicated developer team?

It basically depends on what project you want to outsource. The team may be small or large as per your requirement and hence, the cost may vary. 

When should I hire a dedicated developer?

A dedicated developer is extremely fitting when the range of the project is not static. When you don’t have anyone in your company with the skillset to take on a project, it may be a good time to hire a dedicated professional. 

What is the first step in hiring a dedicated developer’s team?

The first step is to analyze the profile, previous works, and the portfolio of the team. Then, you may ask for quotes to decide on the cost of the project. After this, you may start with the first communication. 


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