Worldwide market and technology trends have estimated a 40M shortage of skilled workers in 2021, and by the end of 2030, it is predicted to reach 85M workers. This causes companies a huge risk of $8.4T revenue.

Data analytics with 43% and IT sectors with 26% are most likely to get disrupted by the shortage of talent. Only 29% of software architects and 39% of DevOps jobs can thrive in the pool of talent. Due to such a huge fall, the rest of the sectors are failing to pursue talented people for them.

The bottom line shows that it is almost impossible to hire skilled developers, resulting in searching for other resources to fix this gap of shortage. Some of the companies are looking for hiring part-time developers or freelancers, while others are looking to hire offshore teams to accomplish their goals. Hiring a dedicated development team will be a good option for your company in such a situation. Don’t get confused, in this blog we lighten up you with the benefits, differences, ‘when’, ‘where’, and ‘why’ to hire a dedicated development team for your company, along with parts of small tips and suggestions. So let’s get started!

What does a Dedicated Development Team consist of?

A dedicated development team consists of a group of individuals working in a highly enthusiastic environment with a common goal for the company. They are the in-house developers responsible for various functionalities including building, analyzing, maintenance of the product and services for the company. Although the size of the team could vary as per the project’s need like for startups, middle-level companies, and high-level ERP. They are working full-time on the project and schedule them accordingly. A streamlined process is an immediate way for meeting the milestones of a project.

A standard team for development consists of:

  • Front-end/Back-end/Full-stack developers: They are responsible for building the applications for the front-end and back-end. 
  • UI/UX designers: Attractive interface designs are the first glance for any application, and UI/UX designers are responsible for that. Users highly appreciate fast, intuitive, and responsive designs.    
  • DevOps engineers: DevOps programmers are responsible for all the operational processes of the product, like coordination, operational maintenance, and performance testing.    
  • QA engineers: They are responsible for examining the quality of the product. On various levels, there are hierarchies of testing undergone to make sure the outcome is bug-free.    
  • Project Managers: Everything is under the supervision of the project manager, responsible for gauging any gap between the client and the developer. Creating a well-flourished plan, managing the ongoing tasks, tracking the progress, and removing any future risks in the project.    
  • Business analysts: They are a communication bridge between you and your development partner. Perform case studies for the products, assess the requirements for the client, collect and analyze the data, hail new suggestions to the CEO, owner, and managers.

How dedicated programmers work?

To hire dedicated developers is a crucial part of successfully delivering your projects. A good team capable of deploying everything aligned. You should remember the goals and timelines to develop the project. Specify your every brief to the vendor to hire a dedicated team. Basic requirements specific to the vendor are: number of developers needed for the project, number of working hours, in-house team or other outside expertise, work for multiple projects or a single project, and many more prospects to keenly outlay to the vendor. Remember a wrong team could vanish all of your lifelong efforts for establishing the business. So be wisely elaborate on every corner of your needs.

Determine a payment channel according to the features and functionalities of the project and estimate the price or salary for the individual team member and the service provider fees during the hiring period.

What are the benefits of hiring a dedicated developers?

Hire a team of developers who work for specific projects and that brings an added advantage of both time and quality. Many businesses have approached their in-house team. While this would land up to higher cost and time for completing the same project which a dedicated team can complete in just half time, and reduced the risk of error to minimal or nil.

The external hiring team helps to avoid instant hiring delays, sustain faster execution, and condemns agility to the project. Let’s talk about one by one the benefits of hiring a dedicated team for development.

  • They have domain expertise and skills based on their niche.
  • They are working for a limited time so their costing is optimized to low.
  • You can hire them for proximity to your project, variable working hours is a good option for both them and for you.
  • They do not require any external person, so they have complete control over the project.
  • They are very attuned and polite in their communication. They have ensured that everything is working fine.
  • They have adopted an agile approach and that brings a unique product at last.
  • They have a quick turnaround time.

Difference between a dedicated development team and an extended team

The notions between the dedicated team and extended teams are quite confusing. They have slight differences, let’s see what they are.


Dedicated development team 

                Extended team

They are different from in-house teams, specially assigned for performing specific long-term projects.

They are merged with the in-house team to perform the combined tasks. 

They handle the user end services and final deployment of the project.

They are responsible to bridge any gap in the development of the process and give a tangible shift.

They are much faster compared to the other hiring models and ensure fast and optimized product delivery.

Hiring is uncertain here, based on company to company. They usually preferred a team of experts rather than individuals for the project.


3 actionable strategies to follow before hiring a dedicated development team

Planning a strategy before hiring the dedicated development team is a major part of success. Before making the final decisions, key check all of the important aspects including experience of the team, their projects, testimonials of clients, pricing models, development process, and location. They should have a level of professionalism to attire between both external and internal teams. Their products are highly competent in the market, communication is very clear, and the team can cope up in any situation in the meanwhile of the project.

  • Follow the latest trends and best practices in software development: What is latest happening inside the industry, which current trends and practices are going, are the must-have things you should look upon to improve the company prospects. Such strategy helps to improve the functionality inside the business, helps to deliver the best performance. If your team is a novice, then ask for important documents from the company and then proceed. Judge about the tech stack required for the development of the project.    
  • Encourage different agile methodologies: The agility of any product vastly depends on how responsive it has to be, and its flexibility. As per the report by PWC, the agile projects are 28%-30% more successful than compared to other projects. The agile interface is deployed with programming like Scrum, Extreme programming, or Kanban. In addition to that, there has to be regular assessment of the teams for proper coordination. Both the in-house team and dedicated team work mutually, so good coordination and weekly assessments are a must to have.    
  • Strictly adhere to security protocols: As a truly focused company, it’s your step to stick to security protocols for full project delivery. Companies have adopted a full SDLC before the delivery of the final product. To make sure of every prospect and maximum customer satisfaction, it is a must-have step. 

A dedicated development team is to be hired to minimize the extra pressure on the in-house development team. They have maintained their full attention on handling the sensitive and confidential data, with a non-disclosure agreement they can ensure to give high security. 

When to Hire a Dedicated Development Team? 

Is it correct to hire a dedicated development team or not? Understand the reasons when to hire them for your company. 

  • Shortage of development skills: One of the major reasons to hire a dedicated team of developers is due to the shortage of skills inside the in-house team. Over 46% of the companies are now willing to choose an external team of developers, to fit inside their goals of developing a prominent product for the company, without compromise with the ethics. The team must be granules with the latest tools and technology stack. Many Founders and CEOs have struggled to work under strict timelines with the in-house team, they resolved their issue by hiring an offshore team.    
  • Projects with tight deadlines: If you get stuck inside the palindrome of a project, and in between the release date of the project has been aroused, then what will be your call? Will you wait for a long time to hire new developers or approach your vendor to complete this hectic task for your company? You should go for the latter one. Submit your specific details to the vendor and focus on other important tasks to finish.    
  • Long-term development projects: Many times your company would need two teams for cohesively running the project. It might be difficult to give the stretch to a single in-house team for every issue. At that time the role of a dedicated team comes into play to give a flexible environment for the in-house team, and this would be beneficial for scaling the up and down of the team and project. It might be a tedious task, but your vendor could deliver you the perfect fit or developers per hour for your company for smooth functional and consistent performance. 
  • Redesign projects: Redesigning is a crucial task, and can’t be possible with only an in-house team. It’s the nature of every product that it could degrade the quality over time, so redesigning comes into the picture to work on every prospect to retain the market and beat your competitors. A dedicated team can be your true partner for inspecting every notch of outdated areas and refurbishing them. They have a skillful approach to understand any gaps inside a project, are capable of redesigning the projects, updating existing features, and applying great attention to every detail.

When not to hire a dedicated development team? 

Although there are several advantages of a dedicated development team, they have some limitations that you need to think about before opting for them. 

  • Short and middle-term projects: If your project goal is short and you have enough limited requirements to finish, it is advisable not to hire a dedicated team. An in-house single team would be capable of finishing it. 
  • Limited budgets: If you are on a limited budget then avoid hiring a dedicated team. Try to figure out the unnecessary parts and spend your money only on the priorities. 

Hire dedicated programmers who benefit your company mostly when you are working on longer projects and have enough budget to manage the expenses of two teams: in-house team and dedicated team. 

How can DPH help you? 

Of Course, hiring a team without any planning could be harmful to you in the long term. DPH helps you to find the right pool of developers with the experience of a decade and more, to reduce your overhead and achieve your goals. Visit our website and check out our previous testimonials of clients and reviews about our products. There are many qualities obsessed by our dedicated team, check out them in brief. 

  • The technical consultation team has years of expertise for planning your project goals, any challenges you suffer in between the project, and accomplishing a suitable tech stack.
  • They are recognized as a global talent pool, disciplined and honored team.
  • We carried out regular assessments of the team, testing their quality, performance to ensure our client’s on-time delivery.
  • Experienced developers, manage flexible work schedules, time zones, locations, and languages.
  • They are responsible for constant communication to the clients with video calls, chats, emails, and daily stand-ups.


To sum up everything, a dedicated development team is very beneficial for the overall success of your project. In this blog, you have deeply understood all of the requisites and benefits of hiring a dedicated development team. We feel obliged to be your partner in bringing your journey to the sky, don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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