How Does Doctor on Demand Mobile App Work?

Doctor on Demand Mobile App Development

Market Size and Stats of Doctor on demand (Telemedicine) App

  • By 2025, Statista projects that the global popularity of mobile health will expand to approximately USD 300 billion.
  • The global market for mobile health was predicted to be worth around 23 billion dollars in 2016. By 2025, it is anticipated to reach approximately 190 billion us dollars, with the digital health industry accounting for most of this Doctor on Demand App Development.

Global Market for Digital Health

Factors influencing the success of doctor-on-demand applications:

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Telemedicine or doctor on-demand app market competition

While financing has been expanding, and the industry is expected to be valued at $185.6 billion by 2026, patient uptake was up 33% over the prior year at the beginning of 2020.  

Benefits of Doctor On-Demand App in the Health Industry

Less Paperwork

Improvement in Patient Outcome

Higher Level of Convenience

Reasonable Services

Decrease in Hospital Readmissions 

Higher Return on Investment

Competitive Advantage 

Doctor on demand app development

Monetization Models of Doctor-on-Demand Software  

Member Subscriptions

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Transaction Fee

E-commerce Integration

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Challenges To Develop Doctor On Demand Mobile App

Data Security

User Experience

Monetary Compensation

Medical Compliances to Follow when you launch the e-Prescription app

HIPAA for health apps

Health Level 7: HL7 Standards

FDA’s medical apps policy


Health and Human Services (HHS) guidelines

Certification with EPSC

FDA Policy for mobile medical applications

General Features of On-Demand Doctor App

For Patients:

User Sign-In

Video Medical Appointments

Search for a Medical Specialist

Reviews of doctors

Payment Gateway

For Doctors:

Doctor Panel

Management of Appointments

In-app Messages

Some Advance Features to Develop an Advance Doctor on demand App

Sign up/log in

Voice Search

In-app Video Calling

Record Video Sessions

Medical Reminders

Document Management

All of the patient-related documents are safely stored in the app’s locker. The documents are accessible to patients at any time and are never mishandled.

Document Scanning

Automated Health Insurance Claims

This feature lets patients check whether their insurance will pay for the prescribed medications and therapies. This process can be finished once the bill is created.

Electronic Prior Authorization

Real-time Analytics

Loyalty Program

CRM Integration

Cloud Data Storage and Security

EMR/EHR Integration

Marketing and Promotional Tools

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Why Choose DPH for Your Advanced Doctor On-Demand App Development?

Doctor on demand app development


Having a doctor-on-demand application may be a huge relief, especially with today’s hectic lifestyles and schedules. Using a smartphone is one of the simplest ways to seek medical attention in today’s society when everyone wants everything at their fingertips. It addresses the issues brought on by delaying the use of medications and lowers travel time, expenditures, and other expenses.

Participants in these telemedicine programs open themselves to several benefits, now and in the future.


Why is investing in a doctor-on-demand app worthwhile?

Doctor on Demand App Development allows doctors to speak with patients via phone or video conference. Doctors can consult with clients virtually, saving cash and time by avoiding travel and time away from family and home. Access to healthcare: Greater accessibility to healthcare is another advantage.

How doctor on demand app helps doctors to grow their business?

Healthcare organizations are currently concentrating on Doctor on Demand Software Development, which has caught the interest of patients, doctors, and clinics. Offering online or mobile health services via applications is one way to improve the healthcare system.


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