Day-to-day life has gotten so hectic that there is no room for basic tasks. Be it visiting restaurants to have a favorite meal or getting a facial and haircut, on-demand delivery apps are the go-to place to save significant time. The same is the case with laundry. Clothes are among the fundamental needs of humans, while clean clothes are the preferred necessity. However, our hectic lifestyle might not allow us to spend many days doing laundry. In this blog, we are going to discuss the full process of Laundry App Development with cost and key features in 2024.

On-demand laundry apps address this problem by providing every facility with cloth cleansing on the doorstep. Let’s know more about the landscape and find out how it can be a significant business opportunity for you. 

What is a Laundry App? 

Interpreting, in the most straightforward words, the software or application that brings all the services of laundry to your doorsteps is called a laundry app. It helps the users to place orders for a particular service and make the payment, and everything else is ensured automatically. The on-demand laundry mobile app works on several devices and thus is compatible with numerous mobile gadgets for customers. Everything is done online, saving customers a lot of time and effort. 

laundry app development - cost and features 2023

How Does A Laundry App Work?

Now that we know a little about the laundry app, let’s discuss how this software and app work. The working principle of a laundry app is simple. After all, this software is designed to ease customers’ tasks and thus has a simple operating principle. A user has to go through the following steps to leverage the services in a laundry app:

How to develop On-demand Laundry App
  1. After downloading the application, the user must log in with the necessary information. 
  2. Having created the profile, they will opt for the type of service on the app (dry cleaning, ironing, washing, etc.)
  1. Further, the user can specify their unique preferences regarding their clothes. 
  1. Once the request has been created from the admin panel, the service provided from the admin panel accepts the request as per their availability. 
  1. Users are informed about accepting orders via email and messages. At the same time, this notification also tells about the time for pickup and delivery. 
  1. The delivery partner picks up the laundry at the scheduled time from the doorsteps. 
  1. Once the clothes have been washed, they are delivered to the customers’ doorsteps. 
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Types of On-Demand Laundry Delivery Apps?

There are different types of laundry apps with other operational and monetization models. Every kind of laundry app delivers its purpose. The core two types of on-demand laundry service provider apps are- 

1. Aggregator With Delivery 

You can develop an aggregator model even when you have no experience in the laundry business or don’t own any relevant type of business. The core purpose of this type of application is to connect service providers to those service seekers. All the laundry business app owners can list their facilities on the app, accessing the customer via their admin panel. On the other hand, customers can access this list of service providers. Service seekers and providers can make the deal by communicating and sharing the requirements will be receiving a good income for connecting the giver to the seeker, whether you have your own laundry service business or not. 

Core competencies

1. First of all, the customer has the complete freedom to pick the laundry service provider according to ratings and reviews 

2. Several service providers increase the chances of order acceptance 

3. Cost-efficient due to the availability of competition 

4. Easier to operate

5. The best model for an entrepreneur 

2. Dedicated to One Chain 

According to the aggregator model, a dedicated app is the best choice if you own a laundry app and now carry a vision to take it to the online landscape. This app model helps established businesses connect with their customers online and thus enhance their experience with the firm. With a dedicated service app, business owners can deliver the service to customers’ doorsteps, entertain the consumers online, and thus extend the customer fence significantly. Having your online laundry service app is a great idea to achieve competitive advantages in the market and take the revenue to the next level. 

Core competencies 

1. Helps better connect with the customers 

2. Reserve the customers in advance 

3. More chances to attract customers 

4. Online payment mode

5. Cloth cleaning as per the instruction 

Most Sought-After Services on Laundry Service Provider App

A laundry service is not just about getting clothes washed; the industry is much broader than that. With a good laundry app, you can leverage several services not just limited to cleaning a bundle of clothes. The type of services are but are not limited to. 

1. Classic Laundry Services 

This is the type of service we have been talking about so far. When a delivery partner picks up the laundry from the customer’s doorstep and delivers the same after the clothes have been washed. It is the most basic type of laundry service used by a wide audience base. 

2. Laundromats 

This service is based on a different working model, which is still not very popular. With Laundromats, all the customers drop their laundry at the laundromats. The laundry operators collect the clothes from laundromats and inform the customers about the same. This working model provides a range of laundry services: stain treatment, ironing, dry cleaning, folding, and mending services. 

3. Industrial Laundry Services 

Other than the household laundry service seekers, there are different industries and businesses where uniform plays a significant role. Thus, these businesses also seek laundry services on a large scale. For example, employees and workers at hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, animal shelters, schools, police departments, etc., wear certain costumes. So, Industrial laundry services take a contract from these businesses and wash the uniforms periodically. 

4. Dry Cleaning Services 

Other than simple clothing services, you can also leverage dry cleaning services via a competent laundry app. The clothes and dry cleaning also wash the fabric and textiles. The specialty of this cleaning service is that it doesn’t use water for cleaning for the sake of the nature of the clothes.


Laundry App Development: Reasons to Invest (Market Size & Stats)

Undoubtedly, laundry services are of great use in the modern landscape when people don’t have time to do laundry. However, these statements might not be sufficient to invest significantly in the industry. Some real-time facts and figures might be more efficient and useful to this extent. 

Laundry Service App Market Stats

Revenue of the home & laundry care market worldwide from 2012 to 2025

  • According to Grand View Research, the global online laundry service market size has been valued at USD 20.10 billion in 2021. 
  • laundry market is expected to show a CAGR of 30.5% between 2022 to 2030, and thus the expected valuation of the global online market by 2030 is USD 221.05 billion. 
  • Combining the online and offline landscape of laundry services, the Laundry care segment is set to have a market volume of USD 104 billion in 2023. 
  • The United States has accounted for the biggest share in the volume by contributing $30.6 billion. 
  • 12.4% of this total revenue will only be generated via online sales in 2023

So, while investing in an online laundry service app, you need not worry about the market size as it carries enough opportunity for everyone with a scalable vision. 

Top Laundry Mobile Apps to Inspire You

Using online platforms to deliver laundry services is not new, as many apps have already served a significant consumer base and received positive outcomes. Let’s talk about some of them to get a bit of inspiration- 


Available on: Android, iOS

Rating: 4.6

Rinse is one of the most popular apps in the laundry software segment. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms and thus serves a broad consumer base. However, the app only provides services in particular locations, including San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Boston. This app allows users to leverage services such as cleaning, dry cleaning, doorstep delivery, pick-up, etc. You can also explore here how to hire a remote software developer.


Available on: Android, iOS

Rating: 4.8

Unlike Rinse, TaskRabbit is not a laundry service dedicated app but covers a wide range of services for its customers. The app has more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store alone, while the Apple app store is also putting a significant number. You can expect the services like moving boxes, cleaning the house, fixing the toilet, assembling a task, lifting furniture, gardening, and much more. This is one of the most popular laundry delivery apps.


Available on: Android, iOS

Rating: 4.1

Now you can welcome the easiest way to get your laundry clean and dry clean at your doorstep while relaxing on your couch. You only need to take your phone and download an engaging and widespread clothes-cleaning app. A user-friendly and convenient, on-demand laundry and dry clean service app, FlyCleaners need only a few taps on your smartphone. You can arrange a pickup and delivery of your dirty clothes at your specified time. 

Additionally, this app enables users to track the status of their scheduled pickup and delivery, pay for their services, and even update the driver’s real-time location. 


Available on: Android, iOS

Rating: 4.4

For busy families and individuals looking for help to take care of their laundry requirements, Laundryheap appears as a savior. It’s an efficient dry clean and laundry service app. Users can use the app on their handheld devices, give a few taps, and guess what? They can schedule a pickup and delivery of their clothes at their specified time in the most convenient way. Besides, the users can leave certain instructions regarding their laundry needs, pay online, and even track their orders. We can count it as one of the best laundry delivery mobile apps.

This mobile laundry service app uses modern technology and eco-friendly detergents to ensure that the clothes are well-cleaned to the highest standard. Using this online laundry service, you can wish farewell to the hassle and welcome one of the easiest ways to meet your laundry needs.

Available on: Android, iOS

Rating: 4.8

An easy-to-use app, makes it easy for local businesses to deliver groceries, food, and other routine essentials. With only a few taps and scrolls on your smartphone, the users can check the menus, search for the items they want, and place an order. You can even use this app to find the local wash-and-fold and dry-cleaning, organize laundry services in your areas and schedule the pickup and delivery time. Also, they can track their order delivery status in real-time. Apart from that, this app features a wide range of top-rated grocery stores, restaurants, and other local businesses, easing the app users to get what they want. arrives with amazing deals and discounts and the potential to pre-order and later deliver per the requirements. 

Additionally, users can schedule recurring orders for office supplies, groceries, and other essentials, making it a perfect solution for businesses and people with busy schedules. Also, it comes with a feature that saves multiple payment options and addresses, making it easier for users to order anything at any location. 

On-Demand Laundry Service App: Key Features

Laundry Service App

Online Ordering And Scheduling

Using this feature of convenient laundry service, the app users can place their orders for dry cleaning and laundry services. 

Payment Options

Users can also pay online for laundry and ironing services through the app. For paying, they can use varied payment methods available on the apps, like debit/credit cards, online wallets, or net banking. 

Real-time Tracking

This app feature lets the app users track their order status in real-time and may know the estimated time when their pick-up or delivery will take place. 

Special Instructions

You can use this feature if you want to give specific instructions for your laundry, like detergent specifications, folding preferences, etc.

Multiple Services

The Laundry and dry cleaning app arrives with an attribute that permits the users to pick from various laundry services, including ironing, spot cleaning, ironing, and washing. 

Multiple Addresses

You can save multiple addresses for any afterward per their laundry pickup and delivery requirements. 

Recurring Orders

Users can schedule recurring orders for laundry and dry cleaning services, making it convenient for them.

Customer Support

Users can connect with the customer support service of the app if they have any queries, concerns, or issues about their orders through in-app chat, phone, or email. 

Reviews and Ratings

Using this app feature, the users can rate and review services the app offers that may lead to improved service (if they address any issue) and engage more customers.

For Customers

Some key features of laundry and dry cleaning services apps for customers may include: 


Using this app feature, the user can schedule a laundry pickup and delivery time per their needs and demands.

Easy Ordering Process

App users will find it easy to use the laundry and dry cleaning services with a few taps on their smartphones and enjoy. 


Using the app, users can easily and securely pay for the services they get from the laundry app, like dry cleaning, washing, dry cleaning, etc.

Pick-Up And Delivery Location

Customers can set their preferred location for pickup and delivery of their laundry to get it wherever they want.

Track Order

Customers can also get the details of their order for laundry, ironing, dry-cleaning, and more services and track them in real time. 

Notifications and Alerts

The app can notify users regarding their laundry service order status, like laundry pick-up, cleaning, ironing, delivery, etc. 

Service History

If the customers want to check out the service they used in the past, this feature will allow them to do so by checking the service history. 

Loyalty Program

For each service the customers use, they will get extra points and rewards for frequent usage. 

Feedback And Rating System

The app should permit the customers to provide ratings and reviews for the laundry and dry cleaning services they get from the providers.  

For Admin Panel

Some key features of laundry and dry cleaning services apps for the admin panel may include: 

Order Management

This feature is useful to track, view, and manage laundry orders, including the potential to view order details, update the placed order status, and assign orders to varied drivers.

Payment Management

It permits the admin to view and manage order payment details and transactions, including the power to process chargebacks and refunds.

Pricing Management

This feature holds the caliber to set prices for varied laundering and dry cleaning services and products and the capability to create and handle discounts and promotions.

Driver Management

It helps track and manage drivers, including the strength to view driver details and track their location in real time.

Push Notifications

This attribute lets drivers and customers get notified to keep them updated on their order details. 

Reporting and Analytics

This feature of the laundry management app helps to view data and analyze it on sales, customer behavior, and other metrics to improve the service.

User Management

The admin can view and manage customer account details, profiles, and order history.


Admins can get a centralized view of order statuses, key performance indicators, and other related information.

Integration with Third-party Services 

Payment gateway, SMS gateway, or any other 3rd-party services integration helps the admin streamline the laundry service apps process. 

Customer Support

An integrated customer support system of laundry and dry cleaning service that facilitates the admin to manage customer inquiries, issues, and complaints.

How To Monetize Your Laundry Mobile App

Being a developer of a laundry delivery app, you need to consider various options to earn profit from your Laundry pickup and delivery app. Let’s check out a few common ones and mostly chosen:

In-app Purchases

This monetization strategy for a laundry service provider’s app includes offering extra features and functionalities for some amount within your app. 

For instance, you may let the customers schedule regular pickups and deliveries or amazing access discounts and exclusive deals. This way, you can boost ROI from your app as users wouldn’t miss paying for additional value and ease. 


Advertising is one of the best options to monetize any app, especially if the app owner holds a larger user base. If you are looking to choose this option to earn profit from your app, you can partner with businesses and brands to showcase their ads within your app. 

To attain this, you can display interstitial ads, banner ads, or native ads. You can charge an amount for giving an ad space or provide it for free, charging a commission on each sale via their ads. 


One more widespread way to monetize an app holding a loyal customer base is a subscription. You can provide your app users a subscription service for their recurring access to specific services and features. 

For instance, you may provide a monthly subscription that offers users access to amazing discounts and deals or annual subscriptions that may arrive with additional features. These will appear as a perfect option for apps whose user base wouldn’t hesitate to pay for constant access. 


This app monetization option includes charging an amount for all the orders placed through the app. You can ask laundries to pay a percentage of the complete orders or a flat fee for each order. Such an option would be profitable if you get high volumes of laundry service orders. 

Partner with Laundries

To monetize your Laundry and ironing service app by partnering with laundries while offering an excellent service to laundries. You can ask them to pay an amount as a fee for listing their name on your app. This option will prove to be a better way to earn revenue. You can also profit by featuring the laundries or promoting their names on your app. 

There may be many monetization strategies in the app market, but which would fit the best will rely on your app’s unique functionalities and features and your target audience. You should test varied strategies and emerge with the one that performs well in your case. 

Required Techstack For Laundry Mobile App Development

Well, the tech stack for an app depends on the app’s features and functionalities. Below are some standard technologies that an on-demand laundry app typically uses:

Programming Languages

Objective-C and Swift for iOS, Kotlin, and Java for Android are commonly used for app development. 


The top frameworks used for mobile app development are Ionic and React Native cross-platform app development and native frameworks such as Android SDK and iOS SDK for platform-specific development.


To manage and store app data, a database is essential. Some common databases that are used the most in mobile app development are MongoDB, MySQL, and Firebase. 

Payment Gateway Integration

If you want to ease your users while making online payments through your app, you can integrate payment gateways to your app, like PayPal, Paytm, or Stripe. 

Push Notifications

You can use Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) for iOS and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for Android to send push notifications.  Get proficient android developers for your upcoming project.


Apple Maps or Google Maps API would fit better for geolocation features to offer location-based services to your app users. 


You can manage the server-side logic of your laundry app using a backend, and for that, you need to use Firebase, Express.js, or Node.js. 

Design and UI 

To craft a user-friendly and engaging user interface for your app, you can use top design tools like Adobe XD, InVision, Sketch, or Figma. 

If you are not tech-savvy, you can hire a professional laundry app development company to determine which tech stack would be better for your app to make it secure, user-friendly, and scalable. 

Benefits of an Online Laundry Pick-up & Delivery App

Benefits of an Online Laundry Pick-up & Delivery App


A laundry app allows users to place an order for laundry services from their mobile device, saving time and effort.

Easy payment:

The app provides a secure and efficient payment system, eliminating the need for cash transactions.

Real-time tracking:

Users can track their laundry order status in real time and receive notifications when it’s ready for pickup or delivery.


Laundry apps often have the option to schedule pickup and delivery times, allowing users to plan their laundry around their busy schedules.

Service customization:

The app allows users to specify their preferred laundry options, such as type of detergent, softener and folding, making the service more personalized.


A laundry app provides a record of past orders, helping users keep track of their laundry history.


Laundry apps are available 24/7, providing users with the flexibility to place an order at any time.

After analyzing all these advantages of this app you should invest in Laundry App Development and try to explore your clothes-washing business.

On-Demand Laundry Delivery App Development Process

Conduct Market Research

Suppose you want to catch up with a competitive edge in the market. In that case, you should conduct deep market research and know your competitors to understand the market’s current state and your target audience’s specific needs. This way, you will identify the market, know about the latest industry trends, and may start your app development process accordingly. 

Define Your Target Audience

Next, know your target audience, and what they want and dislike. Altogether, know what they expect from a laundry service providing app. You will get an idea of how to craft a persona that may reflect types of users based on lifestyle, demographics, and other criteria.  This way, you can put forth what your customers want that may increase user engagement and boost ROI. 

Determine your Business Model

After you grab your audience’s needs, it’s time to emerge with the best monetization strategy for your laundry app. You can opt for any, like a pay-per-user model, a subscription model, or a hybrid one. 

Let you know an apt business model for your mobile app will depend on varied factors, like your service cost, intended market, and competitive strength. 

Define The App’s Features & Functionalities

Before you kickstart the design and development of your app, you should define your app’s features and functionalities. It may include pickup and delivery scheduling, order tracking, payment processing, and more. You should consider your target audience’s requirements and what they look for in a laundry service app

Design The App’s User Interface

After defining specific features and functionalities of your app, next, you should start crafting an engaging and user-friendly UI. It includes creating mockups and wireframes and designing the app’s layout. It would help if you aimed to build a visually appealing app design to engage more users in the app. 

Develop The App

After designing comes to the development phase. It includes coding the mobile app’s features and functionalities, payment gateway integration, and push notifications implementation. You should test your app thoroughly to ensure it’s bug-free and perform amazingly on varied devices. 

Integrate With Laundries

Next, to monetize your app, you should integrate it with varied laundry service providers. You need to create an API (Application Programming Interface), which may facilitate laundries to connect with your app and conduct order submission, order management, and customer data access.

Deploy And Launch The App

Post the app development; it’s time to deploy and roll out the app to make it available for users. It includes app submission on the Google Play Store or App Store and app promotion among your target audience. In this app development stage, you can also monitor your app’s performance, analyze user feedback, and make essential updates by exploring areas of improvement.

Ongoing Post-Deployment Support and Maintenance 

A laundry delivery app development service should offer post-deployment support to the clients where they may monitor your app’s working and locate the issues, if any, to resolve them. Also, if the app demands any update or maintenance, the company should allow it to add new features and ensure it performs well and securely. 

The above-mentioned steps to develop an app will ensure you build your mobile laundry app quickly and efficiently. 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Laundry Mobile App?

A laundry mobile app development cost depends on various factors, like the app’s complexity, number of features and functionalities, the development team you hire, its location, etc. 

On average, the basic laundry app development cost may start from $10,000 and move ahead depending on the factors affecting the price. 

Above all, the cost may vary depending on the company’s location you choose for your app development. Besides, the cost of developing an MVP is less than that of developing a feature-packed app. So, it would help if you worked closely with a laundry mobile app development agency you hire to create a detailed plan, putting forth your budget and deadline. 


The on-demand laundry mobile app market is growing and expanding faster. If you want to cash on the target audience, you should develop essential features aimed at your audience. A laundry app development would be a win-win situation for service providers and customers. You can move ahead with your idea for building a laundry app considering essential features, timeframe, and budget and make an app that can streamline operations, drive profit, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Aim for user experience; bring what they expect from a laundry app. And trust us; you will emerge with a profitable and successful laundry app. For that, you can team up with an experienced laundry app development company holding the required expertise and experience and cut the cost of your infrastructure. If you have any doubts regarding on-demand laundry delivery mobile app development then feel free to contact us.


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