The Role of India in the IT Outsourcing Industry

How can you find a suitable city in India for offshore development?

1. Technical Expertise

2. Infrastructure and Connectivity

3. Cost of Living

4. Cultural Compatibility

Best Cities in India to Hire Remote Developers

1. Chennai: The “Detroit of India”


2. Pune: A Haven for Innovation


3. Bangalore: The Undisputed “Silicon Valley of India”


4. Hyderabad: A City on the Rise


5. Chandigarh: A Well-Planned Paradise


6. Mumbai: The City That Never Sleeps


7. Delhi & NCR: A Powerhouse with Hidden Gems

Delhi & NCR

8. Kolkata: A Legacy of Excellence


9. Mysore: A Haven for Education and Innovation


10. Coimbatore: Homegrown Excellence


How Can DPH Help in Hiring Remote Developers?

The Verdict: Building Your Dream Team in India

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire remote developers from India?

Businesses get extended advantages by hiring Indian remote developers such as a wide range of talented developers, cost-efficient development, suitable time zones, cultural fit, and no language barrier.

What are the best locations in India to hire remote developers?

To hire remote developers in India, the best locations are Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, etc. at an efficient rate. These cities have an ocean of talented resources to hire along with time-honored ecosystems. 

Which Indian cities offer the most competitive rates for remote development services?

There are various tier-2 cities in India providing cost-efficient remote development services including Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Indore, Kochi, etc. They have skilled and expert software developers who work remotely at fine prices.

Are language barriers a concern when working with remote developers from Indian cities?

Generally, the language barrier is not a big concern when you hire remote developers from India as their developers are proficient in the most common language “English”. It is widely used by people worldwide in the tech industry; hence, there is no such language barrier.  

How reliable is the internet infrastructure in Indian cities for remote collaboration with developers?

All the major IT hubs in India have vigorous internet infrastructure making certain of steadfast connectivity to collaborate with remote developers. However, if there are any sudden connectivity issues, they have the resources to solve them.

What are the typical qualifications and experience levels of remote developers in different Indian cities?

Remote developers in India are well qualified as they have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in relevant fields and are experts in their work. Their experience level may vary but overall, any experienced remote developers will have 3 to 5 years’ experience with sufficient knowledge and proficiency.


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