Offshore IT Outsourcing Stats 

What is Offshore Software Development?

Must-Have Soft Skills for Offshore Developer 

Programming languages

Being well-versed in algorithms and data structures

Curious about new technologies

Leverage existing codes


Mastery over the source

Software Testing

Knowledge in Databases

Cloud-Based Software

Texting Editors

Outstanding Communication Capabilities

A Quick Learner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the soft skills required for a software developer?

Soft skills required for software developers are efficient team collaboration, communication, expertise in the latest technologies, attention to detail, time & cost management, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and others to lead a successful project.

What does an offshore developer do?

The role of an offshore developer is defined the remote working from a different location than the client. Offshore developers help businesses in project development, team collaboration, designing, testing, and then, delivering feature-rich software solutions. 

What are soft skills in programming?

Soft skills in programming are denoted as non-technical skills to enhance a programmer’s abilities including teamwork, better communication, adaptability, and time management to handle the project efficiently. These skills are essential to having programmers.

What are the soft skills and hard skills of software engineers?

Soft skills by software engineers are interpersonal skills, communication, problem-solving skills, and decisiveness, whereas, hard skills include database management, expertise in programming languages, storage system & management, and statistical analysis.


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