The Role of Europe in the IT Outsourcing Industry

Considerable European Countries to Hire Offshore Developers

CEE or Central and Eastern Europe






Czech Republic


Western Europe







Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hiring offshore developers from European countries?

If you hire offshore developers from European countries, you will get benefits like diverse talented professionals and experts with rich experience, suitable time zones with consistent working, cost efficiency compared to local developers, and cultural differences enabling developers to create pioneering solutions. 

Which European countries offer the most competitive rates for offshore development services?

The top European countries offering the most competitive offshore development rates are Ukraine, Romania, and Poland. You can also take cost-effective offshore development services from Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic. 

Are there any language barriers when working with European offshore developers?

While working with European offshore developers, you must be proficient in English to lead smooth and consistent communication. Other than their local language, English is the only language they are fluent in. Hence, you must know English to remove the language barrier or hire someone who knows your preferred language.

What are the legal considerations for hiring developers from European countries?

If you hire offshore developers from European countries, you need to ensure settlement with data protection regulations such as general data protection regulations. Also, you need to assess tax implications and hiring laws of offshoring and analyze contractual agreements like NDA to protect project data.  

How much does it cost to hire offshore developers from European countries?

On average, the cost to hire offshore developers from European countries starts from $25 to $75 per hour. Further, the cost varies based on the chosen country, project complexity, and experience of developers. 


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