News apps have replaced the days when we used to wait for the newspaper hawker to have a thorough of the latest events happening worldwide. Like in other industrial verticals, technology has penetrated the media and entertainment industry also.  With the audio and video sharing apps, you can now find apps for news for free or at nominal charges on the app stores. With such apps, news consumption no longer demands a long wait of 24 hours. It has taken a shift from newspapers and websites to aggregator apps that users operate on smartphones. In this blog, we will discuss the 20 best news apps for Android and iOS.

What Are News Apps?

Best News Apps

If put in simple words, any application that delivers news and other information to users over various devices is a News App. These applications offer a range of content such as breaking news, sports news, weather news, local news, international news, entertainment news, and whatnot. These applications gather and deliver content from various sources such as news agencies, television networks, newspapers, etc., and use algorithms to offer customized news content to the users based on their interests, location, and browsing history. The news applications are a convenient way to stay updated with the news and other information in busy schedules. 

Based on the audience they serve and the niche they cover, there are various types of apps for news such as Business News Apps, Tech News Apps, Entertainment News Apps, Sports News Apps, Breaking News Apps, Financial News Apps, etc. 

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Based on the information gathered the news applications can be categorized as News Aggregator Applications or News Agencies Sources. 

Types of Applications for News

News Aggregator Applications 

Have you seen news applications that talk about almost everything?

From articles on global news to local news to entertainment everything! 

Yes, these are aggregator news applications that collect stories and news from several resources and bring it all under a single feed. Users love these news applications as they offer the ease to browse and discover stories from various resources on various topics without switching from one app to another. These applications make use of the latest technology and often use predictive analytics to determine which stories to display in the user feed and offer alternatives to customize the feed by selecting preferred news topics. These applications are quite popular as they bring stories from around the world to a single platform. 

Some of the leading aggregator news applications are Flipboard, Google News, Feedly, etc. 

News Agencies Sources 

Which is your favorite news broadcasting agency? 

Then why not install their official app and enjoy the news content they offer? News agency’s source apps pick and share news content from specific news agencies. These applications let users access news stories and posts from their favorite agencies in just a few clicks. These applications are designed to provide users with easy access to news content that is not available widely. Since, the news content is picked from certain news agencies, customizations, and personalizations to the extent of aggregator news apps aren’t possible. 

These are the basic news applications in the market. You can install a free news application or buy a subscription and stay updated with what is happening in the world.

Now, the major challenge is which news application to pick. 

When choosing the best news app that meets your needs, you should consider lots of features, like dark themes, offloading options, smart algorithms, and more. It is crucial that the news app that you pick for yourself not just offers news of your interest but is updated with the latest happenings around the world.

Our mobile app developers have picked some Android and iPhone apps for news that they feel are amazing and you should try once in 2024. So, whether you are here with the thought of developing a news app or just a knowledge-seeker, the list will serve your purpose. 

Let’s start!

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Best News Apps in 2024 [Android and iPhone]

1. BBC News (best news apps)

BBC News

Founded Year – 1920

Headquarters – London, United Kingdom


The news division of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), BBC News, is one of the oldest and largest broadcast news organizations worldwide. Its app presents news coverage across various channels like radio, television, online platforms, mobile apps, and more. If you are up for some honest coverage and unbiased journalism, then this app is for you. 


  • Users can customize their newsfeed on this news app based on their preferences, like location, interests, etc.
  • It offers a live streaming option so that users can witness the event in real-time.
  • Besides, users can share news videos, articles, and other stories on their social media. 
  • Users can save the articles that interest them and read them in offline mode. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

2. The New York Times

The New York Times

Founded Year – 1851

Headquarters – New York City, United States


A daily newspaper app, the New York Times is based in New York City and is the most widespread and largest newspaper app globally. It has varied features for the users to let them watch the latest news easily and seamlessly. The application has a modern user interface and is designed to provide users with the best experience.


  • This news app sends push notifications to users for breaking news stories to keep them informed about the latest news. 
  • Users can personalize their news feeds.
  • The user-friendly interface of the app is easy to use. 
  • Offline reading mode is also available with this app. 
  • It provides a wide range of audio content, like radio shows, podcasts, and on-demand news briefings. 
  • The app users can share the content on their social media. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

3. TOI – Times of India (top apps for news)

the times of india

Founded Year –  1938

Headquarters – Mumbai, India


The app offers special coverage of top events, like sports tournaments, elections, and festivals. With news content from all parts of India, the TOI app appears as a complete source of information. This news app holds a dedicated opinion section that showcases featured articles by analysts, experts, and others. The app is ladened with a wide range of supplements on varied topics offering readers a variety of content. 


  • Get customized feeds using this app in the language of your choice.
  • Watch the news instantly when it happens, as this app covers life and breaking news of all types. 
  • Use this best news app to get a fantastic reading experience, even if you use it in a poor lightning corner. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

4. Fox News

Fox News

Founded Year: 1996

Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States


You can get the breaking news alert using the Fox News app and also a round-the-clock, live video streaming facility from the Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel. This free news app presents vibrant and on-demand photo galleries and the latest news headlines. The application is quite popular among users for its dynamic and interactive interface.


  • Exclusive headlines and live news is available round-the-clock to the news app users.
  • The breaking news alert notifies the users to watch the latest event. 
  • Fox News app connects the trending and latest news stories with the viewers along with their favorite shows, news anchors, and personalities on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. 
  • You can also listen to radio and podcasts from the personalities of your choice. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

5. CNN News

CNN News

Founded Year: 1980 

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Now, stay well-informed of the breaking news happening worldwide using the globe’s best news-gathering app, CNN. One of the best news apps that hold bureaus and correspondents reporting worldwide to keep you informed and updated on what you like the most. So, no more missing any news story now, as CNN is there to let you personalize your news experience and pick the news category you want to watch. 


  • CNN facilitates you to watch exclusive news programs from your trusted anchors. 
  • Set the daily news alerts, listen to expert commentary, check in-depth reporting, etc., on this app. 
  • Get custom notifications and alerts for any news update of your choice along with breaking news. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

6. CNBC News


Founded Year: 1989

Headquarters: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, United States


Witness real-time coverage of the latest news on the CNBC news app to stay updated with current events and whatever is happening around the world. With the 24*7 market coverage, you can be sure that you are not missing any event as this app broadcasts it in real-time no matter where the event took place. The CNBC mobile application allows users to access actionable and accurate business news, market data, financial information, and primetime programming faster. 


  • You can create and track the stock of the companies you are interested in, in real-time using your mobile device. 
  • With stock quotes, customizable time frames, and stock quotes, you can ease your investments. 
  • Get finance news updates the app sends straight to your phone to let you know about the latest investing, stocks, and economics, 

App Links (iOS, Android)

7. Reuters


Founded Year: 1851 

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom


Get breaking news, market data, and analysis worldwide using the Reuters News app, the most-trusted news app. You can seamlessly stream pictures, articles, and even videos on your handheld devices using this app. Also, this news app delivers breaking news and lets you personalize the notifications to let you receive alerts on your favorite topics. 


  • Get your plus stocks, market watchlist, commodities, and currencies analysis. 
  • The world’s most trusted and largest news organization, Reuters, holds 2,500 reports in about 200 locations. 
  • You can use this app to save your favorite stories and read them later. 
  • Reap the advantage of editorial highlights, night mode, offline access, and more. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

8. People’s Daily

People's Daily

Founded Year: 1948 

Headquarters: Beijing, China


This news app serves worldwide users with insightful perspectives and information on the events in China and the Chinese government’s perspective. It offers users a great user experience where they can check and scroll through updated news and valuable information. One of the best news apps in the market, it offers users tips on life, travel, and work in China. 


  • Focusing on connecting China with the globe, the People’s Daily news app offers news and perspective on China and global events for a worldwide audience. 
  • It has partnered with related institutions and ministries to develop a service platform to connect China to the world better. 
  • It arrives with top sections, such as business, tech, China, news, and some news media features also. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

9. Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera

Founded Year: 1996 

Headquarters: Doha, Qatar


One of the best free news apps, Al Jazeera, offers a unique and in-depth perspective on what’s going on in the US and the globe in an easy-to-read mobile format. You only need to scroll through the app’s news feed and can experience a fantastic reading experience along with stunning and insightful images and videos. 


  • Switch between light and dark modes. 
  • Live TV and video-on-demand 
  • Find your favorite show easily with its broadcast schedule. 
  • Get an expanded view of your article with just a tap. 
  • Browse for any story easily. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

10. Euro News

Euro News

Founded Year: 1993 

Headquarters: Lyon, France


Euronews covers stories and news to showcase how things are going in European countries. Using this news app, you can find breaking news and catch up with hot topics worldwide. Also, this app facilitates users to follow live TV, streaming videos, VoD, headlines, top stories, and many programs on politics, international news, tech, and more. 


  • Get a consistently updated timeline of all the reports, news, and magazines. 
  • Find the latest world and European news on video streaming or even in text. 
  • Catch up with the updated timeline of all reports, news, and magazines. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

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Develop New Apps

Best News Aggregators Mobile Apps 2024

1. Google News (one of the top news apps)

Google News

Founded Year: 2002 

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States.


Google News is a personalized news aggregator that organizes and highlights what’s happening in the world so you can quickly catch up and discover more about the stories that matter to you.

One of the most popular news apps, Google News, offers a variety of news sources to choose from. 


  • Explore your community through stories and articles from news outlets in your local area. 
  • It updates throughout the day to bring you the top local, national, and world headlines, plus personalized news tailored to your interests.
  • Google News is designed to meet the needs of users with different phones and levels of connection.

App Links (iOS, Android)

2. Yahoo News

Yahoo News

Founded Year: 1996

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, United States


You can choose what’s important to know using the latest version of Yahoo News. Besides, you can customize your newsfeed with your favorite publishers and topics and read top stories from trusted sources. On this app, you can save any of the feeds to read them later. 


  • Get the news from trusted sources, such as USA Today, The New York Times, AP, TIME, Politico, and more. 
  • The search option lets you find what you are looking for. 
  • The 360 on Yahoo News facilitates you to get the topics that hold significance from distinctive perspectives. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

3. Apple News

Apple News

Founded Year: 1976 

Headquarters: Apple Park Way, Cupertino, California, United States.


Apple News presents you with the globe’s best journalism, everything in one spot. Moreover, you can enjoy content from trusted sources, especially curated by editors, with a personalized touch. Besides, with an Apple News+ subscription, the user get access to varied premium magazines along with the leading newspapers. 


  • Apple News showcases top stories the entire day. Editors also highlight fact-based stories to offer users reliable news.
  • Get the local news experience also in selected cities featuring myriad publishers with beats on sports, politics, culture, dining, and more.
  • Get the stories from thousands of sources, like The Washington Post, Fox News, NBC News, Fox News, ESPN, etc. 

App Links (iOS)

4. Bing News

Bing News

Founded Year: 2009 (as a successor to MSN News service)

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington, United States.


Now you can stay productive, as well as organized with your routine activities, like Messaging, News, and more. Using this news app, you can personalize your news feed while staying connected with the latest health and fitness, entertainment, sport, science, lifestyle, tech, and style trends. 

Bing News lets you stay connected and productive with SMS organization and handling. With Microsoft Start, you can sort your texts category-wise to ease information overload. 


  • Connect easily with breaking national, world, and even local news.
  • Read, write, and send messages directly using the app. 
  • Stay in touch with the latest fitness, fashion, and lifestyle trends. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

5. Daily Hunt

Daily Hunt

Founded Year: 2009

Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


On Dailyhunt, the Xpresso videos and news are much in trend. On this news app, you will get the news updates that matter to you, per your preference. It’s available in English and Hindi languages, and soon, it will come up in other languages. You can read the news at a glance with the help of videos and images on Xpresson in a fun and visual way. 


  • Customize the news feed per your preferences, likes, and dislikes, 
  • Dailyhunt, a news app, presents you with the news from varied genres, Entertainment, Business, Politics, Astrology, Technology, Health & Fitness, Astrology, etc. 
  • With Dailyhunt, you can be the first one to get notified of any breaking news or even any local update. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

6. NewsBreak


Founded Year: 2015 

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States


Get daily news updates and alerts on current events direct to your phone. With this news app, you can stay up-to-date with events that impact the community you belong to. On this app, you can read the trending headlines on global and local news updates, weather alerts, international news, and more. Your #1 local news app, NewsBreak, is best for current events, local weather alerts, free live news, and more for your community. 


  • With the app’s current news coverage, you can stay up to date with every small and breaking news. 
  • Get traffic updates and local weather reports at a glance. 
  • Reap the benefits of this app as your magazine collector, personal newsstand, restaurant reviewer, blog reader, and more. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

7. Reddit


Founded Year: 2005 

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States


One of the best platforms to connect with like-minded people, Reddit, is the online spot where people can conduct interesting and authentic conversations. All types of creators, like seasoned professionals, support groups, meme-makers, bloggers, nostalgic internet forums, gaming communities, armchair experts, etc., discuss varied aspects.  


  • A community on Reddit helps users get breaking news on TV fans, sports, or an infinite stream of anything on the internet. 
  • Street fashion, recipes, fitness plans, career help, and more let you find inspiration and ideas for anything you want to do. 
  • To connect with people in seconds, you can stream videos, live audio, live chats, and other types of conversation. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

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8. Inshorts


Founded Year: 2013 

Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


A news app, Inshorts picks the best and latest news from varied sources, whether it’s national or international, and makes them short to showcase in crispy format with 60 words or even less. The content is entirely personalized for you in Hindi and English languages. All the summarized stories hold just headlines and facts despite opinions to assist you in staying well-informed when it comes to current affairs.  


  • Get the shorts and stories available on Inshorts in the Hindi language also with just a tap to switch to the language you want. 
  • News that you read on this app is sourced from varied sources and categories, ensuring that the users get the best.
  • The search bot also presents top suggestions on the topics relevant to the user’s search query to let them stay informed. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

9. Flipboard


Founded Year: 2010

Headquarters: Redwood City, California, United States


Go beyond what’s in trend and headlines on the Flipboard app and get deeper into the trending stories that you want to know. This award-winning news app is made by and for enthusiasts holding content relevant to varied topics from famous worldwide publishers, the community, and local outlets. 


  • For local updates, you can follow your city and also get regional news, commute, weather, sports, and other news on this app. 
  • Stay up-to-date with all your interests by reading the latest and in-rend stories from top national publishers, like The Washington Post, Associate Press, NBC, BBC, TIME, BBC, The Atlantic, NPR, etc. 
  • Curate the stories to find varied, inspiring, and informative ones that you can share with others also. 
  • To save any particular content on your Flipboard Magazine, you can use the “plus” sign. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

10. Digg


Founded Year: 2004 

Headquarters: New York City, United States


One more widely known news app, Digg, provides the most significant and interesting stories online. As target social signals and distinctive preferences, the editors of this app transfigure the Internet’s noisy and huge collection of blogs, articles, videos, and posts into an engaging mix, namely Digg. 


  • The Dig Reader, a powerful and easy tool, helps you find your favorite publishers or any post or blog. 
  • The Digg Dialog lets you attend a live conversation with the authors about their trending stories. 
  • With just a tap, you can save the stories to Pocket, Instapaper, or Readability. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

11. Feedly


Founded Year: 2008 

Headquarters: California, United States


One of the most popular apps for news where you can read, organize or even share information you want to stand uniquely ahead of the soon-to-come trend in the industry is Feedly. Daily, millions of passionate and even professional learners use Feedly on their smartphones and even tablets to follow magazines, blogs, and other sources that are important to them. 


  • Feedly Pro, an in-app purchase, will let you enhance your account and reap the benefits of extra features to track brands, keywords, and companies and emerge with new trends.
  • For specific articles, you can search on Feedly and share them ahead easily, 
  • Feedly shared boards allow you to feed people in your organization with the latest insights they want to make informed decisions. 
  • Feedly and RSS let you organize industry publications, news sites, expert blogs, Twitter feeds, youtube channels, Google News keyword alerts, and podcasts all in one spot. 

App Links (iOS, Android)

End of List…

These are some of the best news apps that you can check out to be updated with the latest news and information from different sources. Depending on what you are exactly looking for and what you are interested in, pick one and let us know how you like it.

News App Developers


While wrapping up, we hope you find this article curating the list of best news aggregators’ mobile apps and other top apps for news, quite informative, including the description of each with the top features. Well, you can pick any for checking daily and the latest news happening around. 

If you are learning about these apps for news with a target to understand everything relevant to emerge with a news app development idea, then you can take your venture ahead. For that, you should connect with a news app development company; it will guide you with whatever it’s essential to roll out an app. 

Alternatively, you can connect with our team of expert and well-experienced app developers, who will help you build an app meeting your requirements, including the features you want in your app. Connect now to get a free consultation!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is the Most Reliable News App?

The top 10 most reliable news apps are:
1. Google News 
2. Bing News 
3. BBC News 
4. CNN News 
5. CNBC News
6. Apple News
7. Bing News
8. Daily Hunt
9. NewsBreak
10. Reddit

What Is the Number 1 News App?

Google News is the top news app that you can use and trust for the latest happenings around the world. 

What is the Best Free News App?

1. Top Free News Apps 
2. Google News 
3. Flipboard 
4. Yahoo News
5. Bing News 
6. Daily Hunt

What Is an Aggregator News App?

What Is an Aggregator News App?
The aggregator news applications are the ones that pull news from different sources and present it in a single place. Some of the best aggregator news apps are:
1. Google News
2. Yahoo News
3. Apple News
3. Bing News
4. Daily Hunt
5. NewsBreak
6. Reddit
7. Inshorts
8. Flipboard
9. Digg
10. Feedly


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