Managing mission-critical business data in today’s distributed landscape of cloud and on-premises systems can be a significant challenge. SAP DataSphere simplifies data integration and management complexities, allowing businesses to access and gain deeper insights from their data. But to achieve the same, enterprises need to hire datasphere consulting companies to implement, manage, and configure SAP Datasphere.

What is SAP DataSphere 

Best SAP DataSphere Consulting Companies

SAP Datasphere is enterprise data warehouse (EDW) solution built on SAP Business Technology Platform. With seamless and scalable access to mission-critical business data, SAP Datasphere simplifies data management and empowers data professionals and business users alike to make smarter, data-driven decisions. 

SAP Datasphere represents the evolution of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, introducing a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates data integration, data cataloging, semantic modeling, data warehousing, data federation, and data virtualization. This advanced solution empowers data experts to effortlessly share essential business data, ensuring the preservation of business context and logic throughout their organization’s data ecosystem.
This next generation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud includes all the features customers love, along with new capabilities that enhance the discovery, modeling, and distribution of your mission-critical data. 

And the best part? Existing SAP Data Warehouse Cloud customers can start using SAP Datasphere today without disruption or migration. With Datasphere, enterprises can experience the full potential of their data without sacrificing their unique business needs. 

SAP Datasphere is particularly effective when integrated with SaaS source systems, as it can be installed within the same technical environment. This configuration facilitates optimal data transmission from the source to the EDW, making it advantageous for transferring data from a cloud-based solution to a local warehouse. 

SAP DataSphere Partner Alliances  

Top SAP DataSphere Consulting Companies

SAP Datasphere has established partnerships with four industry-leading companies, i.e., Collibra, Confluent, Databricks, and DataRobot. These alliances bring the power of cutting-edge technology and expertise to our customers, enabling them to integrate SAP and non-SAP applications seamlessly into their data landscape.

Collibra: With Collibra, enterprises can now build a complete catalog of their SAP and non-SAP data, providing a comprehensive lineage of their entire data landscape.  

Confluent: Confluent’s cloud-native data streaming platform allows real-time connectivity between SAP and external applications, enabling unparalleled data agility.  

Databricks: empowers users of its data lakehouse to integrate it with SAP applications while preserving semantics when sharing data.  

DataRoot: And with DataRobot, customers can build automated machine-learning capabilities on Datasphere, unlocking the true potential of their data. 

But this is just the beginning. SAP Datasphere understands that every organization is unique and requires tailored solutions. That’s why it’s imperative to have a variety of tools and platforms at your disposal. And with a growing list of partners, SAP Datasphere is constantly expanding its offerings to meet the needs of its clients. 

So now we know about Sap Datasphere and its capabilities Let’s move forward to discuss the top SAP Datasphere consulting companies.

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Top SAP Datasphere Consulting Companies to Hire in 2023 

NTT Data Business Solutions

NTT Data Business Solutions

Founded in 1989, NTT Data Business Solutions is one of the best SAP DataSphere consulting companies. It is helping businesses digitalize and unleash their full potential. It takes care of every aspect, from designing to implementing SAP solutions. Also, it consistently works to upgrade the SAP solution to enhance its capabilities and make it work for the organization and its employees. NTT Data Business Solutions also doesn’t miss any chance to connect their client’s businesses with the latest technology to get the task done conveniently and smoothly.

Founded Year: 1989

Team Size: 1,000 to 5,000

Headquarters: Ataşehir, Istanbul

Key Services: SAP Datasphere Consulting, Innovation Consulting, Roll-out Project Services, Application Management Service, Process Mining



Apollogic is also one of the top SAP DataSphere consulting companies with 15+ years of experience. It offers SAP and Microsoft solutions to both medium and large-scale enterprises. Apollogic began as a consulting company having expertise in CRM, ERP, SRM, and BI systems. However, it expanded over time by lengthening its service list and helping businesses integrate custom digital solutions. It also offers custom solution development, IT auditing, and consultancy to businesses looking forward to leveraging data and automating repetitive processes.

Founded Year: 2007

Team Size: 50 to 249

Headquarters: Pozna, Poland

Key Services: AI Development, IT Strategy Consulting, SAP Datasphere Consulting, CRM Consulting and SI, Cloud Consulting and SI

Westernacher Consulting

Westernacher Consulting

Established in 1969, Westernacher Consulting is one of the best SAP DataSphere consulting companies offering services worldwide with a strong presence in Europe, Asia, and America. It serves both medium and large-scale businesses that strive to digitalize, revolutionize and innovate. Westernacher Consulting has expertise in resource planning, after-sales services, spare part management, and more.

Founded Year: 1969

Team Size: 501 to 1,000

Headquarters: Heidelberg, Germany

Key Services: SAP Datasphere Consulting, E-commerce, SAP Transportation Management, SAP Yard Logistics, Enterprise Planning & Analytics

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Celebal Technologies

Celebal Technologies

Celebal Technologies is a leading software development and service company. It helps businesses identify the competitive advantage by leveraging the latest technology and engaging intelligent data solutions. It offers chatbot integration and customized workflows with SAP, end-to-end development for Azure and SAP, rapid development using NodeJS framework, and authentication setup leveraging OAuth2. The SAP chatbot developed by Cerebral Technologies is a one-stop solution for sales, accounts, and procurement. 

Founded Year: 2015

Team Size: 1,000 to 5,000

Headquarters: Houston, United States

Key Services: BI & Big Data Consulting, AI Development, SAP Datasphere Consulting, IT Staff Augmentation, Enterprise App Modernization



AppLexus is a renowned technology leader globally; also counted among the top SAP DataSphere consulting companies. It offers businesses BI consulting and SAP services and helps them transform digitally. The company has a strong hold on implementing, migrating, and managing SAP DataSphere solutions. AppLexus also takes pride in developing tech-powered solutions for their clients and becoming a part of their success story. The company is dedicated to helping businesses revolutionize for the better.

Founded Year: 2005

Team Size: 201 to 500

Headquarters: Federal Way, WA, United States

Key Services: SAP Datasphere Consulting, Quality Engineering, Business Transformation, SAP CAR Solutions, Data Migration

Surety Systems

Surety Systems

Another leading SAP DataSphere consulting company on our list is Surety Systems. The company aims to help businesses enhance their efficiency and ROI of technology. It also believes that data is the key to doing better business and outperforming the competition. Surety Systems aid businesses in data management and flow. With expertise in SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Lawson, Workday, and HL7, Surety Systems helps organizations minimize risks, maximize functionality, and deliver quality results.

Founded Year: 2002

Team Size: 51 to 200

Headquarters: Raleigh, NC

Key Services: Lawson Consulting Services, SAP Consulting Services, SAP Datasphere Consulting, Kronos Consulting Services, EPIC Consulting Services

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Deloitte is helping businesses to outperform the competition and conquer the industry in whichever they are competing. It is also recognized as one of the best SAP Datasphere consulting companies with decades of experience. The company offers consultancy to organizations along with an implementation roadmap. Having spent decades in the IT industry, Deloitte values technology and leverages it to develop robust and innovative solutions.

Founded Year: 1845

Team Size: 10,000+

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Key Services: Business Consulting, SAP Datasphere Consulting, Commercial Financing, Financial Advising & Planning, SAP Consulting

Top SAP DataSphere Consulting Companies



The list of top SAP Datasphere consulting companies is incomplete without Accenture. The company is proud to have 40 years of solid connections with SAP. Partnering with SAP, it is helping its clients transform business processes, models, and employee experiences. It is also assisting enterprises to figure out new aptitudes by integrating and extending SAP S/4HANA core using SAP. Accenture helps businesses transform in the present by anticipating the needs of the future to grab a lead against the competition.

Founded Year: 1989

Team Size: 10,000+

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Key Services: SAP Datasphere Consulting, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Platforms, Supply Chain Management, Technology Innovation



Atos is a leading name on the list of the best SAP dataSphere consulting companies. The company is aiming to shape the future of data and information space. SAP and Atos are helping organizations digitalize and revolutionize their operations. The long-standing partnership between Atos and SAP makes it ideal for driving innovative enterprise transformation. Their experience and expertise across various industries focus on innovation, and the capability of adjoining different systems make them a perfect pick for creating end-to-end modernized infrastructure. 

Founded Year: 1997

Team Size: 10,000+

Headquarters: Bezons, France

Key Services: Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, SAP Datasphere Consulting, Technology Consultancy



Lastly, Cognizant offers businesses the best SAP Datasphere consulting services across various domains. It is helping its clients reimagine processes, leverage the latest technology, and transform experiences to grab a lead against competitors and stay ahead in this tech-driven world. The company is working with its existing and new clients, to convert their legacy SAP systems to S4 Hana. Cognizant has also been shortlisted for the SAP Pinnacle Awards 2023.

Founded Year: 1994

Team Size: 10,000+

Headquarters: Teaneck, New Jersey

Key Services: SAP Datasphere Consulting, Application Modernization, Software Engineering, Business Process Services, Quality Engineering & Assurance



All the essential details regarding the SAP Datasphere, including its introduction, importance, and top SAP Datasphere consulting companies, will be crystal clear by now. The number of companies offering SAP Datasphere consultancy is increasing as businesses consider it an essential tool. However, designing, managing, and integrating SAP Datasphere requires technical knowledge and expertise. You can also contact any of the companies mentioned above, as our team has exclusively handpicked each company after appropriate evaluation based on experience, team size, expertise, etc. You can do your research to find the best SAP DataSphere consulting company OR hire software developers in India with the above pointers. 


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