The business landscape is witnessing dynamic changes constantly, making organizations need to track their performance and leverage robust technology and tools to stand strong in the industry. With Microsoft Power Platforms, businesses can develop custom applications, access insights in real-time, robotize mundane activities, and engage customers with the help of smart chatbots. Power Platform consultancy from the right company can help build winning strategies based on accurate data, insights, and metrics. Smart organizations have started investing in Power Platform Development Services to generate leads from their competitors. In this blog, we will discuss some Top Power Platform Consulting Companies.

What Is Microsoft Power Platform?

Before discussing the list of Best Power Platform consulting companies, Let’s learn about power bi. The Microsoft Power Platform is an assortment of no-code and low-code tools from Microsoft. Users can use this power platform to develop, automate, and analyze IT solutions without in-depth coding knowledge. Microsoft Power Platform aims to empower businesses by helping them solve challenges, automate repetitive tasks, build custom solutions, and analyze data for better decision-making. It offers a user-friendly environment to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation.

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Microsoft Power Platform Facts and Statistics

The Microsoft Power Platform has been adopted vastly since its unveiling in 2015. Its presence has strengthened in numerous industries, i.e., healthcare, banking, logistics, etc.  Microsoft said over 5 lakh organizations had accepted Power Platform to outperform their competition.

According to Granter, Microsoft Power Platforms is also acknowledged as a leading low-code and no-code development platform. Power Platform’s low-code and no-code capabilities allow users to speed up the development process. Therefore, the time utilized in developing an application through Power App is moderately less when compared to other development platforms.

Top Power Platform Development Companies

Incworx Consulting

Incworx ConsultingThe company coordinates with organizations and consults them about the Microsoft Power Platform. It includes a better understanding of the platform, automating processes, data analysis, creating web pages applications, etc. Consultancy from Incworx can help businesses get the most out of Microsoft Power Platform to create custom solutions effectively and efficiently according to the requirements. 

Established Year – 1998

Headquarters – Schaumburg, IL

Number of Employees – 11-50

Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions is another leading Power Platform consultancy firm with years of expertise. Softweb Solutions offers a vast range of services that involve improvised security, customized dashboards, automated processes, data collection, configuration, etc. It also helps in data assessment to advance decision-making capability and custom solution development to meet unique business requirements. 

Established Year – 2006

Headquarters – Plano, Dallas, TX

Number of Employees – 1500-2,000

Celebal Technologies

Celebal Technologies – One of the best power platform consulting services. The Company is proud to be acknowledged as the “Microsoft India Partner of the Year” winner in 2022. It is also recognized for being a part of the AI Inner Circle Partner of Microsoft with 10 exclusive proficiencies and specialization in analytics. The experts at Celebal Technologies go through local insights of a business to build a dedicated custom solution to strengthen the roots of the business.

Established Year – 2015

Headquarters – Jaipur, Rajasthan

Number of Employees – 1,001-5,000


Bitscape – It has been offering Power Platform consulting services for years to help organizations use Power Platform in their favor. Bitscape helps integrate Power Platform with other Microsoft solutions like SharePoint, Azure, etc. It also assists in finding the area of improvement through Power BI and further developing custom solutions using Power Apps, Power Automation, Power Pages, and Power Virtual Agents.

Established Year – 2002

Headquarters – Santa Fe Springs, California

Number of Employees – 51-200

EPC Group

EPC Group – The ECP group has taken pride in being a Microsoft Partner for more than 25 years. It also has a dedicated book written on SharePoint and Power BI. The employees at this company have the expertise to migrate Office 365 in every vertical. Being a certified Microsoft Partner, EPC Group has expertise in Power Platform that they utilize to help their clients achieve their goals.

Established Year – 1997

Headquarters – Houston, Texas

Number of Employees – 201-500


Cynoteck – The Company dedicatedly looks forward to finding new ways to work along with Power Platform to avail the most out of it. Cynoteck leverages Power Platforms to offer optimized resources to develop automated environments and custom business solutions. It takes care of the integration, development, and deployment process and lets the organization shift its focus to other essential tasks.

Established Year – 2008

Headquarters – Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Number of Employees – 201-500

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Star Knowledge

Star Knowledge – The Power Platform consulting team at Star Knowledge is certified and has specialization in developing custom and interactive solutions for businesses according to their unique necessities.  It also has the skills to integrate Power Platform with standalone applications of Microsoft like Dynamics 365, Azure, etc. to fulfill the precise needs of its clients.

Established Year – 2008

Headquarters – Pompano Beach, Florida

Number of Employees – 51-200

Saxon AI

Saxon AI – Another Best Power Platform Consulting Firm, it is recognized for automating workflows, gaining actionable insights, and developing custom web pages and applications for businesses using Power Platform. Saxon AI also offers access to its software i.e. InsightBox to let businesses create custom dashboards conveniently and quickly. The team of experts at Saxon also delivers the best possible ROI to their clients on their tech investments.

Established Year – 2000

Headquarters – Irving, TX

Number of Employees – 201-500

Soft Landing

Soft Landing – The company helps businesses ‌turn data into actionable insights and ‌use it to make data-driven decisions. Soft Landing enables businesses to collect and use data to find improvements and opportunities. It also helps organizations to connect Power Platform with Azure, Office 365, and other platforms to create a robust solution that meets business requirements.

Established Year – 2000

Headquarters – Vancouver, BC

Number of Employees – 51-200


Quisitive – Last but not least, Quisitive has been assisting businesses in developing high-value custom solutions. It promises to formulate a customized Power Platform Strategy in just two weeks according to the business needs. The employees at Quisitive assist in faster adoption, security, and expert guidance. It helps businesses find improvement areas and develops custom solutions for the same. 

Established Year – 2016

Headquarters – Irving, Texas

Number of Employees – 501-1,000

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What Services Do You Get From Best Power Platform Consultants?

The Power Platform Development Companies offer their clients a vast range of services, from formulating strategy to deployment. Here is a glance at the same

Roadmap – The initial service offered by the consultants is to create a roadmap with excellent strategies to implement the Power Platform in a manner that helps businesses to achieve their goals. It includes recognizing opportunities for improvement and automation and developing custom solutions accordingly.

Development – The team of consultants also includes developers with years of experience who assist in custom app development. They help identify requirements, design user-friendly interfaces, and develop custom applications using Power Apps. The developers also ensure the application is being developed under their supervision to meet business requirements.

Automation – Another service Power Platform Consultants offers is identifying and automating repetitive tasks using Power Automate. Once repetitive tasks are automated, the organization’s employees are left with enough time to focus on productive tasks.

Data Analysis – Being Power Platform experts, the consultancy firm helps turn data into meaningful, actionable insights. They also offer full-fledged assistance in creating informational reports and in taking data-driven decisions. Lastly, they also ensure that data is shared smoothly across the business.

Integration – Consultants must integrate the Power Platform with the organization’s existing applications. The consultant assists in connecting the Power Platform to multiple data sources and ensures smooth data exchange between systems.

Training – Apart from helping an organization develop, analyze data, automate, etc., the consultancy agency also educates the organization’s employees. The consultants organize dedicated workshops for the corporation’s employees to inform them of the best practices related to the Power Platform.

Support – Lastly, the consultancy team is always up to support the organization in every possible way to overcome difficulties and streamline the process. Organizations can seek solutions to any problem related to Power Platform from a consultancy firm.

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How do Power Platform Consulting and Development Services Benefit Your Business?

The Power Platform Development Services have the potential to benefit a business in multiple ways, and here is a glance at the same.

Seamless Integration 

The Power Platform can be seamlessly integrated with other applications and services of Microsoft like Azure, SharePoint, etc. It enables businesses to improve interoperability and develop a unified environment. It further helps businesses streamline their processes and improve data accuracy. 

Quick Application Development 

The power platform has low-code capabilities that accelerate the application development process. Businesses can quickly develop and tailor the application according to the requirements. Being a low-code platform, users with non-technical backgrounds can also efficiently operate it.


Microsoft Power Automate is a component of this powerful platform, it can be used to automate mundane tasks and activities. Businesses can speed up processes, increase efficiency, and reduce errors by automating repetitive activities. It also helps save valuable time for employees that can be utilized for productive and strategic activities.

Data Insights 

Power BI capabilities are utilized for visualizing trends, analyzing data, and finding patterns to make data-driven decisions. It helps the organization find and work on areas of improvement and observe key metrics to formulate conquering strategies.


The power platform is diligently designed to scale as per the requirement and needs of the business. Power Platform can conveniently handle high volume and complex workflows as the organization grows.


Power Platform is a cost-effective solution as it holds low-code capabilities, and businesses can use their existing Microsoft License. Custom solution development costs are reduced to an extent, and the ROI is boosted.

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Power Platform Products

Power BI  

It is designed to help businesses analyze data and make data-driven decisions. Using Power BI, users can conveniently connect to several cloud services and data sources to collect information and turn it into significant insights. On top of that, it is integrated with robust features, such as AI-powered visuals, natural language, DAX, etc.

Power Apps  

This product of Microsoft has low-code capabilities that enable users to develop custom applications without having expertise in coding. It offers many pre-built templates, drags and drop, AI builders, and connectors to accelerate development. Power Apps also supports building an application that can easily connect to numerous data sources.

Power Pages 

With this component of Power Platform, a user with no coding experience can quickly develop a well-functional website from scratch for multiple platforms i.e., desktop, mobile, and tablets. This tool has pre-built templates and a design studio to help build an innovative and engaging website.

Power Automate  

This tool is used to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Businesses use it to robotize monotonous tasks and direct human power toward productive tasks. With Power Automate, a lot of time and resources can be saved, which benefits the business in the long run. The RPA bots developed through Power Automate can be triggered easily upon a specified activity or event.

Power Virtual Agents 

Users can easily develop an interactive bot with Power Virtual Agents without coding. Businesses design and deploy bots using it to enhance customer engagement through websites, applications, etc. Technology like Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing can also be leveraged to develop an intelligent chatbot that learns and gets better with time.

Why Do You Need to Hire Experienced and Certified Power Platform Developers?

In-Depth Knowledge – Certified and experienced power platform developers hold in-depth knowledge of the Power Platform. They know the Power Platform’s features and functionalities well and tend to keep up with the latest updates. The platform’s capabilities can be leveraged constructively to avail the most out of it and build powerful custom solutions for the business. 

Quick Development – The development procedure can also be expedited as the developers utilize their years of knowledge and experience. The acquaintance of the Power Platform enables the developer to create solutions according to business requirements effectively. 

Troubleshooting – Holding years of experience, the developers would have come across and resolved various challenges and issues. It enables them to identify and deal with complex issues and errors efficiently. Certification and understanding of the Power Platform let developers handle errors and bugs effectively. 

How to Choose the Best Power Platform Consultants for Your Project?

Choosing the best Power Platform Consultants can be challenging as the industry is filled with such consultancy firms. Therefore, here are a few points that can be considered to filter the consultancy service provider for your project.

Pricing and Budget – The whole hiring procedure might be pointless if both parties don’t agree on pricing and budget. Every organization has a particular budget for a specific operation and every service provider has specified pricing for their services. Therefore, it’s better to ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding invoices.

Expertise – Another point to consider when hiring the Best Power Platform Consultants is ensuring that your consultancy firm has a strong command of Power platforms. Thoroughly check their expertise in Power App, Power Pages, Power Automation, Power Virtual Agents, and Power BI. The best practice to check expertise is to check out the projects completed by the consultancy firm. 

Certification and Partnership – Also, make sure that the Power Platform Consultancy service provider is a certified partner of Microsoft or not. Certified Partners are always more capable when compared to others, also, they stay up to date with the Power Platform’s new features and functions.

Portfolio – The best way to cross-check the expertise and capabilities of the service provider is to check their portfolio. Ask a consultancy to provide their portfolio to understand their skillset better. By reviewing the portfolio, you will get to know the projects they have completed and their proficiency, which will help make a better hiring decision.

PostProject Services – Most organizations need post-project services for maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting. Therefore, ensure that your consultancy firm provides support even after project completion to address post-implementation issues. However, you might have to pay a bit extra for post-project services.

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How Much Does IT Cost to Hire Microsoft Power Platform Consulting Services?

The cost of hiring Microsoft Power Platforms Development Services is contingent on numerous factors such as expertise and origin of the consultant, complexity, business requirements, time-consumed, etc. However, two factors are identified as most-important i.e., geo-location of consultancy firm and time utilized.

The Power Platform Consulting company usually charges for its services per hour. The per-hour cost of the service provider is highly dependent upon their geo-location. However, multiplying the consultor’s per-hour cost by the time is taken can give you the finest idea of development service cost.

The charges of North American developers range from $40 to $65 per hour, whereas the charges of Latin American developers are $30 to $50 per hour. Developers from South Asia charge the least i.e., $18 to $35 per hour. As a result, most organizations prefer getting services from a country like India as the charges are less and the developers are highly talented and skilled.


The requirements, benefits, and pricing related to Microsoft Power Platform would be well acknowledged now. Most organizations have started utilizing Power Platform Consultancy services to automate repetitive activities, develop custom and interactive applications and web pages, turn data into insights to improve decision-making and develop chatbots to enhance customer engagement. As a business owner, if you are also interested in getting the best out of Microsoft Power Platform, consider the points mentioned above to hire the best consultancy and development services for your business.

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