What Is a Salesforce Certification

In today’s revolutionizing world, a cloud professional’s expertise, skills, proficiency, and knowledge are measured through Salesforce Certification. Whether you dream of becoming a certified Salesforce Administrator, Marketing Specialist, Architect, Implementation Expert, or Salesforce Developer, you need to earn Salesforce certifications to achieve your objectives. 

This informative guide will help you learn about Salesforce Certification, its benefits, how to get it, its cost, how to conduct salesforce certification verification, and much more. 

Keep reading to find a precise Salesforce Certification path toward converting your dream into reality. 

Importance and Benefits of Salesforce Certifications

First, let’s put forth a clear picture of a Salesforce certification.

A well-recognized credential, Salesforce certification qualifies a candidate to follow Salesforce best practices implementation for his organization. With time the need to hire salesforce developers has increased, and following the trend, many techies choose to get salesforce certification for better growth. 

Now, let’s focus on the benefits of Salesforce Certifications. 

Real-Life Situations Experience

The training courses related to Salesforce Certification provide you with practical experience. Besides, they hold a plethora of training material about industry-relevant live projects, real-life scenarios, and case studies based on varied situations that will help the trainee grasp practical learning. Expected dedication would be about 12 hours for the training of live projects, and around 20 hours would be required for in-class practice after getting a Salesforce Certification enrollment.

Complete Knowledge of Field/Domain

With a Salesforce certification, you will be well-equipped with a deep understanding of Salesforce that will enhance your insights into sales and customer relations. As you go deeper to get more knowledge about Salesforce, you will learn various tools that you may find new, even holding expertise in the same field. 

Proficiency in Efficient Account Planning

After earning a Salesforce certification, you will get to know how exceptionally you can complete the planning stage. You can navigate perfectly and quickly through the application and manage the prospects’ and existing customers’ requests. Also, the Salesforce certification will provide you with an understanding of the usage of the tools for improving the personal process and business strategically. 

Above all, you will find it best to help you improve your work-life balance.

Get Existing & Dynamically Improved Knowledge Base

One of the essential benefits of cloud technology is the update releases that are automatically pushed to the app. Every year, Salesforce.com launches various updates, and if your organization is already using Salesforce, you can immediately update the entire enterprise software. 

You can stay updated and obtain a dynamically updated knowledge base if you get a certification. 

Optimize Salesforce Implementation Quickly 

While using the platform, and even after deciding to implement it, companies need a solid and functional plan that optimizes Salesforce. 

A Salesforce certification ensures that you can help the company in Salesforce customization and optimization, recommending and leading managers. Altogether, the organization can reap benefits from your certification.

Enhance Your Analytical Skills

By earning Salesforce certification, you will understand the latest sales trends with customized and detailed trends insights. 

Employers Prefer Certified Candidate

Salesforce job demands candidates with Salesforce certification only. The Salesforce job market is also pacing up, which means interested candidates need to try hard to get a job in the Salesforce industry. 

The Salesforce certification helps filter the interviewees, and employers prefer the one with the certification. 

Get High Pay-Offs

A few years ago, Salesforce experts’ average salary was around $69,600, while one with a Salesforce certification is paid approx. $89,850 and even more. 

Also, according to popular job portals, a Salesforce Certified Developer gets around $108,475/year, whereas a Salesforce Administrator earns approx. $89,429 per year.

You can also enjoy these salary benefits by obtaining only one, Salesforce certification. Yearly, Salesforce Certified Professionals get $100,000 and more.

Certification Reveals Your Expertise

Salesforce certification reveals your potential, and your existing employers also believe that you are the deserving one. For every certification, you need to hold some expertise. Even the exam will show that you understand and know such competencies. 

Post-Certification Opportunities

After knowing almost all the benefits of certification, let you know Salesforce certification validates your skill corner also. Like other certifications, the Salesforce certificate will justify your skills and showcase your commitment to this domain. 

At last, when you go for an interview with this certification, you will surely get it. By earning this certification, Salesforce professionals will possess efficient processing powers. 

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How to Get a Salesforce Certification?

Follow the steps below to get your salesforce certification. 

1. Select a Salesforce Certification

To get Salesforce certification, firstly, you need to research and pick a certification that suits your desired profile, skills you want to build, and career goals. 

Besides, it would be best if you went through the Trailhead information page to discover the proficiency you want to learn in the certification you would consider and the prerequisites or requirements for certifying the exam. 

2. Register for the Exam on Trailhead

When you are set to register for a Salesforce certification exam, you must create a Webassessor™ account. Then, you need to schedule your exam and pay for the registration. Also, review the salesforce certification cost and location of the exam remotely or onsite.

3. Prepare for Your Exam

Obviously, for the examination, you need to learn the usage of Salesforce in the role and prepare for the exam. You can follow any of the below steps:

  • Sign up for a training webinar for Salesforce certification through Trailhead.
  • Review the guide for the exam you need to write. 
  • Learn via Trailhead’s library of modules and projects.  
  • You can join the Trailblazer community to link with other Salesforce learners, ask questions, and master the field. 
  • Also, write a practice test preparation for the certification you choose, like the one for the Salesforce Certified Administrator.
  • Try Salesforce courses via other programs, like Coursera’s Salesforce Sales Operations Professional Certificate.

4. Write the Salesforce Certification Exam

Be available onsite or online to write the exam you scheduled. Ensure you are well-prepared for the exam. 

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Complete List of Salesforce Certifications, Respective Role, and Certification Cost

Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce Administrator bridges the gap between business requirements and technology. You need to offer training to Salesforce users of your company, automate complex business processes, and craft reports and dashboards. And for your team, you would help them stay efficient and lead everyone while focusing on customer relationships and their business success. 

Salesforce Administrator Certifications

Certifications Related to Salesforce Administrators and Cost

  • Administrator, 
  • Advanced Administrator, 
  • Business Analyst,
  • CPQ Specialist, 
  • Marketing Cloud Administrator,
  • Platform App Builder

Cost: $200

Salesforce Consultant

Being a Salesforce Consultant, from the beginning of the day, you need to check your inbox and respond to the queries of your clients, and next go for your routine meeting with your team. After that, you would discuss your accounts and supporting spots. Post that, you would be required to review your colleagues’ work on their request and recommend the most suitable solutions. 

Salesforce Consultant Certification

Certifications Related to Salesforce Consultants and Cost

  • Application Architect, 
  • B2B Solution Architect, 
  • B2C Solution Architect, 
  • B2C Commerce Architect, 
  • Heroku Architect, 
  • System Architect, 
  • Technical Architect

Cost: $200

Salesforce Developers

A Salesforce Developer and his team join for a meeting where his colleagues put forth the best and in-trend ideas for the latest feature. Next, the developer talks about it thoroughly and takes it ahead. 

Next, the Salesforce developer finds a path to implement that feature and starts with coding. Then, in a test environment, he deploys that feature. And if it looks fine, he starts with the testing phase, during which he addresses the issues demanding enhancement and resolution. 

Salesforce Developers Certification

Certifications Related to Salesforce Developers and Cost

  • B2C Commerce Developer
  • Platform Developer I
  • Platform Developer II
  • JavaScript Developer I

Cost: $200

Salesforce Architect

An ultimate issue resolver, a Salesforce Architect is recognized as a big-picture thinker. He crafts a system that accomplishes business needs perfectly. While scaling also, if problems arise, he catches up all. Also known as a trusted digital advisor, Salesforce Architects are much-praised leaders in the ecosystem. They beat large-scale and complex customer challenges to come to the surface with secure, scalable, and top-performing solutions that improve the strength of the Salesforce Platform. 

Salesforce Architect Certification

Certifications Related to Salesforce Architect and Cost

  • System Architect
  • Technical Architect
  • Platform Developer I
  • Platform App Builder
  • Heroku Architecture Designer

Cost: $200

Salesforce Designers

A Salesforce designer who is passionate about crafting human-centered design experiences uses Relationship Design for this artistic practice. Such aspects attract social and business value by developing robust relationships. 

Salesforce Designers Certificatio

Certifications Related to Salesforce Designers and Cost

  • User Experience (UX) Designer 
  • Strategy Designer

Salesforce Marketers

A Salesforce Marketer first monitors his campaign performance on dashboards and focuses on those specific campaigns that are driving success. Ahead, he attends a meeting with his marketing team to learn the latest updates, provides new ideas, reports his existing tasks, and asks for assistance. Then, review plans with marketing automation experts to A/B test a new email template that will replace the earlier one. 

Salesforce Marketers Certifications

Certifications Related to Salesforce Marketers and Cost

  • Pardot Specialist
  • Pardot Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Administrator
  • Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Developer

Cost: $200 + Local Taxes

How Much Does Salesforce Certifications Cost?

The Salesforce certification cost starts from $200 (animation cost) plus local taxes. On adding 18% tax, the cost will reach around $236, and if you attempted hard and could not clear the exam on the first attempt, you would need to pay $100 plus tax for the rewriting exam. 

Complete List of Salesforce Certifications and Its Cost

AdministratorData ArchitectPlatform Developer IMarketing Cloud AdministratorSales Cloud ConsultantUser Experience (UX) Designer
Advanced AdministratorSharing and Visibility ArchitectPlatform Developer IIMarketing Cloud ConsultantService Cloud Consultant
Platform App BuilderPlatform Developer IJavaScript Developer IMarketing Cloud DeveloperExperience Cloud Consultant
CPQ SpecialistPlatform App BuilderMarketing Cloud Email SpecialistField Service Consultant
Application Architect*OmniStudio DeveloperPardot Consultant
Development Lifecycle & Deployment DesignerB2C Commerce DeveloperPardot SpecialistNonprofit Cloud Consultant
Identity & Access Management DesignerIndustries CPQ DeveloperIndustries CPQ Developer
Integration Architecture Designer
Platform Developer IOmniStudio Consultant
System ArchitectTableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant
Technical Architect
B2C Solution Architect
B2C Commerce Architect
Heroku Architecture Designer

Cost: $200 (Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Platform App Builder, User Experience (UX) Designer, Strategy Designer, Service Cloud Consultant, CPQ Specialist, Sales Cloud Consultant, Field Service Consultant, Experience Cloud Consultant, Tableau CRM & Einstein Discovery Consultant, Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, Education Cloud Consultant, Omnistudio Consultant,  Platform Developer I,  Platform Developer II, Javascript Developer I, Industries CPQ Developer, Omnistudio Developer, B2C Commerce Developer, Pardot Specialist, Pardot Consultant, Marketing Cloud Administrator, Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, Marketing Cloud Consultant, Marketing Cloud Developer) 

Cost: $400 (B2C Commerce Architect, Identity & Access Management Architect, Sharing & Visibility Architect, Development Lifecycle & Deployment Architect, Heroku Architect, Integration Architect,  Data Architect, B2C Solution Architect, B2B Solution Architect)

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How to Verify Your Salesforce Certifications?

You must pass the certification exam on exhibiting yourself as a Salesforce Certified Consultant. Salesforce has emerged with a pathway for Salesforce Certification verification credentials online on this page:

How to Get Salesforce Certification

You must enter your name or email address to verify directly with Salesforce. It will showcase a list of certifications with dates of passing. 


If you have earned a Salesforce certification and possess deep knowledge and skills, m you may catch up with varied opportunities. But, if you still need to, despite being interested, you should try it.

We hope you have cleared all your queries by reading this post on how to get Salesforce certified. Now, time to check your proficiency and choose the apt Salesforce certification that may help boost your career. 


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