The process to hire the perfect developer can cost you and your venture time and money if it isn’t executed the right way.

This is the biggest nightmare you may face as an entrepreneur. Hiring a team that supports you and understands your business like theirs would help you build a profitable empire. Not sure how to hire remote developers for your startup? 

Well, shake off the stress here. 

Let’s start with this article to figure out everything to determine whether they are a good fit. It is equally important to figure out their qualities and skills. 

Hopefully, in the end, you will feel more confident in the ability to hire the right fit for your startup or business. 

Now let’s dive in for further information!

Before we talk about choosing the right team to outsource your development tasks, let’s see why it is recommended to go for remote developers instead of hiring an in-house team. 

Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers for Startup

Remote developers, as the name suggests, are a team of professionals who work from different locations. They don’t need to share space with others in the team and can be based wherever.

Typically, businesses looking to outsource their development requirements engage remote developers. Remote programmers are comparable to independent contractors or freelancers in this regard.

Accessibility to the Global Talent Pool

Companies can find more specialized professionals with various experiences while paying a decent salary for the area. Global access entails remote employment. Your access to the limitless talent available worldwide is restricted if you recruit employees who must travel for work. Your options for recruiting personnel would be limited to your local area. The greatest deserving applicant for your firm will be easier to approach and hire if you go remote.

Additionally, if you hire highly qualified personnel from various parts of the world, you will be able to benefit from their diverse cultural backgrounds.

Overcome Tech Talent Scarcity

You will need to hire one of the best remote developers with all the essential expertise. However, this is going to be a more challenging and daunting affair. It is not an easy task to get the right remote developer. Many countries face various issues while searching for a major tech talent crunch. 

There is no hidden fact that hiring a remote developer can broaden your pool of IT expertise. You can tackle any technology-related issues with their skills. 

Stay Flexible

It is crucial to understand the requirements of your startup. Startups are mainly plagued with uncertainties during the early years. Every startup wants to maintain its growth rate, and they also want to maintain the structure of the organization as the startup grows. 

Hiring the team for the in-house developer is considered the right option because it is introduced as a substantial long-term operational cost. In these circumstances, you need to hire a remote developer. 

However, ensure not to get tied up with a long-term commitment as you only pay for the required services. You can plan accordingly to get quality services and quality results as well.

Save Hiring Time

While hiring remote developers, you need to search for the talent pool via advertisements. You can also consider the process of evaluation and shortlisting of the right candidate. You can only afford to save your time if you are running after your success. Cut down the hiring process time by partnering with the ideal remote IT agency. The team will sort out your entire issues. You can save your precious time by avoiding the lengthy process of hiring. You can quickly get the right remote developer in the shortest time. 

Save in Hiring Budget

Employing remote workers enables businesses to cut infrastructural and operational costs for their offices or places of business. Additionally, it will allow companies to hire devoted remote engineers or developers worldwide.

Since they can benefit from work-life balance while working from the convenience of their own homes, remote employees typically produce more work. 

Like many other parts of the future of work, remote onboarding can help you save money by reducing the need for costly on-site orientation programs, training, downtime due to attrition, etc. costs like hiring specialized trainers for each new hire. That would be the past by this time. Additionally, you can retain a team of engineers on-call in the absence of an urgent requirement or use case because you can scale on demand.

On-board Experience and Expertise

Most remote developers work on different projects; therefore, they probably already know about the app you want to develop.

For instance, our team has created apps in various industries, including e-commerce, real estate, fintech, and others. We are familiar with your business domain and can assist you in steering clear of frequent mistakes when developing the app.

Addresses Business Needs

Are you willing to address the essential requirements of the business? Well, for that, you need to consider hiring a remote developer. Remote developers already know your requirements, and they work on them effectively. They understand your business needs and what can be included to make it successful. They will calculate the entire process according to the business purpose to deliver efficient results. 

Implements Ideal Working Model

With the help of a remote developer, you can access the benefits of an ideal working model. This is because the remote developers are very experts in their field, and they know very well. They will ensure to craft one of the most effective strategies to grow your business. They prioritize working with an ideal working model with efficient strategies and planning. A remote developer is more comfortable and productive than other workers. They ensure to deliver of the services on time without any hassle. They understand the whole concept of your business growing dramatically. The remote-based working policy will also help the developer work based on flexible timings. They are committed to offering higher productivity. 

Key Motivation Drivers for Startups When Looking to Hire Developers

There are certain factors and motivations required for the startup while hiring developers. Let’s closely look at the key factors when hiring developers for your Startup. 

Set Up the Tech Stack for Startups

The technology stack is crucial for any startup. To set up the tech stack, you will need a professional developer. Startup founders frequently lack experience in or expertise in app development. Instead of learning how to program, it is their responsibility as entrepreneurs to transform ideas into software that solves problems.

To build the app, a startup must hire the right engineers who understand the tech stack.

Growth of the Startup

For any business or startup, you need to get the product fast to test it and modify it accordingly. Mainly remote developers are essential to get the work done at the rocket’s speed. If you are looking forward to building a startup and seeking funding, you need a demo product. If you plan to rely on loans to finance your firm, you will need evidence to present to the investors. Therefore, an MVP must be created.

If you want to move quickly as a startup in its early stages, you’ll need a staff of developers. Even if you’re a skilled programmer, you should not let managing business development distract you because it would cause you to lose focus on other aspects of your company.

Prepare the Budget 

Cash is considered the lifeline of the startup during its early stages. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to bootstrap or want to be armed with capital from investors, you will have to be meticulous in expenses. You also need to include the hiring of developers for efficient production. Make sure to stay within your budget to balance everything. 

Build a Strong Team

It is important to build a solid development team. You can’t operate with the skeleton structure for a longer time. You will need a developer to help you have a profitable product. This is why you will look for the right candidate to share your startup objective and values to make a strong team and results. 

Make sure to have the team handling the development from the beginning till the later stage. A strong team is helpful in numerous ways in business and success. 

Challenges of Hiring Remote Developers for a Startup

Every startup owner wishes for a dream team of developers to turn their ideas into working applications. However, they have to face the harsh reality of recruitment, which brings unwanted challenges to their startups. Here are the everyday challenges of hiring developers you may encounter. 

Lack of Local Talents

There is no doubt that the world is getting digitized. Many small and large businesses are scrambling to move their operations online. Nowadays, it has become quite challenging to cope with the latest technology. This results in a huge demand for IT professionals. However, the growth in terms of IT talent needs to catch up. Several startups are at the losing end when scouting for candidates. Talented developers are snapped rapidly by large corporations. You may face challenges while finding the right talent for your business. Make sure to prefer the right one at the right time by using the right way.

Retention Benefits Competition with Large Corporates

It’s not that the IT developers you’ve hired will stay on your team long enough to see the project through, even if they seem promising hire. 

Big corporations are free to entice developers with benefits much above the reach of startups operating on a restricted budget. The bottom line is that you must match the provided perks or risk losing the skilled developers you have worked hard to attract.

Your team’s loss of members might throw your plans off track and cause you to fall behind schedule for months. You’ll also need to pay extra costs for job postings and interviews if you want to rehire the employee.

Financial Concerns 

You are more susceptible to financial expenses if your startup is tied to a limited budget. You may have to pay for the developer’s salary, including the perks for social security and annual leaves. Your remote developer must keep abreast with the updated version of technologies. You may also have to face the expenses of hiring a full-time developer, which can be unbearable for the startup. 

Hiring Related Issues

The inexperience of a young startup makes it more difficult to recruit talented developers. Even if you have grandiose plans and objectives, a new startup is frequently characterized by instability and lower pay for job prospects.

The situation becomes even more challenging when you require a developer immediately and try to figure out where to find one. Startups only typically have the luxury of an HR department that handles all of the headhunting and interviewing.

Must-Have Qualities of the Developer for Remote Hiring

Efficient Time Management

Due dates might occasionally feel imminent. As we get closer, it becomes more terrifying and stressful. We must, however, control these bombs, or we will constantly be stressed and unable to accomplish anything.

Predicting how long a task will take might be challenging because developers spend so much time coding and attempting to solve programming problems. They are still able to work with due dates despite this. Instead, it would be best to search for developers who can provide estimations and adhere to them.

Optimistic Attitude

You shouldn’t set overly stringent deadlines because you want them to be enthused about the work and give it their all. Although it can sometimes be avoided, crunch time shouldn’t be your standard working schedule. The employer must express appreciation for the developer’s hard work while allowing them to receive criticism without taking it personally.

Technical Expertise and Project Management

Knowledge of the numerous technologies needed for the project is the most crucial attribute of a developer. Ideally, in similar projects, confirm that the developer has expertise working with various technologies. They would be well-versed in industry standards and able to identify problems with appropriate remedies if they did this.

Even without your involvement, sound engineers have good client management skills. They must know how to use their resources effectively to get the best human resources or source code results.

You can set up a trial period with the developer to check whether they can work on schedule and take any suggestions into account to ensure these needs are addressed. Recognizing and working with shortcomings and strengths would also be aided by this.

Team Building Spirit

Different people’s viewpoints add to their technical expertise and experience. One of the best aspects of remote teams is the variety of cultural perspectives, which leads to efficient problem-solving. Although you might not always agree, you are undoubtedly getting closer to finding solutions. The difference is made by developers who work well in a team. Along with talking and listening, they are eager to offer assistance and provide solutions (even if they are from within the engineering field).

Good Communication Skills

People unfamiliar with coding or programming may find it challenging to understand the language developers use. As a result, a developer with strong communication skills can convey these technical concepts to those who are not experts. Considering this is crucial while making judgments.

Where to Find and Hire Remote Developers?

Industry Publications

You can search for industry publications to get one of the best remote developers. Industries have several different developers who are experts in their specific fields. You can get the right fit by searching thoroughly. 

3rd-Party Research & Review Platforms

Any third-party research can also be considered to get the right candidate. You can rely on any open review platform to search for talent. Though, it will be a more daunting experience due to the huge demand for the developer. Most probably, you will have to look out with patience. 

Freelancing Platforms

Freelance developers are also available from the freelancing platform. There are several freelancing platforms from where you can hire the right talent. You can read their profile to learn about their experiences and hire accordingly.

Job Portals

You can create a job portal that you can circulate on various social media platforms. This will help you to bring more related talent. This is the most effective way to save time.

Social Handle

You can use social media platforms to get the right candidate for your startup or business. Let your followers know you need a developer and connect with those who can help. 

Hire Remote Developers in Simple Steps

Although remote developers are not permitted to set their hourly rates, like independent contractors and freelancers, they are always required to accept the hourly rate set by their company.

Let’s have a look at how to hire a remote developer.

Identify Your Startup’s Requirements

Before hiring remote developers to accomplish something for you, you must clearly understand what you want. This can be as easy as identifying the most crucial features of your company and those that can accelerate your growth. More complicated tasks include determining whether a developer with specific abilities is necessary for the project.

Choose the Collaboration Model

The more remote developers you’ll probably need, whether you hire them all at once or gradually increase their number as your product development project becomes more sophisticated. It is essential to select the collaboration model for better results.

A well-coordinated effort can guarantee better results as the number of developers you need increases. As a result, you should think about employing an offshore development team with the help of an offshore expert who provides maintenance benefits and can act as a facilitator of development services.

Mind the Geographical Location

The cost depends on your location and your requirements. Make sure to make the right decision at the right time. Once you have the budget ready, choose the developers from a geographical location that can justify the budget and get your project done. For instance, a developer from the north USA will cost you between $150-$200/Hour, Whereas a developer from south Asia will cost around $20 to $50.

For a better experience, having a candidate who knows the same language is more beneficial to avoid any risk ahead. 

List Out the Best Alternatives

Now you need to list the best talent in the geographical location that you have chosen. You can conduct interviews, check portfolios, and visit various platforms. This will help you to get the key to success and growth with the right talent pool.

Verify Programmer’s Expertise

Before finalizing the candidate, it is crucial to verify their experience. Most of the time, candidates mention their expertise to make a good impression. However, it’s your task to verify them to avoid further risk and wasting time.

You should check if they have any online portfolio of their work (e.g., GitHub). Additionally, you might inquire about their prior employment history and feelings about independent or remote work.

Find the Right Candidate

Finding a competent developer who can complete the task you need them to complete may seem obvious, but it’s crucial to start there before moving on. There are various places to look for developers; some people use LinkedIn, while others favor Upwork or Craigslist. The important thing is to ensure that anybody you select has experience with the work they’ll be doing for you.

Evaluate Programming Competency

Given that it involves anything other than their technical expertise or knowledge, this is more complicated than it initially appears. You must be aware that they can be effective, productive, highly motivated, and dedicated to their task.

If they have any online samples of their work, you should check this out (e.g., GitHub). Additionally, you might inquire about their prior employment history and feelings about independent or remote work.

Interview for Soft Skills and Technical Competency

With a focus on communication, teamwork, and time management, you’ll want to ensure the applicant has a thorough idea of what they’re getting into. It’s time to offer them employment as soon as you have faith in their ability to start working immediately!

Offer and Onboard Remote Developers

It’s time to make them an offer for the job once your interview goes well and you’re sure they’d be a suitable fit for your business.

Ensure that you give them enough time to accept the job offer before informing them of their benefits or the onboarding procedure. Before beginning their official employment with your company, they can take care of any last-minute details.

Why Hire Remote Developers from Developerperhour? 

Dedicated Teams for Your Project

At DPH, you will find dedicated and committed remote teams that will ensure quality service. Their commitment is everything to make the customer satisfied. Their dedicated teams are responsible for delivering the expected services to the customer. 

Flexible Environment to Work With

Our team of remote developers ensures a flexible environment for the customer and the developer. A flexible environment is essential to get the work done in peace for better focus. 

No Hidden Cost of Development

You don’t have to pay any hidden charges. We believe in transparency to make a seamless experience for the customer. 

NDA Security to Keep It All

You can access the benefits of NDA security, which will help keep your startup objective and plan confidential. This way, you don’t have to face any barriers or fear of exposure. 

FREE Technical Support

Developerperhour provides technical support, which is free of cost. For any queries related to the technology, you can rely on the team or developer. You will get instant support from them.

Comprehensive Reporting to Keep You Updated

Most of the time, agencies don’t provide a report. However, developerperhour believes in transparency and prefers to provide a comprehensive report. 

Security and IP Protection

You can access the benefits of security and other IP protection to make your documents and related things protected. 


When it comes to hiring developers, early-stage firms face challenges. Finding the finest developer for their team presents a challenging challenge for company founders. We have demonstrated the viability of outsourcing and offered a step-by-step procedure for selecting the ideal developer.

If you don’t want to deal with hiring engineers for your startup, send us an email with your hiring requirements, and we’ll be happy to help.


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