Over the years, new technologies entering inside the industry, and the brands always try to give their best shots with the new products. Hence, they are instinctive in looking to hire remote developers and programmers. 

As per the stats, the global hiring market gains a high rate in recent times, especially after the Covid. At the time of pandemics, businesses begin to offer virtual environments to their employees and to the new entrants; so they can fit inside the cultural ethics. 

A benefit of hiring freelancing developers, software engineers, and coders is that they are comfortable working with a flexible time schedule within cost. You can hire the best one as per your needs.

This blog will help you understand the reasons to hire freelancers and find the best places to hire remote developers. There are plenty of freelancing marketplace platforms available, such as Freelancer.com, Upwork, Toptal, People Per Hour, etc.  

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Over time, the market is facing a heavy demand for products and their development, hence it creates urgency for the development team. It is crucial to cast a team with a strong foundation of skilled coders and programmers with the epitome of skills.  As the need for software in the marketplace grows exponentially, today companies are looking for developers who are; available instant and have strong expertise.

Unfortunately, brands are lacking in most cases to find the right place where developers are available and well equipped, who help to improve the engagement rates, are under the budget, are platform ready, have higher efficiency, and have many more qualities. And yes, talking about the solution is; remote developers.

With the support of such strong, talented developers, businesses can build market-ready generous products that bridge the gap between the market and its demands, which would otherwise become impossible for the companies to deliver the end products. Without their hands, companies cannot gear the top solutions with success. 

So, let’s start with the global recruitment industry, starting with market stats. Here we go. 

Market Statistics

The global market of recruitment will project at 11% in the year 2027 with $73.11B which leads to a great result in the marketplace, raising interest in too many companies to hire top-of-the-line talents. 83% of the companies are happy to hire freelancers for their work for the second time. 

In the US alone, the freelancer developer number plays the majority of the workforce. Freelancers are more specialized in performing individual tasks which otherwise causes a high rate of hiring. They give flexible solutions to SMBs to fulfill their business needs. 

In the global hiring process, companies use data analytics to streamline the hiring process in the market. That effectively improves the rate of hiring efficient remote developers. The rate of hiring with the assessment tools is especially high in the Asia Pacific regions while in other countries the rate is slow. 

After getting to understand the knowledge of hiring, we are more excited to know the benefits of hiring and how it would affect the hiring process.

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Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers & Programmers

There are a lot of benefits to hiring a competent developer for your brand. The integration of technological tools helps the business in hiring the right candidate. The recruitment tools eliminate unnecessary profiles and shortlist only the candidates who would have met the specifications. 

  • The remote developers are not restricted in time zone, and hence productivity increases. 
  • You can access more pool of quality developers and get creative ideas for the project within the cost. 
  • They are available in flexible time frames to solve technical errors and issues inside the project. 
  • The salaries of remote developers are comparatively low compared to full-time employees. You can save the bugs of cost for extra deeds including health insurance, special allowances, travel, etc. 
  • With the usage of technologies its become easier for business to track their remote employees and can hand over them full responsibility like a full-time employees. 

Types of Websites for Hiring Remote Developers

Hiring sometimes creates complex issues for companies, as it takes so much time and effort to intake the most appropriate candidate who would have matched the company’s culture and needs. To best step out with the hiring, here are the types we discuss based on type, location, qualification, experience, etc. 

Let’s discuss one by one the top places to hire and how they are varied as per the requisite. 

Place Bids On Freelance Portals (Upwork, Freelancer, Guru)

One way to find the freelancer is on bidding platforms where you can place the post of your requirements of service you are looking at; if that matches with the bid of the candidate, you can hire him.

 It is the fastest place to help in your hiring. Here you get the maximum volume of candidates that may or may not match specifically with your demands but gives you multiple choices to fill your instant hiring. 

For a quick recap, businesses always look into the reviews and ratings first and then place bids on projects to hire premium candidates. 

– Order-Based Websites (Fiverr)

These types of websites help to hire candidates exclusively for small projects. Such websites like Fiverr, are similar to bidding but the rate to search candidates is low compared to bidding websites. The candidate can earn money by selling their services. 

Although such websites are not recommended if you are looking for candidates with expertise and skills. 

Vetted Talent websites(Flexiple, Toptal)

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Approaches to hiring Remote developers

1. Using Reference

2. Online Freelance Marketplaces For Hiring Remote Developers

2.1. Upwork


2.2. Freelancer


* Price: the pricing for hire is $60-$100 per hour.

* Pros: you can find a variety of talents, and your quality of time is utilized for shortlisting only the unique profiles. You can pay for hours or monthly after the hiring once he is well-fitted with the requirements. 

* Cons: it is possible that the new employees are well accustomed to the new environment. At that time the idea to hire a remote employee would be in vain. 

2.3. Fiverr


The platform helps in hiring the top talents from scratch as per the demands of various industries. Fiverr is attributed with a variety of specifications on the home page, and you can find the right candidate following your match and demands. 

* Price: Fiverr have a flexible hiring model for the candidates which ranges from a smaller cost of $10 to $100 and more. 

* Pros: the platform has accumulated AI-curated technologies to sort the profiles in less time compared to competitive websites. You can find the cost and optimized profiles where hiring is the best fit for you. 

* Cons: consider the profile for smaller and fewer complex projects. It allows fewer people to get dive into it and choose the perfect candidates. 

2.4. Toptal


It is one of the most renowned companies known to hire vetted candidates only. The platform allows rigorous screening of candidates who are proficient in the English domain. That would help to exclude the inefficient candidates and irrelevant matches. 

The top companies are dependent on Toptal, like JP Morgan, Google, Disney, and many others. Even for the small type of enterprises, you can find your matched expertise on the platform. There are multiple filters to pick and onboard for the niche industry. 

* Price: the price range could vary on the Toptal platform from $80 to $150.

* Pros: only 3% of the profile are shortlisted for further scrutiny and interviews; is worth saying that you will get the most curated profile into your team. 

* Cons: the pricing range of Toptal is high and sometimes it’s unfavorable for the business that needs a large volume of profiles to intake in bulk. Sometimes you cant able inherit the large experienced profile or fit under the team and budget. 

2.5. Guru


 You can connect with local and worldwide developers who can work for you from distant places. Guru platform serves you a listing of geolocation-based jobs, from where you can hire remote employees incorporating the skills and expertise as per the needs. 

* Price: the pricing rate to hire the developers from Guru is flexible and working 24*7. 

* Pros: Guru offers fast and flexible models from multiple payment options, despite any concession rates. 

* Cons: it takes much time to hire good quality developers from the Guru portal, as there is no fine recruitment process undertaken. 

2.6. PeoplePerHour


People per hour is known as the significant hiring marketplace for a range of candidates including top-rated developers and programmers. You can hire designers, SEO experts, logo makers, hacking experts, and many others at a relatively cheaper cost with more efficiency than Fiverr and other platforms. 

* Price: the rate developers charge on PeoplePerHour is starting from $20/hour to $30/hour. 

* Pros: filter the developers with level, skills, and hourly rates. You can directly pitch for your job and hire the employees. The platform uses high-quality score rating algorithms to hire quickly and effectively hiring. 

* Cons: sometimes the recruitee faces inexperienced developers, causing a big urge to burn out the project development process. There may be a lack of communication, and problem-solving. 

2.7. Topcoder


Topcoder is the global crowdsourcing platform that is perfect to hire coders from the biggest community with bright and inspiring solutions. In recent years remote developers from top companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook,  Oracle, and likewise are astonished and enabled their hiring process from the Topcoder website. 

* Price: the hourly rates of developers on Toptal are $80-$200 with high commission rates. 

* Pros: it has a vast library to hire remote developers for different jobs and skills. It curates only the top 3% of the top-rated employees whose profiles are over the top of the recruiter’s home page. That assures great hiring for you. 

* Cons: the main cause where Toptal is lacking is its high rate commission occurred to both the parties for hire. Not preferred for smaller projects. 

2.8. Flexiple


Unlike the other hiring platforms, Flexiple has a very smooth hiring process, ensuring to the SMEs and startups that the hired employees are the best in the town. The platform uses a scoring AI-based model which undertakes only assets with a fine skillset and eliminates unnecessary and uncultured employees. 

* Price: the Flexiple rates to hire remote developers lie around $30-$70 per hour. 

* Pros: you can find highly professional and vetted developers under a range of prices, as per the expertise they are equipped with. Fast onboarding and trial processes ensure great recruitment for your team. 

* Cons: developers are not always ready to adopt new technologies; sometimes they are frizzed with the new environments, which results in many costs in hiring them. 

3. Professional Events & Social Network

Due to the involvement of the internet and multiple technologies around us, it becomes vital for the fresh hiring of employees via media channels and top professional platforms. The users are actively using these mediums in looking out for their daily news, content, motivation, and aspiring for the best jobs. The topmost of them are Linkedin, Facebook groups, Dribbble, Behance, and a lot of others. 

3.1. LinkedIn


It’s been one of the top-rated professional job websites, rated with 4.5+ stars on the play store allowing hiring passive candidates. Beneficial for both employees and employers to connect and get detailed ideas about the profiles and filter the profiles that are best and match the requirements. 

* Price: the hiring agencies for employers may pay a price of $10 daily for a month to post a job relevant to their hiring. 

* Pros: filtered the top candidates, find the developer’s profile from a range of locations, skills, previous employer, and much more. The platform allows us to find and attract new users, employers, and businesses. 

* Cons: it would be a time-consuming process to hire, some candidates use endorsed profiles to connect with the real network. Costly for the smaller companies 

3.2. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

Facebook is yet another powerful engine to hire talented developers and programmers from the actively available users. More than 70% of job seekers are using the Facebook platform in searching for their jobs. 

* Price: the cost to hire a remote developer from Facebook groups is $35 per hour. 

* Pros: the Facebook groups are dedicated pages matched with careers. It helps to impact great visibility and content that attracts a pool of applicants for free. You can hire different levels of applicants: entry-level, experienced, and higher expertise. You can boost and promote the ad post in groups. 

* Cons: sometimes spamming interrogates the hiring process, results in anonymity, and misleads. 

3.3. WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp Groups

To get those job enthusiasts widely connected with your firm 24*7, you can use WhatsApp groups and broadcast relevant job posts on it. Whatsapp groups are the best platforms for recruitment agencies to reach multiple profiles with a variety of skills. 

Platter your services and what you are looking for from the candidates’ side. Ask them to share it with other needy candidates so that they get frequent access to new vacancies. 

* Price: $13.00-$15.00 Hourly for the experienced level developer 

* Pros: ideal to hire and fill urgent vacancies. Whatsapp groups are easy to access and communicate with. 

* Cons: it is not considered and authorized as a professional use platform for searching for candidates. People still have this concept in their mind to use WhatsApp as a chatting tool and it would be obscure for them not to get an instant answer for any queries. 

3.4. Dribbble


Dribbble is a self-inspirational website to hire the creative and illustrative mindset of candidates and give great exposure to recruitment teams. It motivates the enthusiasts to participate in content and earn prizes. The company has a culture of remote working. 

* Price: in case you want to post a job on Dribbble it charges $299 for basic search results. 

* Pros: Dribbble serves job onboarding for remote candidates; both national and international audiences, with more than 60k+ companies following the site to hire. Job seekers can use filters to optimize their jobs with keywords, and skills. 

* Cons: the only cons Dribbble have is not a free job posting. 

3.5. Behance


It is a platform for designers to showcase their talent on portfolios and get noticed by the respective recruitment firms. The platform is acquired by Adobe and has a list of opportunities for the designers, artists, and developers, to post their full-time working job ads on the site and let the relevant recruiter connect with you. 

* Price: usually the job posting price on Behance is $50 for a month. 

* Pros: a most optimized platform to get featured profiles to shortlist for free. Jobseekers can get hired within the top technology companies like Google, Youtube, Apple, etc. job boards, live streams, and mood boards, to actively filter the profiles. 

* Cons: while uploading the images on the profiles the users feel annoying experiences, they face issues in compressing the images. There is no like option for profiles hence demotivating the user’s whether their profiles are noticed by recruiters or not. 

3.6. Eventbrite


Eventbrite is a global ticketing platform for self-service events using the tools and resources to plan and promote their business events. It is a versatile tool for small businesses to comprehensively manage events without any hassle. 

* Price: the pricing for Eventbrite is $40 per month for premium consultation. 

* Pros: the user can add as many events as required without any extra commission fee. For the event organizers, you have the custom widget for the attendees to never miss any updates. 

* Cons: Eventbrite is not flexible in case the seat is reserved before and needs to be canceled. The guest here is not able to pick a specific seat. Ticket fares are very high. 

3.7. Meetup


Meetup is a social platform created with the idea to organize and assemble like-minded people on a single channel. But now it eventually promotes similar people and their services,  getting them together to enjoy the activities.

It let you create your own specific group and allow people to get together publicly, spreads the chances of meeting like mindset people and sharing.  

* Price: the pricing charge meetups take to create a public and unique group on its platform is $14.99 for members with 50 people, $19.99 without any limit. 

* Pros: a platform to meet new individuals and groups in public places. 

* Cons: some group organizers are charged more than the nominal fees resulting in people having concerned about the cost rather than the meetups. Safety is another major concern here when meeting with the unknowing person. 

4. Research Firms

The research firms are the best that drives the emergence of technologies and which companies are sound in delivering the major outbreaks in the market. Here is the list of companies we are prepared for you. 

4.1. Clutch


Clutch is an online B2B company for best reviews and ratings of industries and has unique links to share with businesses, inviting them to visit their company’s profile and leave a review. There is a list of service-based companies situated on Clutch for services like web and software development, web designing, SEO, advertising and marketing, and other IT services. 

* Price: Clutch offers three pricing solutions to unlock its features; sponsorships, featured listing, and clutch plus. 

* Pros: it helps the companies to market their services on the platform with third-party verified reviews and enhance their reach to the public users. 

* Cons: it costs a high pricing rate of $3000 per month with one-time integration fees. 

4.2. GoodFirms


GoodFirms is another B2B research-based company best for job seekers to evaluate the best company profiles to apply for. It is a Vietnam-based company best in offering mobility solutions for app development services to its clients.

* Price: good firms offered the best pricing to their users to easily connect with the relevant profiles with the startup plan of $300 per month. 

* Pros: it helps the companies to boost their online presence and connect with the right technology partner and the candidates to hit the marketplace with their specific business needs. 

* Cons: sometimes companies face a security risk in sharing their details on public profiles like good firms. 

4.3. Supersourcing


The platform is a great resource for hiring onboarding companies or applicants from their verified profiles. There are plenty of options to hire a team, place the requirements and meet with the expertise. It is best for small businesses to get their hiring done in no time.

* Price: the super sourcing platform gives access to more than thousands of freelancers for a fee of $39/ month. 

* Pros: using the next-gen tools and the rigorous workflow, super sourcing is a great source for hiring candidates under a decent price value. 

* Cons: if your business is large you might not get enough resources to hire the right skill set individuals. 

4.4. Uplers


Uplers is one of the best remote hiring companies where individuals meet with their talents without any limitations. Here the recruiters find the best talents that bring quality and parameters that match the requirements of the clients. 

The company is best known for finding out the hiring aspect for companies with expertise in digital marketing, designing, development, and remote talents. 

* Price; the hiring of vetted candidates falls under $35 per hour. 

* Pros: it helps the company in hiring with 4x speed of rate for the best employees with the best competitive salaries. It offers cost-efficient hiring, with the best talent matchmakers for remote onboarding and support. 

* Cons: the only con which uplers have is high pricing rate which is not possible for the smaller companies to suffice their employees with. 

4.5. Visual Objects

Visual Objects

One of the best hiring and recruitment consultant companies to onboard various clientele and employers to the right ecosystem. It is known as the sister to the companies like Clutch, and Good firms help industries with esteemed projects and skillsets.  

* Price;  the pricing range for the company, the visual object is $30 per hour. 

* Pros: use the top search filter to curate the best companies for getting work into. With the amalgamation of the latest industry tools like AI, you get the news of what’s the latest happening in the industry. Get the visual case studies of the company 

* Cons: the remote developers have no guarantee to work permanently with the team or if demotivated lost their work in the middle. Another risk is management difficulties.

5. Approach IT Consulting Agencies

Most renowned IT consulting firms with the top rating have bestowed the market ethics and follow the current industry trends, here is the most compiled list. 

5.1. Inspirant Group

Inspirant Group

The Inspirant Group is a platform leveraged with experienced professionals who are unbeaten to solve any kind of problem and capability to work under the umbrella of work cultures and people. 

* Price: it has flexible pricing for posting relevant posts on the platform. 

* Pros: it delivers a flexible time off policy for team members to manage their flexible work schedules. Conduct proper training of employees for well-staff augmentation.  

* Cons: the companies sometimes fail to lucrative the best talents. Onsite services are not available. 

5.2. Bluetick Consultants

Bluetick Consultants

The Bluetick consultants support the expert consultants in hiring remote developers, in building the end-to-end products. It helps global clients by empowering them with world-class solutions. 

* Price: to hire remote developers and programmers the price starts with 

* Pros: with the presence of strong analytical tools, the Bluetick consultants help desired candidates in hiring the best employees. 

* Cons: the high-end consulting is sometimes vague in the process. 

5.3. ABC Consultants

ABC Consultants

The ABC Consultants is a job hunter firm that would add assets to your team. It has deprived of a very well sound and profound hiring analytical process to step out the best talents hunts for your business for different categories including marketing, sales, designing, and development. One of the top firm pioneers in enrolling a unique approach for hiring. 

* Price: the price range ABC consultants charge for offering customized services is started from $50 per hour.

* Pros: it supports intelligent marketing strategies to grip and grasp top developers, there are individual training programs, career transition services, and many more to address the custom services and talents. 

* Cons: as per the compensation it’s not a good paying firm. The work pressure is high. 

5.4. MM Enterprises

MM Enterprises

The MME enterprise is to assist employers from any country and serve the best quality of services. The consulting firm organizes the best HR services to fulfill your demands and any specific needs. 

* Price: there are no nominal charges mentioned for pricing the developer’s rate on the company’s website. 

* Pros: the top services are global recruitment services, payroll outsourcing services, and PEO/ EOR services; give the defined structure for the payroll services for your business needs. 

* Cons: hiring a consulting firm sometimes puts your money in endanger. 

5.5. ManpowerGroup Services

ManpowerGroup Services

It is a crucial manpower service that helps the niche business by offering the recruitment process, outsourcing methods for staffing solutions, and a variety of services in the context, like permanent recruitments, leadership hiring, and much more. 

* Price: there are no nominal charges mentioned for pricing the developer’s rate on the company’s website.

* Pros: ManpowerGroup helps in building customized solutions for businesses to derive the best talents. It allows developers to work under guidance if needed. 

* Cons: as such, there is no harm to work for manpower group service. 

6. Employment-Based Web Apps

It would be a quick approach to finding candidates on employment portals or applications. Take your steep legs on the right platforms to accumulate and hire only competent and experienced individuals. As per your demands and need you can post the ad on the platform using the filters to find the specific hirings. Here is the below active list of job-based web apps. 

6.1. Monster.com


World’s largest employment website, with better profiles, it’s a completely free portal for candidates. It’s one of the best websites for reaching the desired candidate’s profile. It’s a popular job hunter website for hiring exclusively remote developers. 

* Price: it has three packages; a starter package with one/three/five job posts and 50/150/250 resume views at $279/$399/$649 per month. 

* Pros: monster offers great offers for recruiting. Hire for specific individual skill sets. 

* Cons: sometimes fake recruiting firms to get access to the candidate’s profiles, which may mislead them.

6.2. Jobs for her

Jobs for her

Whether you search for jobs, upgrade your skills, do some certifications, or find mentorship opportunities, it is the one-stop destination platform. Covers the industries including, jobs for women, law, nursing, fashion, and sports jobs, remote jobs, and much more. 

* Price: the cost to hire remote programmers is $40 per hour. 

* Pros: the platform is best to accelerate women for their upbringing and their development careers. 

* Cons: the main goal of jobs for her is to let women become independent, but sometimes fake consultants charge from you and lead to a dead end. 

6.3. Indeed.com


Indeed is one of the multinational recruitment companies using tools for job search, reviews, and ratings. Create your profile, account, details of the previous company, and hiring budget if you are an employer, and access millions of jobs. 

* Price: the standard subscription from the indeed platform would cost the individuals $100 per month. 

* Pros: indeed offers active dashboards for tracking applicants’ profiles, immediate responses to the candidates, fast billing, etc.  

* Cons: users face difficulty in navigating the platform, no level of customization can be added, which creates redundancy for you sometimes. 

6.4. Naukri.com


Explore the latest job search with Naukri.com to incorporate recruitments, job seekers, and placement agencies in India. 

* Price: the naukri.com platform charges 1650 rs for a single posting. 

* Pros: Users can apply for multiple profiles without advertisement. 

* Cons: it would sometimes be very confusing to operate with naukri.com

6.5. Shine.com


The Shine.com platform makes your hiring process a little bit easier and offers flexible working by tying up with companies. 

* Price: it charges rs 3500 for a subscription to multiple services. 

* Pros: good payout culture and employee satisfaction. 

* Cons: with the people’s feedback, shine.com is termed as serious fraud and money taker. 

7. Coding Communities & Forums (official, Private, third party)

The official community is also known as a great source to pick the right developer with different genres of expertise. In the market, plenty of resources are available where you as a recruiter or the learner can find the appropriate answer for a quick understanding of the queries. These communities offer crucial resources to help in finding the right employee for your outsourcing project needs. 

Here is the list of communities and forums existing online either official, private or third party. 

7.1. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

Stackoverflow is ideal for coding enthusiasts to come across a wide range of topics relevant to their queries or programming. In the beginning, it is used by the learners to decode the programming ethics within self-assistance from the online medium. Now it has become a great source for software developers and shares their knowledge and presence in active forums with others. 

Stackoverflow has an active dashboard to hire developers while posting job ads for software developers, app developers, and web application engineers on the basis of their performance on Stackothe learners use itverflow. Apply the advanced search and filter option to curate the right remote employee. The relevancy does exist and matters with the type of posting of the answer to the particular query. 

* Price:  The price to post the ad on this platform is $149 for a month.

* Pros; the job is filtered based on the different levels of the hiring; job ads, saved searches, and applications. It allows a lot of facilities to the industries in hiring the most relevant person for their niche industry. The individual programmer has the opportunity to advertise their profiles. 

* Cons: it takes much time to find the easy remote hiring on the stack overflow platform due to the less communication and the knowledge or exposure of the profile that can happen on this platform. 

7.2. Reddit


Reddit is one of the zones to have all kinds of stuff within a single place. The platform is self-inspired containing lots of genres including entertainment, media news, careers, technology, memes, and discussions. 

* Price: a total price of $70, if you are paying monthly or $49 for one-time yearly payments. 

* Pros: as per the user point of context, they have plenty of opportunities on this platform, they get authorized content and well-experienced people who have vast knowledge and share it on this platform. Reddit has subreddits, which give the option to subscribe for the individual topics best for the developers. Subreddits include a variety of subtopics for users to explore; Android Dev, GameDev, etc community for subscribers. 

* Cons: Reddit lacks sometimes by giving irrelevant content. 

7.3. Quora


Quora is a great answer and question exchange platform, highly recommended by the genres of expert professionals for sharing their knowledge with a wider audience. The platform display with ‘n’ a variety of options to its users like posting a question, referring it to the popular identity, asking for a referral, altering it, replying, and much more. 

* Price: the subscription price for the Quora plan starts at $4.99 per month. 

* Pros: Quora does not restrict its users from asking any question. The upvote button helps the most curated and liked answer at the top of the comments. 

* Cons: your answer may delete if you have crossed the guideline. 

7.4. GitHub


If you’re the learner or the expert, Github open source codes are for both of you. The platform is best known for the developers to extract their piece of code in form of a snippet from a similar developer and allow wider use of codes. The users can find a choice of codes for their relevant programming languages. 

* Price: Github has offered three pricing plans to its users; free for individuals, for a team $4 per month per user, and for enterprises $21 per month with 1 license per month. 

* Pros: the GitHub platform is the best for topics discussions relative to codes. Developers can store the codes online when they go offline. 

* Cons: there is no disadvantage to using the GitHub platform. 

7.5. HackerNoon


Hacker Noon is the place that serves a range of topics including articles, trends, and technologies for its visitors. It’s a free resource for sharing knowledge mostly related to coding and technologies. It’s a new community platform, if you are a developer who wants to update yourself with the industry happenings and norms then HackerNoon is all you have. 

* Price: not mentioned. 

* Pros: it can be your one-stop destination for tech publishing with the presence of 4M readers. 

* Cons: there cause security risks to access the source code from an open source platform. It may arise not full control over the data. 

7.6. Dev.to


The Dev.to is more like a blogging platform rather than a forum. The platform contains lots of technical knowledge, user can ask their queries, and pass them to experts or to the communities. 

* Price: not mentioned.

* Pros: it is the best resource for the developers and programmers to share their ideas and knowledge. The platform covers a variety of topics and information to discuss with each other. 

* Cons: sometimes learning from low code platforms like dev.to is likely to harm your coding environment. It may confuse your coding structures. 

7.7. Google Groups

Google Groups

Google Groups offers its users to interact, share ideas, and have discussions by just with the sign into the platform. After signing up, the users quickly create new meetings. Start with the sessions and schedule the meetings. Google groups have classes and subclasses to choose from and specify the individual categories. 

* Price: Google groups offer three subscriptions to the users; basic; is $6 per month, business plan starts at $12 per month, and enterprise starts at $25 per month. 

* Pros: Connect with similar interest people and conduct mutual events quickly. 

* Cons: it does not efficiently manage the workflows, sales, and customer support, and does not have a user-friendly interface. 

7.8. Hashnode


Hash node is the online community platform for sharing tech stories, news, and recent development in the world. It is the best platform to ask for group discussions and help developers solve their real-world problems. 

* Price: it is free for individual developers and while the pro users have to pay a monthly fee. 

* Pros: you can publish your blogs or become a hash node ambassador. Import your articles from other sources like Medium, or Dev. 

* Cons: you don’t have the privilege to own your own blog. So you need to back up your content.

7.9. StackExchange


StackExchange is kind of similar platform to StackOverflow, with the feature of sharing questions and answers with the users. In the current, it consists of more than 150 websites with topics covering computer programming, gaming, writing, designing, and much more. 

* Price: $6 for teammates per month. 

* Pros: the platform is not strict compared to Reddit. The spam percentage is much less due to its restrictive spam environment. The user earns a badge depending on the quality of the answer he/she put on the platform. It reflects in your reputation; with the silver, bronze, and gold badges. 

* Cons: if a user asks for more than three attempts about the controversial topic, he/she gets banned. 

8. Participate in Job Fairs

Job fairs are the best recruiting platform for hiring on-campus and off-campus candidates from a pool of aspiring individuals. With the job fairs, the hiring team has instant access to a large community of developers or the respective individuals that they are hoping to shortlist and tie up inside their company team. 

It allows the candidates to meet face to face with the industry professionals outside their campus, and they can become mouth publicity for brand awareness to the businesses.  

9. Run Job Ads

Hiring the best talents in real time is more difficult than ever. One of the best ways to fasten the hiring rate is by running job ads. Ads are a quick way, if properly done, to place your hiring needs in front of the right people in no time. It improves the traction time to engage the most needed candidates to get the closure and apply for it.

All you have is an appealing job ad; write your job description carefully, design the post with attractive elements, put a great job title, and briefly explain the specific skills you are required. Place a subject line in the middle to disregard those applicants who do not match the following specification. 

Why Hire a Remote Developer?

Hiring remote developers ample several reasons for your business. The most important factor is their specific expertise in the niche industry, present in their portfolios, which separates them from the in-house candidates who are good in a single field. 

Hiring a remote developer stops you from dealing with unnecessary people for the project, saves your quality time, and you can assert your entire project dependency. A remotely hired candidate is a savior for your budget and understands the importance of project work efficiency.

The recruitment process is an irksome process for you sometimes, but it is crucial for being a fastly growing brand, you should have some wise experts who can standalone advisable and leverages your team morale, project workflow, resolves any error in the middle some, and save the tight end budget. 

Now is the time to look for a way to choose the applicant from the right platform. 

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How to select the right platform to hire a Remote Developer?

Once you have all set to start your hiring process, all you have to do is to categorize the list to hire the remote developers on the basis of their experiences, skills, your budget, nature of the complexity of the project, technologies embedded, and henceforth. 

In this section, we have to shortlist categories that vary as per the hiring requirements and help you to make quick decisions. 

1. Short-term and Minimum Budget Hiring (Fiverr, Guru)

The first is for small and startup-derived platforms which lack vast knowledge and need only a basic level of knowledge from their developers. They are less on projects and work, and have less budget; you can find them on bidding platforms like Fiverr and Guru. 

2. Long-term with enough Budget Hiring (Upwork, Freelance, Linkedin)

For larger companies that are separated in terms of individual specialties and have enough projects which need a bunch of developers for handling. 

For such companies, the hiring process would be a tedious task. Proper planning with the briefs of the budget, requirements, intermittent, technologies, etc should be clear at the beginning, reducing a lot of time for running the workflow of the project. 

You can augment the specific staff by hiring the right entrants for your development team. Search for such talents on the non-bidding and more on intriguing platforms like Upwork, Freelance, and Linkedin. Here you can find the vetted candidates with their profiles mentioned with their skills, so it would be easy for your shortlist. You can find remote developers on these platforms within the optimum price range. 

3. Best Quality (Toptal, flexiple, youteam.io)

To extract the best quality match with your demands of the development projects, you can pick a few of the best platforms, including Toptal, Flexiple, and youteam.io; where the platforms may be high on your budget, but you will get satisfied with the hired candidates. They are valued on money. These developers have strong expertise and standalone skills, which would be an asset for any organization. 

Wrap Up!

Currently, we have seen plenty of sources from where you can hire your choice of developers remotely. While hiring the right candidate, you need to take care of the pros and cons of each platform would cause. It is advisable not to be stuck in unauthorized places which would cause risk and security hazards to your business. 

While hiring remotely from the platform, you always need to consider the candidate’s portfolio, experiences, and the technologies you need, as well as how sound he is in communication, project demands, and cost efficiency. You can consider us a valuable remote leading team to develop large-scale projects. 


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