“The future we envision for work allows for infinite virtual workspaces that will unlock social and economic opportunities for people regardless of barriers like physical location.” The Vice President of Meta (Facebook) Reality Labs once said this on hiring Freelance Remote Developers. 

And with no surprise, in recent years, we have seen an extraordinary shift in the working culture of companies. The market is witnessing rapid growth in adopting remote working styles to facilitate freedom to live. In the Fortune Business Insights study, the global remote working market will promise to reach $7.22B by 2029. The pandemic plays a crucial part in the numbers. And this is not going to stop. 

So hiring a recruitment agency could be a decisive factor for your business. 

Let us understand more: why hire freelance remote developers or a Dev Agency for app development? 

Why Outsource Your Development Project?

If you want to give something extraordinary to your users, you need to add the next level of expertise to the app development. For this, outsourcing would be a game-changing act for you. 

Have you ever noticed why companies hire outsourced resources? Because they want to achieve something that is significant and impactful. Outsourcing is one such practice of hiring a skilled third party for your customized needs in a project. 

As a result, you get a clearer vision, high quality, transparency, and skills in your app development.

More reasons for outsourcing are:

  • Reduce Costs in Salaries and Infrastructure: the most obvious fact of hiring freelance remote developers is to cut down the cost of salaries and infrastructure. Businesses save their budgets by hiring freelancers remotely or a dev agency. 
  • Get Products to Market Faster: freelancing brings flexibility which serves a faster rate of products. But how? In offices or companies, worktime is limited. So the team cannot finish work on time. While remote companies feel less pressure and are more comfortable. Hence performs well and matches the expectation. 
  • Access to Experience and Expertise: suppose your product has a number of loops and dependencies. In that case, you need a high level of expertise but within the budget premises. The in-house developers are not flexible in completing the tasks. So, you can ask experienced professionals to complete it remotely. Or hire a remote dev agency, where every individual is experienced in specific domains to solve the problem. 
  • Easier Recruiting and Delegating: hiring is one of the most time-consuming tasks. It is really challenging for you to perform recruitments with delegation. In the case of remote hiring, you need no special treatment of workers. The overall process of hiring becomes easier and conveys good professionalism. 
  • Spend Less Time on the Details and More Time on Your Business: the freelancers are expert professionals in their niches. Their years of experience add value to the business and product ideology. They quickly understand the business objectives. Hence, results in time-saving. The remaining time can be utilized to handle other requirements. 
  • Share the Responsibility: Working for a long time in the industry could make you feel disinterested or bored. Freelancers or freelance remote developers are good options. You can dismantle your extra overhead to them. This way, freelancers are the best resources to share responsibilities and trust. You can hire talent from trusted platforms to get maximum assurance. 
  • Auto-Scale Your IT Team: auto-scaling is the core entity of every IT company. It helps the software companies to maximize their team’s performance without any extra effort. 

Freelance Developers or Development Agency: The Right Choice to Outsource Your Product

Freelancer remote developers or development agency?

You need to scale up your business value and meet it with the elements that resonate with the company. Outsourcing may cause a disbalance in working culture and quality. To get the full assurance, you must first sign the NDA with every member separately; and avoid any security risks. 

There is no right choice between who is suitable for your brand. You can choose either freelance developers or a development agency as per your need. Both have their pros and cons. So, it would be best if you considered everything before hiring among them.

1. Size of the Project: 

When looking for app development, the vital thing to consider is the project size. The size depends on a number of factors like; how many team members are involved in the project, complexity, delivery of time, resources available, third-party integration, and technology involved. 

A freelancer is a single person responsible for managing the app development as per his role. While the remote dev agency is a group of app developers and experts that can efficiently manage your app development process within time and cost frame. The team members must be in sync with positive energies to not degrade the quality of the development. 

2. Budget:

Most freelancers are short on the cost compared to the software development agencies. They have no infrastructure to run, no overhead costs, and no bills to pay like insurance and other incentives. And this sounds like a cost-effective option for small companies to hire them for their short project. 

While remote agencies are a good option for medium or big-sized companies. As they are high on rates for app development. So it is great to deal with companies who are high on budget, limited on time, and need micromanagement for different tasks; you can hire them for their project. The cost depends on the locality of the agency. If the remote agency is situated in the US or Europe, then they would ask for the higher cost, while the Asian located developers are cost efficient and can finish the requirements within the cost. Companies from Asian countries are highly skilled and clearly understand the project.  

3. Timeline:

Hiring freelance remote developers from different parts of the world brings a lack of consistency to your project timeline. Time effectiveness brings speed onboarding of products. You can hire a remote developer or dev agency; anyone for your app development. The real task is they should be strict on time. 

Remote developers are quick to meet your app development requirements if it is not complex. If you ask them for more, it would be daunting for them to manage. Hence, in that case, hiring the entire dev agency would be a great alternative. You can demand as per the project requirements. The best part is they are highly focused and have a variety of experiences. You can pass the overhead of developers or add more developers to the team; if required. So they can finish your project under the estimated timeline. 

4. Expertise and Experience:

One more reason to hire people remotely for app development is because of their skills. Frankly speaking, a freelancer developer is experienced in a single domain. So it is wise for you to hire them only after you thoroughly understand their expertise. Find out which niches they are good at and pick the right one for app development. 

You can hire freelancers after the research from great sources like freelancer.com, Upwork, Fiverr, or Behance. 

While remote dev agencies have a team of specialists, you need not hire specifically. It would be better for your business to hire the agency, as they would ensure you great results. The team has skilled app developers, designers, analysts, and managers. Every one of them should have one or many expertise. You get everything in a single place. Hiring a remote agency takes time, but it would be wise for a complex project. It enables trust and ensures a strong customer relationship. 

With the immense competition in the marketplace, the companies want to improve their workforce in the market. So they want a pool of expertise rather than different freelance remote developers at their place. 

If you wish to hire a freelancing dev team for your business, you can find them on Clutch or Good firms. 

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Freelance Remote Developers: What They Bring to the Table

Freelancer developers are self-motivated and energy-loaded professionals who have expertise in a specific niche. They work on their own in their comfort and get paid for it. 

Freelancer developers are constant seekers and learners; they update themselves with the industry requirements. We can’t tell them as industry leaders because of their working style. But we should not forget about their importance. 

They keep updating themselves with the constant hit and fall in the industry. The freelance developer is acknowledged by industry standards. We can say they are a one-man army. 

What else could they bring to the table; let’s see. 

1. Suitable for seasonal and short-term projects:

Freelance developers are experts in a single domain. You can try them for your short-term businesses and add some extra toppings to your project flavor. But if you want to merge them into your complex project, which has a lot of dependencies, then it is better to hire some niche software development agency. 

2. Freedom of recruitment choices:

Another aspect that can aid you in hiring freelancer developers is that you have the best choices to choose from. 

Like you can search for the best talent from different sources on the internet. Get the reviews, understand the portfolios, interview them for a particular skill, and yes, you can hire the perfect freelancer for your work. 

Upwork, Fiverr, or Toptal are the best online sites to visit. 

Still, if you find hiring freelancers limited, you can choose an agency that matches your requirements. 

3. Cost-Efficient

Freelancers are cost-efficient in nature. Since they are limited and specific in their knowledge, they can go for negotiations too. They always try to build their image value, expose them to new clients, market their skills, and provide opportunities to place new points on their portfolio. 

You can find a freelancer to assist you in the middle of a project.

For freelancers, it is quite challenging to understand; the client’s needs and what end results they are looking for. You would face some restrictions from their side. 

Before proceeding further, let’s discuss freelance developers’ pitfalls. 

Freelance Developers: Pitfalls

Let’s discuss the limitations freelance remote developers have in the middle or beginning of the work. 

1. Suitable for small projects in small-scale businesses:

We have already discussed that freelance remote developers are limited to shorter tasks; you can’t depend on them for large project work. So, relying on a single freelancer may lose the work value. 

2. Limited skill set:

They are specialists in specific skills, so hiring them for small projects is better. For example, if you want to add a new feature in your application that has lots of integration and dependencies, then chances are that freelancer is stuck in the loop. 

Software Development Company: What They Bring to the Table

Software development company or agency is filled with plenty of resources. They deliver quality and flexibility on time. They are scalable, self-sustained, have large resources, a working culture, and experienced team members. 

They can support your business to meet specific requirements and deadlines. What else do they benefit from the brand? Let’s look at them below. 

1. Full-time engagement:

The first thing why you choose a software company is that; it will give you a great experience. Once a customer comes to your website, they will never leave your platform. The remote dev agency can bring your customer’s top experience. The more your platform is eye-catching, the more your business outcomes amplify. 

2. Better maintenance and support plans:

Working with the remote dev agency gives you many configurations and customizations inside the project. Maintenance and support plans are generally things that need to be fixed. These are the services included in the app development. Software agencies consist of great services to deliver the businesses, but customers can ask for long-time support under the optimized price. 

3. Overall satisfaction in project completion:

When the software company or dev agency is working with you, it deeply understands your requirements, assigns individuals for different work, does a proper assessment on time, does quality checks and testing, meets the industry standards and then delivers it to you. Such a level of assurance brings quality and client satisfaction. 

Software Development Company: The Pitfalls

Remote working culture has become popular in recent years. An evitable result it delivers to the businesses. The remote teams are flexible in performing their tasks. 

But you can face a few difficulties while hiring the software development team. 

1. Off-budget for big projects:

Hiring an entire team with experienced and sound professionals is a great thing. But if you are a small company or a startup and need to assign your work to external sources, then keep in mind that it will require a good budget. It is simply not of your deed to hire a team if your work efficiency is small and you are less with a budget. 

What Makes a Software Developer Agency the Right Choice?

You’re always looking for someone whom you trust and where you place all of your demands. 

It is easy and comfortable to hire the perfect partner agency and meet all of your demands. Check the reviews and ratings of a particular company and get the rest of the assurance. It would be a tough nut to find the right app development team for your project. 

We now have come across a few points that help you out in searching for the right agency. 

1. Save time, money, and efforts:

The right combination of teams can only make the top app development company that meets your every demand. The significant impact of hiring the remote dev agency is that they can save and reduce extra overheads. They are well efficient with the infrastructure and other factors, which is the crucial parameter to the hiring agency. 

2. Ensure data security breach:

Security is the bottleneck of any business. The businesses must be scrutinized before hiring any remote development agency. Start the app development process after signing the required documents and NDA with the agency; to ensure that the team follows integrity. Hence you need to bring the entire list of security risks that securely permits the agency to use your data and hosting on some other site. 

It is important to take proper practice while bringing the security feature and assure that the channel is well versed.

3. Access to experienced professionals:

One of the top benefits is you get quick access to experienced professionals. In the agency, there are various team members available, each of whom is well equipped with their individual expertise. So you need to search for different experts for your project. Once you hire the right agency, they will not bring your trust down. 

4. Available 24*7:

The agency knows what its brand value is. They are focused on giving their services 24*7. While for the in-house team, it is quite a tedious task. So you get a flexible working environment with the remote developers. However, remote agencies work in different time zones. So make sure to be in touch with the team. Only proper communication ensures everything runs smoothly. 

5. Deliver project within the agreed timeframe:

Software agencies are sound and have years of experience in delivering on-time services to their clients. They follow strict timelines, cooperative culture, and work ethics to deliver everything on time. 

While in the case of freelancers, you can’t stick to the skills they have mentioned in their portfolios. Sometimes, they add fake reviews and testimonials; to gain companies’ extra attention. So, in that case, they failed to deliver the results. 

You can go with the dev agency and comprehend everything as per your demand. 

6. High-quality services:  

Agency developers are well skilled. They are deeply in the assigned project. Hence their work is more credible than remote freelancers. You face no regret from the agencies after hiring. The software development agencies keep themselves in touch after the completion, and in case of any fixes required, they get it done as soon as possible. This assures their quality delivery services.

So that is why you must integrate the agency at your business remotely. 

7. Allow you to focus on core aspects:

The dev agency has the ability to offer top-to-bottom solutions to the businesses. From helping clients to make a product market ready; for monetization to integrating with third-party, agency app developers upscale the overall productivity of app development. 

You can’t go with something messy when you want a custom-proof product for your brand. The dev agency is filled with technical knowledge and skills. In this case, the client does not need to interfere in between. The manager ensures the proper delivery and is responsible for meeting the tangibility of the product. 

8. Keep you stress-free:

Agency developers are known to deliver a smooth experience to brands or businesses. This makes the entire process of development healthier.

9. Make you a family person:

You can deal with remote software agencies with your flexibility since the team is under less unanimous pressure, which makes them work like family members.

10. Quickly responds to all the queries:

The remote company’s responsibility to quickly respond to every query. They are flexible in working with your organization. Hence they are more active in answering problems.

11. Help you enhance your overall productivity:

The remote agencies are well equipped with a variety of skills and hybrid teams. They are ideal for working with more functionalities and performance. This enabled their productivity and company growth.

12. Boost business:

As the product quality matches with the market standards, it helps the companies in driving their business.

Bottom Line: Whom to Choose?

Hiring freelancers is a convenient deal for your company. Remote workers are flexible and self-motivated to deliver quality work under deadlines. Hiring can save the business training costs, payroll, and insurance and eliminate extra overhead costs. 

However, working with freelancers could be a tedious task for you; in that case, you can search for a reputed dev agency that is inclusive of technical backgrounds, work ethics, advanced competency of skills, and time effectively. 

You can choose the best as per your requirements and budget. In this blog, we help you to eliminate the confusion. You can navigate your idea of hiring developers with our remote software development team and make your brand presence splendid.


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