We can’t imagine our lives without smartphones. Our daily tasks are followed by more than one or more mobile apps. We all depend on mobile apps, from booking a ticket to ordering food and booking a hotel room. Also, businesses rely highly on mobile applications to lure customers and channel their conversion rates. Let’s discuss hiring proficient and dedicated mobile app developers.


 As per the Statista report, the mobile app’s global revenue reached 365B USD in 2018 and is projected to reach 935B USD in 2023.

 The above figures are so exciting, bringing more production of apps. And, here comes the task of adding the right mobile app developers for seamless and featured development. Hiring an expert mobile application developer is a must-have requirement, but it could be a daunting task for many companies. It is a complex process and so to prevent you from any trap in this blog, we have come forward with a successfully examined guide that helps you to choose the right fit of professionals to develop your mobile applications or for your clients. Let’s get started.

Best Hiring Options for Mobile App Developers

Hiring Mobile App Developers
Hiring Mobile App Developers

Hiring mobile app developers from different ranges of options can widen the tangibility of your projects. In the IT industry, there are many categories of developers like freelancers, in-house, full-time, and part-time, you can choose them as per your niche of the business. 

#1: Work With Freelancers:

This is the most popular option for building any new app in mobile applications. One of the important aspects to hire mobile app developers is that they could cost you less when compared to other options.

You could hire them as per the time constraint on an hourly basis. There are many options like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Toptal, etc. for accomplishing any of your goals of app making.

They can be easily fused with any team because they are highly motivated, cost-efficient, and experienced. You can find the right fit for freelance mobile app developers from a large pool consisting of different specialties of developers for your different hiring platforms.

#2: Assemble an In-House Team:

It is a very tedious task to assemble the entire in-house team and understand the requirements of every member of the team. But when we think about the benefit, it’s a very fair process where you control the entire team to pursue a single goal and can plan the best way to obtain that. 
Assembling the required team from the beginning retains huge profits and expenses. You need to follow certain aspects like renting an office, buying new furniture, and hardware assets, purchasing licensed software, and many more. Bring policies for your team, including paid leaves, wages, sick leaves, etc.

Yet, there are many traps and loopholes so, it should not be considered the only option for the hiring process. Offering the salary range to the candidates is a curious factor to compete with large companies. It could overprice your cost of hiring. So keep important factors and needs in mind to hire mobile app developers and upgrading using this model.

#3: Hire an Outsourcing Company:

This is one more beneficial way to hire a team from outsourcing with the help of a vendor. You need to do a little research on your requirements and enlist all of them to your vendor. He will take care of everything and make the process of hiring easy for you.

You can hire a group of like-minded people at a reasonable price, who are capable of giving you top-notch services. Discuss the things with your vendor, or pick the team from the most popular regions of outsourcing. They are mainly of three types: onshore, nearshore, and offshore. According to your budget, project preferences, and time constraints, you can choose any team.

Offshore teams are committed to their goal with years of experience and are relatively cheaper. You won’t have to manage them, they can easily tackle the entire project on their own.


When Outsourcing is the Best Choice?

hire app programmers 2023
hire app programmers 2023

Well, it depends on your business requirements, the nature of the project, and other factors, you could approach an ultimate outsourcing team for developing your mobile application.

Budget Limitations:

Hiring an outsourcing company would be more reliable for your company as it will cut the extra cost that would require hiring an in-house team. Instead of spending your sum of money on office-related expenses and other paid leaves and rent, you could spend it on providing outsourcing developers’ salaries.

Talent Shortage:

Every year, companies experience a shortage of talented employees to sustain projects. Do not degrade the quality of your app with lower-profile developers or teams. Hire a top team of talent who can match your expectations and input the results into the highly competitive market.

Strict Deadlines:

Sometimes, you have to deliver the project with strict timelines to your client. Suppose you have hired a working team of developers who would not generate a higher value of the product then, it will be a total waste of money and time for them. Choose wisely your team which can adjust to the time constraints and ensures the quality delivery of projects from their end. They could quickly figure out any problems during the development and prevail in the agile development of apps and flexibility with the time and cost.

Where to Hire Mobile App Developers?

How to hire dedicated developers
How to hire dedicated developers

In the world of technology, picking up a transparent and effective developer is a nature of complexity. Although, there are plenty of ways to hire app developers for your project. Either you can approach a vendor for hiring app developers, rely on referrals, or on different platforms to connect with the right choice of developers.

Ask for Referrals:

  Rather than throwing the arrow in blind, ask some of your good people for any referrals they would have in their knowledge. The chances of meeting a good app developer for you pull high if you look at your professional circle.

Tech Events: 

Probably you have reached many events and gathered with many developers there. Any day, would you cash your worth network for your company project goals? If not, then certainly tech events are the best way to approach your new professionals. 

That is a great way to meet programmers directly and share their mutual experience and partnership with them. Some of the successful events organized for mobile industries are:

  • DroidCon: This event is organized in Berlin every ten years for the Android community. 
  • Appdevcon: This is a community organized by an Amsterdam-based startup for cross-platforms. 
  • Code Mobile: This conference is held in the UK every year.

Online Platforms: 

Many online platforms collect information from different IT companies and freelancing websites. These are reliable platforms for searching different hiring models and choosing the one that could be best for your company. Based on that, there are three hiring models at a reasonable price:

  • Hiring platforms for full-time employees: Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Indeed. 
  • Hiring platforms for freelancers: Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Toptal.
  • Hiring platform for IT vendors: Good Firms, Clutch, and Manifest

How do you hire mobile app developers with the right skills?

Hiring the right mix of employees is necessary for the company and the project. As per the report by CareerBuilder, three out of four employees have a false impact on the project value. The wrong choice of person is the worst part a company could suffer in the long term. To prevent yourself from getting into them, below we have grouped up some of the important tips for mobile app developers to hire.

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#1 – Determine App’s Platform (Native app, Cross-platform app):

The success of a mobile app mainly depends on the nature of the platform on which you are going to build and launch your app. Native or cross platforms both have their own functionalities and benefits. Taking this decision at the first stage could save you money and protect your app in the right direction. 

Now, quickly check out the skills required for building the app on native and cross-platform one by one. 

Native app: This type of app depends on a single platform like Android or iOS or Windows. As per your choice of audience, you can pick any of the platforms and hire the developers. Native app for Android platform developed in Kotlin while for iOS platform developed in Swift.

Cross-platform app: This type of app allows the developer to build the app on multiple platforms. The technology used for this is infused for both Android and iOS platforms. A cross-platform app is developed in Flutter.

#2 – Examine Portfolio and Case Studies:

Every piece of information written on a portfolio helps you hire the right developer for your team. Case studies based on past requirements, technologies worked on, challenges faced, and more, it’s easy for you to hire the right professional for your app project.

#3 – Collect Reviews from Previous Clients:

Reviews are very helpful for choosing the right candidate for your next project. After completing every project, you should provide an option for the customers and the clients to give feedback under the review and rating sections. You can connect to your client on a professional platform like LinkedIn, to ask them for an honest review of the project and feedback about the development team. This process would be helpful for you in picking the right development team for the next project.

#4 – Pay Attention to Communication:

A dedicated mobile app developer seamlessly fits into every environment. Before choosing an app developer, keep in mind their communication skills. A wrong choice could put you in trouble in the future. You can choose the developer based on three factors:

English proficiency: 

English is a global language used to communicate with different parties. For the project to be successful, the development team must be able to understand every detail. Choose the region with the higher English proficiency index (EPI).

Time Zone differences:

Large time differences can make communication complex. To resolve this issue, the IT vendor chose a balanced time frame for meeting you and the offshore team to make the most out of it.

Cultural differences:

Culture plays a vital part in achieving overall working efficiency. However, different working cultures and styles greatly impact your projects.

High-context cultures are more relationship-based, have a delicate communication tone, and have underlying contexts. Low-context culture developers are task-based, stated explicitly, and prefer to talk on message.

You can opt for the type of people suitable for your needs.

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How do you hire mobile app developers without tech expertise?

If you are not tech-skilled, you will likely hire the wrong person for your mobile app development project. To prevent yourself from this scenario, you can be concerned with independent technical consultants or professionals who already have reliable sources to hire developers in India for your team. This could be a time-savior mechanism with just a few investments. 

For now, if you do not have the budget and time for technical assistance, we give you many choices of developers you can pick for your business requirements. 

Why Hire Mobile App Developers from DPH?

Hire remote developers to leverage many benefits for your project. Developer per Hour is one such company that provides value-driven services for your benefit. We have over 150+ developers you can choose from per your budget and project niche, and we ensure your business growth with high speed. Our hourly charges are very low, starting from 15 dollars. We have tailored different hiring models to engage the audience for client services. We offer services that are seamless and unexplored with case studies and documentation. We adopt agile methodologies for quick and fast development of projects without any bugs. 

A few of our top mobile applications are Booking Sparrow, Baritastic, The Grocery Shop, Playing-11, etc. Our expert developers have worked on the latest technologies like JavaScript Framework, Web Technologies, Mobile Technologies, ORM and Databases, UI/UX, and Quality Assurance. We have served innovative solutions for industries like travel, transportation, banking, Healthcare, etc. 

We have ethical developers that you can hire to start a new project or get a consultation for your project. Our team is proficient and consists of web technologies, web designers, project managers, digital marketers, and quality analysts with years of experience in the company. They guarantee you to reduce the cost of the project to 35% when compared with other competitors. You can either choose us for your offshore projects or gain the time and cost of your project. You can hire us on a full-time or part-time or hourly basis.


Without delay, you can effortlessly choose a good combination of developers who can help you realize your idea. Connect with us to hire developers in India.


How do I hire a good app developer?

Define project scope, set clear expectations, review the portfolio, conduct the technical assessment, and prioritize communication and collaboration skills.

How to hire a mobile app development company?

Research the market, check the portfolio, review testimonials, evaluate communication, assess technical skills, and discuss the project scope and budget.

How much should it cost to hire mobile app developers?

The cost varies depending on project complexity, location, and developer experience, but it can range from $5k to $500k.


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