Xamarin might not be a new technology for you; it’s usually preferred in the cross-platform mobile app development ecosystem. From delivering clean UI to remarkable multiplatform anchors for code reusability, this app development framework has attained much success. In this blog, we will discuss How to Hire Xamarin Developer.

Today, companies from various industry verticals worldwide use this framework to increase their user base. 

You can also leverage the advantages of Xamarin and scale up your app development process. For that, you would need to hire Xamarin developers

While hiring a Xamarin developer, you should consider some significant factors to catch up with a skillful and expert candidate. 

This post will discuss skills you should look for while hiring a Xamarin developer, roles and responsibilities, interview questions you should conduct, and much more. We can assure you by the end of this article, you will take away helpful aspects with you that may help you choose the best. 

Table Of Contents
  1. What Is Xamarin?
  2. Why Hire Xamarin Developers is Right Choice For Mobile App Developers?
  3. What Skill Set to Look for When Hiring Xamarin Developer?
  4. Xamarin App Developers: Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Responsibilities of Xamarin Developer 
  6.  Interview a Xamarin Developer the Right Way
  7. Hire Xamarin Developers from Agency Vs. Freelancer Vs. Inhouse
  8. Where to Hire a Xamarin Developer?
  9. Things To Consider When Hiring Xamarin Developer
  10. How Much Does It Cost to Hire Xamarin Developer?
  11. How Can We Help You Hire A Proficient Xamarin Developer?
  12. Conclusion

What Is Xamarin?

How to Hire Xamarin App Developer
What Is Xamarin?

Before we jump over how to hire Xamarin developer, Let’s understand what is xamarin? A cross-platform app development tool Xamarin allows developers to develop apps for numerous platforms, like iOS, Windows, and Android, using a single codebase written in C#. You don’t need to write separate code for each platform. Also, it offers a complete set of tools and libraries for developing mobile apps, including native device features, accessing and integrating support. It utilizes the Mono runtime, an open-source implementation of the .NET framework, to offer a standard runtime environment for the apps across various platforms. 

Why Hire Xamarin Developers is Right Choice For Mobile App Developers?

Xamarin provides various key features, making it a widely-chosen cross-platform app development platform. Some of its significant features include: 

Native User Interface

This framework arrives with tools and libraries that help create a native user interface for all the platforms, permitting apps to look and feel like they are developed natively. 

Single Codebase

This widely used framework lets developers write their app logic in C# for once and share it across various platforms, such as iOS and Android, diminishing any need for separate codebases.

Access to Native APIs

Xamarin offers access to the complete range of native APIs on all platforms, allowing developers to use device-specific functionality in their apps best.

Cloud Services

This framework comes with in-built support for cloud services, including Microsoft Azure and AWS, which facilitates easy integration of cloud-based features, like push notifications, data storage, and authentication. 

Strong Community Support

It possesses an active and large community of developers who contribute to the platform’s development and offer support to each other. 

Integrations with Popular Frameworks

Xamarin easily integrates with top frameworks and libraries like .NET, MvvmCross, and Xamarin. Forms that help improve the development experience.

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Development Environment

Also, it arrives with a full-featured development environment, including a debugger, visual designer, and IntelliSense, making app development more streamlined and efficient.

What Skill Set to Look for When Hiring Xamarin Developer?

Hore to Hire Xamarin App Developer
What Skill Set to Look for When Hiring Xamarin Developer

Hard Skillset of Xamarin mobile app developer

Strong C# Programming Skills

Xamarin uses C# as its primary programming language, so a good Xamarin developer must understand C# and the .NET framework.

Experience with the Xamarin Platform

A good Xamarin developer should hold experience developing apps using Xamarin, including user interface development, good working with data, and native API access.

Understanding of Native iOS and Android Development

A skillful Xamarin developer should possess knowledge of iOS and Android app development, including their development environments and SDKs. 

Skilled in Debugging and Troubleshooting

A Xamarin developer should be able to address and debug issues that may emerge during development, including platform-specific issues.

Knowledge of Mobile App Design Principles

The candidate should strongly understand mobile app design principles, including interface design and user experience. 

Experience With Git And Related Tools

A Xamarine expert should hold experience working with Git and other version control systems and relevant tools, like Visual Studio Team Services, that help handle team collaboration and code repositories. 

Experience with Agile Development Methodologies

A skilled Xamarin developer must have experience working with Agile development methodologies, like Scrum and Kanban, in an Agile development environment.

Well-versed with Cloud Services like Azure and AWS

A proficient Xamarin developer knows about Cloud services, such as AWS and Azure, that assist in easy cloud-based features integration, like authentication, push notification and data storage. 

Soft Skillset to look at while hiring a Xamarin developer

  • The Xamarin mobile app developer needs to have strong problem-solving skills.
  • Should know how to communicate better with teammates and possess teamwork potential. 
  • Strong customer service orientation
  • The Xamarin developer Needs to pay attention to project detail. 
  • Flexibility and adaptability are also necessary. 
  • Have time management and organization skills.
  • Mastery of working independently.
  • Continuous learning attitude.

Xamarin App Developers: Roles and Responsibilities

How to Hire Best Xamarin Programmer
Xamarin App Developers: Roles and Responsibilities

According to Developer’s Experience 

Xamarin app developers‘ roles may differ per the level of experience they hold:

Junior Xamarin Developer

Typically, Junior developers work under the guidance of a senior developer and write code, debug, and perform basic testing. Also, they may help with UI design and development. 

Mid-Level Xamarin Developer

Generally, mid-level Xamarin mobile app developers hold more years of experience than junior-level developers and write code, debug, and conduct extra advanced testing. 

They are also responsible for UI design and development, guiding and supervising junior developers. 

Senior Xamarin Developer

Senior Xamarin app developers typically hold more experience than senior and junior-level developers. Besides, they guide and mentor junior and mid-level developers. Besides designing and developing apps, they write code, debug, and perform advanced testing. Also, they ensure the app attains the client’s needs and delivers projects within the time frame. 

Responsibilities of Xamarin Developer 

Design and Develop

Xamarin developers collaborate with other design and development teams to ensure that the app fulfills the client’s needs and is delivered within the specified deadline. 

Write Clean Code 

A good Xamarin app developer writes unit tests and conducts manual testing to ensure top-quality, error-free code.

Fixing the Bugs 

An expert Xamarin developer is responsible for debugging and troubleshooting any issues that may emerge during the development process, like platform-specific issues.

Use Updated Techniques

A developer moves ahead with a constant learning attitude and skills enhancement to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends in mobile app development. They follow Agile development methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban and work in an Agile development environment.

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 Interview a Xamarin Developer the Right Way

1. Candidate’s Education

You can ask the candidate about education and any related certifications or degrees they have in Xamarin, specifically software development.

2. Check for Any Certification

You may inquire about Xamarin certificates the interviewee may have earned, like Microsoft Certified: Xamarin Mobile Developer certification.

3. Check the Past Experience

You can also ask the candidate about his working experience with Xamarin, including the types of projects they have completed while working with this specific framework and the time length they have been performing with Xamarin. 

4. Ask for Previous Projects 

Also, you may ask the candidate to offer some previous examples of the projects they have worked on and their role in those project development. 

5. Get Client Reference

Ask the candidate to provide you with their client references or a certain way to connect with them to verify his experience and the work quality he delivers. 

6. Ask to Complete a Small Assignment

Also, to know about his proficiency in real life, you can give a small and relevant assignment to him, like a simple Xamarin app development assignment, to get an idea about his problem-solving proficiency and technical skills. 

Hire Xamarin Developers from Agency Vs. Freelancer Vs. Inhouse

How to Hire Xamarin Developer
Hire Xamarin Developers from Agency Vs. Freelancer Vs. Inhouse 

Well, we can’t state with surety that any specific route to hire a Xamarin developer is better compared to the other as it all relies on the context of what you are developing and for whom, your business objective, and the connection you have with the team or individual you have chosen for your project development. 

Be sure to conduct deep research and follow the one you believe can perform as expected for your business. 

1. In-House Xamarin Developer  

You can hire at least two or three in-house employees to develop your app and create your development team. Larger companies usually hire in-house Xamarine developers if they already hold a well-established infrastructure, as it’s a time-consuming administrative process. 

Pros of hiring Xamarin Experts

Dedicated Xamarin Developers Complete Project Faster

You will have a small team of dedicated developers who will work full-time only for your project with no other priorities. This way, you can complete your project in less time. 

Long-Term Commitment to Seamless Business Expansion

Post completing your project; your team will not kick-start the next project. They can offer you ongoing support and maintenance later also, which you need to grow your app. 

Deep Knowledge of Your Business & Customers

Your employees will know about your business and customer requirements, branding, vision, and mindset that will guide them in your product development phase. 

Faster Sign-offs/Approvals

Within organizations, you can get sign-off and approvals faster as you can get it done face-to-face without waiting for a revert from another side. 

Flexibility To Make Changes to Your Project

With an in-house team, you have the scope and flexibility to spend more time and resources improving your product. But don’t spend too long that may hinder your progress. 

Cons of Hiring Xamarin Developer

Need to Manage Team Actively

It would be best if you managed your team activities to get the best from your team. Apart from routine operational management, it would be best if you also had to deal with illness, retention, and training. 

Higher Upfront Costs  

You need to sustain various expenses, like recruitment, training, hardware, important licenses, and other overheads. 

Slow to Kickstart

It would be time-consuming to develop your team by finding suitable candidates. This process may take many weeks, making the project development slow. 

2. Individual Freelancer Xamarin Developer          

In recent years, freelance software development has become popular, and it has become easy to fetch dedicated and skilled developers for project completion. You can try websites offering freelancers like Upwork and Toptal to meet your requirements. 

Pros of Hiring Freelance Xamarin Programmers

Less Expensive Than an Agency

An individual freelancer would cost you less compared to an agency. They hold fewer overheads, but you need to hire various freelancers to complete your project, like UX/UI designers, front-end and back-end developers, testers, DevOps, etc. 

Rapidly Complete Your Project Once Available  

Agencies may take time to start your project after the discovery process. Finding an available freelancer, you can kickstart your project and code it directly to get your project faster. 

Cons Hiring Freelance Xamarin Programmers

Face Mishaps

If your freelancer is caught up in an emergency or gets ill, it may affect your project progress. 

Hire Other Team Members

Only hiring a freelancer to code your project would not be enough; you would need to hire a creative designer to craft an engaging app, a tester to resolve your app issues, and more. 

Lack of Ongoing Maintenance and Support 

Freelancers will help you complete your project, but after the launch, they will not offer you ongoing maintenance and support services that may make your app run bug-free. You need to hire someone else to help you with this support. 

3. Outsource to Xamarin Development Agency       

Your last option is to hire a leading Xamarin development company specializing in specific frameworks, app development, and more using complex techniques like ML, AI, VR, etc. Choosing the right app development agency would be difficult, but you must find the best one for your business. 

Pros of Hiring from Xamarin Development Agency  

Complete Team of Professionals

The agency would already hold a team of designers, project managers, developers, testers, and more to complete his project. You don’t have to knock on another door to hire a member. 

High Experience to Get Expected Outcomes

Compared to the above-mentioned options, an agency will have more app development experience for different industry verticals.

Expertise to Meet Your Business Requirements Easily

An agency will offer a team of expert developers and project managers holding the skills of the right frameworks and the required tool to meet your business needs and budget. Besides, agencies may take time but will understand the market requirements you would be entering and your customers. 

No Need for Team Management

You wouldn’t need to manage the agency’s team, as here, the agency will perform as a project manager and will manage its team members offering the outcome within a specified time and budget, maintaining the consistency of the work achieved. 

Stick to High Standard

Within an agency, a complete infrastructure proves that every team member will be responsible for your project, which will lead to a higher-quality codebase. 

No Need to Pay for Extra Licensing 

An agency will already hold access to all the testing equipment and licenses you may need to accomplish your project. 

Stress-Free and Seamless Project Development

Project managers at the agency will handle your development project, ensuring the expected outcome with no stress about how it will be done. 

Long Term Maintenance and Scaling

Post-launch, your app would demand more. With the expansion of your business, your app should hold the caliber to scale. 

Cons or Pros of Hiring from Xamarin Development Agency  

Expensive Cost of Hiring an Agency

Initially, hiring an agency will seem more expensive than hiring a freelancer. It may even go above your budget estimate. 

Take Longer to Launch Your Project

You will be offered various options for developers in an agency, which may lead to more variants and processes. This will increase the time of your project completion. 

Need Availability to Kickstart Your Project

The agencies are not likely to start your project the right way. It may take a few months also, and if it crosses your deadlines, it will emerge as a big disruption for your project. 

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Where to Hire a Xamarin Developer?

Where to Hire a Xamarin Developer?
Where to Hire a Xamarin Developer?

You can try hiring a Xamarin developer from platforms like Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer, etc., known for finding the right candidate for enterprises. 

Best Platforms to Hire Remote Xamarin Developers


Launched in 2010, a leading talent-finding platform, Toptal is famous for its strict hiring process. Toptal, an intelligent abbreviation for ‘Top Talent, ’ promises to let you find the best-performing Xamarin software developers, app engineers, and web programmers seamlessly and rapidly. Initially started for tech talent only, Toptal is probably the first candidate hiring platform you should consider for hiring a Xamarin developer. 


Another famous name for a large freelance marketplace, Upwork, holds 12+ million users. It’s widely known for connecting employers to skilled remote developers. Upwork is acknowledged as one of the best places to search for talent, from full-scale software development to cross-platform app developers. 

Employers and tech recruiters enjoy browsing Upwork as it’s easy to use. That’s why this platform should be considered while hiring Xamarin developers. With Upwork, you can find Xamarin programmers easily to interview dozens of candidates. Top influential startups and companies trust developers from Upwork to complete their projects. 


Trusted by giants such as PWC, Microsoft, and more influential businesses, Freelancer is a huge freelancer marketplace where you can hire the best Xamarin developers. This marketplace possesses 25+ million registered users, 12+ million posted jobs, and completed projects in thousands, easing you to hire Xamarin programmers for your app development project. 

Besides, Freelancers provide the ease of time tracking and live chat to ensure your project gets developers within a specified time. 

Research Firms to Connect an Agency for Xamarin Developer Hiring

Various research brands that can assist you in connecting with the top Xamarin agencies that specialize in Xamarin development are:


Browsing Clutch.co, you can catch up with a list of widely recognized Xamarin development agencies based on their client reviews, past performance, and other factors. Also, they offer details on the agency’s team size, hourly rate, and target area. It can help you find the right agency to meet your project needs and budget. Moreover, they let you connect directly with the agencies and ask queries if any. 


One of the top research and review platforms, GoodFirms.co, targets assisting businesses in finding the best software development agencies and companies, including those skilled in Xamarin development. It follows a proprietary research methodology that considers client feedback and evaluates the brand’s market presence and caliber to deliver the best quality services. First, the research firm verifies all the companies and then ranks them based on their performances. This way, businesses may get a list of the best-performing companies skilled in Xamarin development. 


A research-based online platform, ITFirms.co assists businesses in finding the top IT service providers globally. It can offer you a list of top agencies specializing in Xamarin development. It can also offer you an idea about services, customer experience, and the cost of all the agencies. 


It’s a platform that aims to assist businesses in finding the best software and service providers per customer ratings and reviews. This platform permits searching Xamarin development agencies, comparing their pricing and features, and reviewing customer reviews. Also, you can filter your search outcomes by size, location, and other factors to find the best suitable for your business. 

Social Media Platforms

You can choose any social media platform below to hire a skilled Xamarin developer for your upcoming project. 


Some Xamarin development agencies hold a Facebook page to post updates about services, projects, and job openings. You can consider those Facebook groups and events to link with other developers or businesses interested in Xamarin development. 


A professional networking platform, LinkedIn, can be used to search and connect with Xamarin development companies. You can search for the agencies or companies based on their location, industry, and other criteria. You can check the company page, portfolio, employees, and reviews. 

A huge database of LinkedIn for job-seeking developers, easy-to-use filters, a secure messaging ecosystem, a premium version, and recommendations features make it a simple tool to hire Xamarin developers. 


Using related keywords or hashtags, you can use Twitter to find Xamarin development agencies, like #XamarinDevelopment #XamarinDevelopers. Also, you can follow relevant industry professionals and leaders to match the latest trends and stay updated on Xamarin development. 

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Things To Consider When Hiring Xamarin Developer

How to Hire Xamarin Developer
Things To Consider When Hiring Xamarin Developer

Xamarin Developer Expertise & Experience

The first and foremost factor you need to consider while hiring a Xamarin developer is experience. You should check their years of working on this framework. Also, consider more aspects to know about the skills and proficiency of the candidate. Look for candidates who specialize in offering the best Xamarin development services and can let you choose the best engagement model suiting your budget and project. Let’s check three standard models:

Suitable Engagement Models 

1. Onsite Model

In this model, a team of developers or Xamarin developers will perform at the client’s location. It’s suitable for a project requiring frequent collaboration and communication with the client’s team. Also, clients looking for specific security and compliance needs may choose this model. 

2. Offsite Model

In this model, the team of experts or xamarin developers will perform remotely from their location. It will work best for projects with well-defined needs that don’t require frequent collaboration and communication with the client’s team.

3. Hybrid Model

The team or Xamarin developers will work onsite and offsite in this model. This model works best for projects that demand onsite and offsite work, for example, if the client holds security and compliance needs and remotely performs developers.

Suitable Hiring Models to Hire Xamarin Developers

1. Fixed Pricing Model

In this, the project’s cost is fixed and decided in advance. This hiring model suits projects with well-defined needs and clear work scope. It can also be a better option for clients with strict budgets and no room for unexpected costs. 

2. Dedicated Hiring

In this model, clients hire a Xamarin developer or a team of skilled developers full-time for a certain period. The group or developer will perform perfectly and as expected on the client’s project and always be available during the client’s working hours. One who needs a dedicated team with top-level collaboration and communication may choose this. 

3. Time & Material

Here, the client must pay for the team’s or developer’s time and the resources and materials used to complete the project. Also, projects with customization needs and undefined work scope may choose this model. It offers flexibility to the clients and the potential to edit, add, or remove materials as required. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Xamarin Developer?

The cost to hire a Xamarin developer may vary, counting on factors, like their experience, location, skill set, and experience. Below are some apt figures to give you an idea:

  • In the United States, the average hourly rate for a Xamarin developer starts from $75/hour.
  • In Eastern Europe, it ranges from $25 to $75 /hour.
  • In Western Europe, it starts from $50/hour.
  • In India, the average hourly rate for a Xamarin developer starts from $20/hour.

We can find a fixed cost for hiring a Xamarin developer, as it depends on varied factors. 

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How Can We Help You Hire A Proficient Xamarin Developer?

We specialize in offering custom Xamarin development services allowing you to hire a team of skilled Xamarin developers per your project’s needs and business objectives. You can connect with us, and we will help you with a team of expert developers and kickstart your project immediately. 

Being a leading Xamarin app development company, developerperhour aims to offer customized services to meet your emerging demands and market trends. From custom app/web development to UI/UX designing, development, support or maintenance, migration, and app updates, our professionals target meeting your requirements best. 

Holding technical proficiency and industry-leading platform competency, we let our clients hire dedicated Xamarin developers who may help them boost their ROI. Our development process is supported by the top industry standards and security measures. We constantly work harder to provide the best-quality software development services with the assistance of our top-rated experts. 


Choosing Xamarin for your app development will let you unlock digital experiences. Globally, companies are using the latest technologies for faster time-to-market and diminished development costs. If you are not tech-savvy, you can go with hiring Xamarin developers and roll out your projects that will offer maximum satisfaction to marketers and stakeholders. You only need to ensure you choose the right talent-hiring firm that may help you develop top-class solutions and meet your unique business requirements.

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