For the last decade, it’s been coherent for us to have flexible development scenarios occurring in the IT industry. The mainstream industry arises with many fluctuations and bottlenecks the ones who lament and do not go with the market trends. 

With every new entrance of the programming language, market analytics helps you with the forecasting analysis about where the industry is struggling and where it would have been reaching. 

Node.JS is one such language that existed a few years back but plays a major role in sustaining and fulfilling the demands and wishes with respect to the user and the market. Talking about trust, the stats; more than 6.3 million websites use it; especially very fast to handle the responsive time of the website. That is the concern why many have a dedicated NodeJS developer is a must for organizations.

The blog is focused on the needs and importance of NodeJS developers and why it is beneficial for your company to hire developers with the right work ethics. We have touched every crucial parameter that is a must for your recruitment process. 

So without wasting the time adieu let’s get started. 

What Is Node.JS?

Node JS is the server-side programming language widely adopted by developers or coders or programmers, due to its fast and scalable nature. The language needs a single code and one deployment process to be used by multiple users in real-time. 

The language is lightweight and hence reduces app development time. Node JS gives the experience of an entire web page like a single application-based experience. 

It runs on the JavaScript (JS) interface, while the node powers the coding efficiency and takes less time to execute and perform. 

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Top Features of NodeJS – Why Node.JS Is Popular Among Developers & Programmers

The top leading companies are playing their business products into Node JS, which not only gives them a wider range of performance but also allows them to use them for both front end and back end. 

Top companies like Netflix, Facebook, Citibank, etc. fairly made their system depend on adopting the similar language and hence staff an entire Node JS app developer separately leveraging its benefits to the marketplace and products. 

Let’s quickly glance a pinch of light on the top features of the Node JS and that would be the reason you may find recruitment of these dependent programmers. 

  • Cross-platform: Node JS platform is extremely versatile and advanced hence they are not single platform dominated, while they allow their software engineers to work in a row for different platforms. It would reduce their time alignment and boost their performance. 
  • Single code for execution: as in today’s generation there are already plenty of languages coming and giving a tough toss to the development companies to choose from. To the feedback from the top resources and the developers, Node JS is highly controlled and efficient and needs only a single code of execution. 
  • NPM package manager: with the integration of NPM packages into the Node JS environment, the dedicated app developers have access to a large library set, tools, and modules, and are easily connected with databases like MySQL or Oracle. 
  • PaaS: platform as a service; the Node JS highly inspirational platform helps the business to serve their services to the small or big organizations; helps them to platter their products at a higher rate. 
  • Open source: Node JS platform is a secured and open source platform. A large pool of programmers can merge their codes and access the different codes, edit and use them for their projects. Github and StackOverflow significantly help coders to deploy their codes.
  • V8 engine: using the V8 engine the software engineers can handle concurrent requests, which reduces the time for launching the product into the market. The powerful V8 engine helps to quickly convert the web pages into platform-independent codes using the C++ language as a super hand. 
  • Fast and scalable: the Node JS developers across the world agree with how fast and personalized the environment is. It renders quick communication to the team. 
  • Lightweight: while working on the Node JS environment the app developers ease super light applications to the end users. This is due to the fast assembly of different codes into one.  

What Is The Skill Set Required to Hire NodeJS Developers?

It is always struggling to go-get and hire NodeJS developers who are sound with the criteria of the organization. Have you ever been stuck in this situation before? 

There are times it becomes urgent for businesses to find the perfect hand who could add value to your asset and discover new features in the development process. 

The candidate’s skills are categorized based on how sound he is in technical knowledge and what personal qualities he has that would combinedly establish him as a leader.

1. Hard Skill Set:

Talking about the hard skills, it’s related to the technical knowledge and how well the developer is comfortable in a niche platform. Before you hire NodeJS developers, verify his profile from the portfolio. Plenty of websites are available to help you in hiring the respective candidate. You can hire the right candidate with the reviews and ratings available on the top-rated sites. 

  • Minimum experience of 3 or more years: The developer has at least three or more years of experience, those years define his skillset and how good he has his expertise. Choose the resume of the candidate based on the years of product-based knowledge he has. 
  • Have sound programming knowledge: the programmer’s profile is available on the coding website, you can check before the relevant project development expertise he has in the particular niche. Node JS developer has the experience of working on both platform’s front end and back end.  
  • Tech knowledge of frameworks: the coder is sound in handling different tech environments to run and simulate the codes. 
  • Authentication and authorization skillset: every business wants to develop its product under the supervision of secured sources. Hence proper authentication and authorization are crucial to deal with any breach in security. 
  • Understanding of RESTful API: Node JS is integrated on different resources using the API and frameworks. RESTful ensures to give extra control to the programmers, hence the hired software engineer must be well efficient to run these APIs.  
  • Sound in handling the data analytics: data analytics is in boom today, so every product created should be fairly proofed with mainstream technology like data science. The analytics on data helps the business to analyze their workflow. 

2. Soft Skill Set

A developer is not only loaded with technicalities, he must have expertise in his behavior, merge with different cultures, and have a great way of thinking, and thought process. There will require no time for him to fit inside the organization and understand the working style. 

A perfect sound programmer may be good for the consultation, but not play the part of a team player. 

  • Communication skills

Communication is the middle lane that helps both organizations and employees in advocating and exchanging their requirements and knowledge with each other. A good communicator easily delivered his information to the team and clients, which achieved faster results in less time. 

  • Problem-solving skills

While hiring the developer, he must be succinct in solving the problems instantly. He must be clear with the understanding of the project from the scratch and adieu quick functionalities and outcomes as per the demand. 

  • Networking skills 

Whether you are part of the organization or working as an outsourcer, you must build a great network with others, either inside or outside. That would help you as a perk for the company. The right balance of networking to scale up extra benefits to the company. And leads to a greater impact on your own progress.  

  • The ability to the persistence 

The developer must have the ability to not only stick with the failure, and move for the change. Being working in the rapid industry, there are many more types of fluctuations occurring in the process starting from the development to the delivery. The wise and time-variant person can only deal with any situation. So hire NodeJS developers who can survive any flaws and difficulties and motivates his teammates in the process. 

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How To Interview a Node.JS Developer?

Once you have shortlisted the resumes the next step is to interview them and onboard the right developer who will match the criteria of your workflow and needs. 

Hiring the right candidate is a crucial process for your business, it makes sense that you should consider the below vital pinpoints that would help you out in the process. 

1. Education: check the developer’s profile first and pick the one who has enough sound knowledge and education required to start work. From the list of millions of profiles, eliminate the below-average profile and save your time. 

2. Certification: it is the most important thing to consider while hiring a person with relevant experience in Node JS certifications give you a brief about the next individual and his capability to work with the required platform. It’s better for the candidate to have enough knowledge and valid approvals in certificates. 

3. Experience: experience should be more than 2 to 3 years, which would give assurance that the candidate is well suitable and has expertise in the niche platform. 

4. Previous Projects: the developer is comfortable working in different environments and projects. That exposure helps you to fill the right candidate for your team. Find the candidate’s profile on GitHub or LinkedIn and check out his previous experience in projects. 

5. Client Reference: the person who is unknown to you, if you have some reference from the previous employer, gives you assurance about his identity. That will clear your doubt before taking his interview. 

6. Small Assignment: while taking the interview assign him a small assignment to validate his expertise. 

Hire NodeJS Developers From Agency Vs Freelancer Vs Inhouse

Freelance Remote Developers Vs Agency

You can hire an expert from an agency or freelancer or in-house. Looking actively inside different mediums not only allows you greater chances of hiring the right fit as per your need and hierarchy of the organization. Every resource has its own advantages; hire the app developer with knowing the pros and cons. 

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1. In-House Web App Developer (Pros & Cons): 

Pros: You can go for the in-house developer if your needs are constant. The inside engineer gives full control to the development, more active to perform tasks on time. As he has the comfort and communication with the team he can act as a good team leader. 

Cons: While hiring the in-house developer would cost more for your budget, you have to expand your resources to give him. What if the coder leaves the organization in the middle, you may feel discomfort with similar things. 

2. Individual Freelancer (Pros & Cons)

Pros: the individual developer’s mutually benefited your organization, cutting down the extra cost of hiring the expensive individual or candidates. There is no need to spare money for their health insurance, and vacations. There is no language barrier. You just spend part of the income for the developer well suited with his candidature. 

Cons: giving the entire responsibility to the individual with the belief that he will handle everything successfully; would cause you in the end. The individual is only able to handle the small and less dependent projects. 

3. Outsource To Agency (Pros & Cons)

Pros: You can hire NodeJS developers from one of the outsourcing agencies; search out for the best agency to access the best talents for your organization. The agency would be cost-effective for your company. The agency team is quick in adopting the agile methodologies of the organization. 

It requires no cost for onboarding the team as they worked mutually as a full-packed team before. There is no need to pay for the downtime and in return, you will get the pack of services. 

Cons: we have heard about the fact that some agencies spoke a lot about them in the beginning, but once you get them onboard, they will actually lose their working intentions with the in-house team. If you recruit the team for an already progressive project, there would be a fair chance that they would not fit properly in terms of control and understanding. 

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Where To Hire An Expert Node JS Developer?

While finding the right candidate for your business you can always search out for the top-rated places and the resources that are associated with the authorized and certified. Some of the online portals we are going to mention here; 

1. Best Platforms to Hire Freelancer Node JS Developers

To hire the dedicated Node js developers and onboard them into the mainstream of the development process, here is the list of some of them who are acquainted with highly result-specific expertise. 

  • Toptal: the top leading IT platform contains millions of talented developers. After ensuring the caliber and skills you can interview them and give them the opportunity to work for you. 
  • Upwork: Upwork is the freelancing platform where thousands of developers showcase their portfolios. From them, you have a great chance to pick and onboard your business. 
  • Freelancer: from thousands of freelancing websites, is one of the best and most trusted platforms. You can search out the relevant profile and consider only those who have skills-oriented and expertise regarding what you are looking for. 

2. Research Firms to Connect an Agency for Node JS Developer Hiring

Whether you are an established or new company or an industry who have its experts sitting somewhere else, work together and meet at once. There are often times you feel some stickiness in dealing with the old professionals and need to add more experts to the list. Fresh hiring for the company for top development platforms like Node JS would bring more traffic and henceforth lead to the best outcomes in a shorter span of time. 

In the past, if you feel and need an urgent resource that is equipped with the latest product deployment, or not; it was not a matter of worry for you. You can ask for an expert at a skilled hiring agency like the one we have mentioned below; 

  • Clutch.Co; it is an online website used by millions of programmers and companies to feature reviews and ratings of the top companies, to give a brief outlook to the business about the trusted list of companies. You can search for the node js developer from the in-house teams who gives you an advantage over less proficient candidates. Don’t waste your time and multiply your chances of finding a perfect fit in no time from the clutch. 
  • Good firms is another top company listing website that helps you quickly to get the right developer amongst the pool of resources. 
  • talking about the IT Firms; provides its reviews and feedback to hiring the worthy niche coder; by using the filters and other advanced search options. ITFirm is your one-stop destination to make a wise decision in hiring the perfect app developer or outsourcing company. 
  • G2.Com: hiring the Node JS software engineer for the in-house team would be a daunting task for you as a brand. But you can reduce your work efficiency by finding the top listed and most authenticated professionals from G2; applying filters and performing advanced searching to involve the perfect choice of an app developer for your organization. 

3. Social Media Platforms

In the digital age, social media plays a vital role in rebranding the business’s values and ethics. Everyone is active on social platforms nowadays, it comes out as the leading and one of the trusted resources for businesses to out brand their services. Few are the top social media platforms that help in finding the right Node JS developer. 

  • Facebook: Facebook is the leading source that helps new as well as established businesses who are in the urge to find the right candidate. Here you can post a relevant opening regarding the vacancy of node developer. The Facebook for business tool keeps you separate from misleading hiring and time consumption. You can find the corresponding groups to place your post or even run an ad for the hiring. 
  • Linkedin: Linkedin is one of the professional online platforms that give you an edge in hiring from the right business model, using the hashtags you can search for the expert with years of experience to be a part of your in-house team or just employ them as a freelancer. Linkedin is explored by the top professionals, leaders, analysts, learners, certified developers, and many more, who can surely add more value to your hiring hunt. 
  • Twitter: satisfying your hiring hunger within minimum usage of words. That’s how Twitter helps the brands or your personal hiring. Spoke the least and outcomes the best. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, known to surf people for hiring the right fit for their organization or individual to come as a useful hand. 

If you consider the above sources you will access top profiles in quick time and can exclude yourself from the tedious process of hiring. 

Hire Node JS Developer from Community Platforms

How are community platforms different from other platforms in bringing the talented pool? The community platform helps organizations in onboarding successful and qualified developers. Some of the platforms we listed in this section are;

  • Workable: if you’re a small or middle organization, you are tight on the budget and resources. But it is crucial for your business to add value and source of advantage to the product. With the Workable platform, you have plenty of features to get access including custom applications, multiple job boards, etc. The platform is cost-efficient to buy, so startups and small companies can furnish more objectives with time ease. 
  • Skype: Skype is the one-to-one video conferencing platform that delivers offsite flexibility to businesses. Skype is known for its wider-than-the-scale services free of cost. You can interview the candidate from a distance, and inspect his skills, thought process, identity, working ethics, and experiences. 

Skype is the perfect tool with plenty of features like video conferencing, video recording, chat, file sharing, and much more. 

  • Recruitee: it is the All in one tool set which helps businesses to hire the best candidate, and separates the rest of the wasteful and annoying resumes from others. Recruitee picks for you the top-matched candidate. You can access its superlative features and get more insight into its features. 
  • Github: talking about Github, is an online platform that has millions of repositories and profiles of the top and niche expert developers. You can filter the project with Node JS and search for the right developer with his project’s development. Filter the one that is best and matches your criteria.  
  • CRM tool like Hubspot: the Hubspot platform, perfect for CRM control and supervision, gives your hiring team full control and ease to manage the progress of the development. This tool helps you to track the development pipeline, sales, contacts, and marketing and glance at quick feedback to the organization. 

Things to Consider to Hire NodeJS Developers

In this section, we prepare a cheat sheet that you can check at a glance to find the Node JS developer. That makes sense at the time when you are in a dilemma state and just want a to-do list to avoid any bad developers in the organization. It is crucial to have a developer with expertise and experience. 

  • Prepare the productive hiring funnel
  • Check if the person is well vetted in cultural means
  • If the person matches the requirements of your organization
  • Whether the person has appropriate tools and technical knowledge 
  • Check the person’s eligibility with the proper screening 
  • See if the candidate’s goal, ideal, and attitude match with the brand 
  • Ask the technical background and questions or use-case in the interview. 

Node JS Developer Expertise & Experience

  • He should have a well understanding of the Node JS basics and implementation 
  • Architecture and simulation knowledge 
  • Happy to deal with the NPM packages 
  • He is well skilled to handle the database as per the need and depending on the project requirement you can switch to the cloud online platforms. 
  • Able to create the complex codes 
  • Easy to integrate with the API frameworks, modules, and third-party integrations. 
  • Ready to handle any error 
  • Is well fond of asynchronous programming 
  • Able to handle the server-side app
  • Back-end services and data analytics 

Suitable Engagement Models to Hire NodeJS Developers:

We have already got to acknowledge and discuss that the perfect hiring revolves around the attributes of features, strategies, resources, and much more. As a business, you do not gauge yourself at only one source, except try different things till the time you would get the right asset for your organization. 

With the right balance of the needs and the time constraint, you can choose different flexible models for the business and involve expert Node JS developers for your team. 

1. Onsite Model: onsite model is the online channel where the developers are situated inside the organization and handle the workflow within. This model is perfect for the small team and for a company that has less dependency on advocating the working of app development. 

2. Offsite Model: In the offsite model, the developer or the expert resides outside and works flexibly with the organization under time constraints. You can keep an eye on the candidate on-site or in-house. 

Off-Site employees are not directly present inside the organization but allow developers and other experts to focus on efficiency and quality of work rather than other redundancies. Hire the offsite developer for the giving balance and upper hand to the funnel of development or other complex dependencies. If your team is big, rather than hiring an in-house member, you can always go for the best outsourcing freelancer who has sound knowledge of the latest tech stacks and programming languages. 

3. Hybrid Model: this model works for both of the above models; onsite and offsite. As per the dependency of the utilities, you can recruit an app developer from any of the models. 

Suitable Hiring Model for Node.JS Developers

To bring ease to the hiring process you must have a suitable hiring model. The technology has rapidly changed so does the Node JS platform. Below are the flexible hiring models we have discussed with you to understand how the model fastens your hiring process.   

1. Fixed Pricing Model: you can fix the price for the developer so there would be no remaining confusion from any side. This model is dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses, once the quote is raised; the resource is hired for you. 

2. Dedicated Hiring: for the bigger organizations, dedicated hiring offers instant results for your businesses. If your business means a lot to you and you want to give global exposure to the industries, hire the best-dedicated resource solely for you. 

3. Time & Material: time and resources are adequate parameters for any organization. Both of the things should be working under sync for best performance.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire NodeJS Developers?

The cost for hiring the Node JS developer depends on many factors, including the region where the developer has been residing, the experience, the source you are hiring, and the complexity of the project.  

The cost to hire NodeJS developers varies from country to country. In the Asian countries, it amounts to 10 times less compared to European countries. Let’s look out at the cost for different regions; 

  • Average cost for hiring NodeJS developer from India: $12k
  • Average cost for hiring NodeJS developer from the USA: $113k
  • Average cost for hiring a NodeJS developer from the UK: $75k
  • Average cost for hiring NodeJS developer from Australia: $59k

How Can DPH Help You Hire NodeJS Developers?

In conclusion, if you hire NodeJS developers with following the latest industry and trends it helps you to bring more flexibility to the product. We have discussed the technicalities, the problem, flexible hiring model, requirements, and complexities that are to be taken into account before hiring the web or app developer. 

If you are looking for some authorized certified industrial NodeJS developers you can visit our platform. At Developer Per Hour, we have skilled corner developers specifically for NodeJS platforms. You are never going in vain after hiring the resource as per your needs. You can connect with us and our assistant executive to help you out with your queries.


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