The demand and popularity of ReactJS developers are constantly growing. As per a recent Quess report, there is an increase in the market for professionals with ReactJS skills. The report states that in March to October 2020, the role of ReactJS developer witnessed a massive growth of 184% in the total number of open positions. Another report says that when it comes to web frameworks, there are around 65000 developers who prefer ReactJS as the second-most preferred framework. 

Hence, it is no surprise that many businesses looking to create a website or web app want to hire ReactJS developers; however, hiring ReactJS developers can be pretty challenging. It requires a reasonable market understanding, product development objectives, and a developer mindset. When looking to employ ReactJS developers, you must know how you will use them, or else you might end up hiring app developers who have only coding knowledge and not many user experience design or marketing skills. This blog discusses various aspects of finding ReactJS developers who can help you build a great app.

What is React JS?


React JS is a JavaScript-based library used to develop the user interface. Facebook and an open-source development community manage it. It is essentially a library, not a language, and is often used in web development. After debuting in May 2013, ReactJS has become the most frequently used front-end library for web development. It supports various architectural support extensions, like React Native and Flux, and extends beyond UI. Due to the popularity enjoyed by ReactJS, many organizations are employing ReactJS as their app development toolkit.

The ReactJS library has the potential to build simple web pages & mobile apps, whereas, for complex app development, ReactJS can be easily used with other libraries. The main reason behind the popularity of ReactJS developers is it’s easy to write components in ReactJS, and these components can also be reused on the requirement. Many websites are built on ReactJS, and the most popular among them are Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Netflix, Airbnb, Uber, and more. The speed, flexibility, and ease of use of these websites make them popular among users. 

With ReactJS, it is easier to create SEO-friendly websites and UI Test cases, reuse the components on any website, enhance the performance of web apps, and implement existing website code on mobile apps. ReactJS can be easily used wherever JavaScript is needed. 

This article discusses the various aspects of hiring ReactJS developers and how it can benefit businesses. 

Market Value of React JS

Today, more than 9,600,000 live websites and 10,234 renowned company’s worldwide use ReactJS for its ease of use, convenience, fast rendering, flexibility, and ability to develop user-friendly interfaces.

Even though several platforms can help create user interfaces, React still races ahead in terms of popularity. As per Builtwith, ReactJS holds the sixth most demanding spot among the top 10,000 websites in the JS Library category. 

As per Statista, ReactJS has 40.14% of respondents, which acquired the number one rank for the most used web framework. It is the most popular and standard web framework many developers use. Though there are many benefits of hiring a ReactJs developer, still before hiring, you must assess their experience with thorough technical analysis and other aspects.  

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What are the responsibilities of ReactJS Developers? 

Here, we discuss the several responsibilities of a ReactJS developer, such as: 

  • ReactJS developer is responsible for creating intriguing UI components by using the ReactJS toolkit.
  • Create quality UI code using the wireframes & mock designs
  • Regularly check the coding to enhance app performance 
  • Handle the app’s state and functional libraries to create asynchronous API calls & use ReactJS workflows such as Context and Redux APIs for collecting computed data from the state. 
  • Write modern, expressive, to-the-point code using CSS-pre-processors such as SASS and LESS, Stylesheets, and JavaScript functionalities. 
  • Create & optimize reusable HTML/CSS/JSS components and make them cross-compatible.  
  • Undergo a QA process including integration, end-to-end, and unit testing.  

Why Should You Hire React JS Developers? 

ReactJS is a feature-rich front-end framework. However, that doesn’t mean it is easy creating web apps with it. Its programming has a steep learning curve, and if you are not proficient with the fundamentals, you might face a failure in your project and goals. And due to this reason, businesses prefer outsourcing React JS development to the third-parties, and that certainly benefits the companies. They receive an engaging and feature-rich web app, and at the same time, the development cost with remote developers turns out to be lesser compared to full-time in-house ReactJS developers. 

Hire remote ReactJS developers

Here are the many benefits of hiring React JS developers from experienced ReactJS development companies: 

Dedicated Resources: You receive experienced React app development services by hiring React Native developers from reliable solution providers. With experienced companies, you can hire dedicated ReactJS app developers to get excellent services.  

Effortless Management: You can easily manage the complete mobile app development cycle when hiring React JS developers. It also frees our time to focus further on the other aspects of the business. Thus, it’s easier to handle the mobile app development process.  

Cost-efficient: Hiring remote ReactJS developers lowers costs as businesses save on expenses like office rent, employee salaries, and recruiter costs. However, with remote developers, you get to save money on hiring costs and managing an in-house development team. At the same time, there is a vast difference between the overseas developers’ development rates that can help save more money and invest that in your business growth. 

Focus on core business operations: Managing an in-house team of developers is not just expensive but takes up a lot of your time and energy. This might leave you with no time to focus on vital company duties. However, hiring Remote ReactJS developers allows you to spend your time and energy where it is most needed to achieve your business goals.  

Professional developers: ReactJS is a prominent front-end development tool, which is why potential developers have started building their careers around it. As you look for the top talent to hire worldwide, it allows access to a large pool of developers with years of expertise and experience in creating React Native Development apps. It will enable pioneering people who think outside the box, meet the modern technology requirements and offer the chance to work with people outside the local development community.   

Quick Market Delivery: Hiring experienced ReactJS developers ensures that your web app will be released on time per the schedule. After all, these seasoned developers have experience developing various ReactJS web apps and providing prompt project deliveries.  


Required Skills for React JS Developers 

ReactJS developers enjoy immense popularity, making companies expect much from ReactJS developers. However, to accomplish extraordinary results, finding developers with the necessary skillset is essential. 

EcmaScript & JavaScript: ReactJS developers need to know JS features, functionalities, and syntax. They must be experienced in DOM manipulation, JavaScript scopes, event bubbling, functions, hosting, and ES6 syntax. A comprehensive understanding of EcmaScript allows for the development of spontaneous React apps. 

Technical Expertise: A ReactJS developer must know JSON, HTML5, advanced HTML, Rest APIs, and ESLint. They must be familiar with React core concepts, like JSX, props, hooks, functional components, component lifecycle methods, etc. Knowing other tech platforms, such as Jira, Jenkins, Zoho, etc., is also essential.  

Testing Tools & Frameworks: They must know using unit testing technologies and frameworks, such as Tape, Chai, Sinon, Mocha, Jest, and more. At the same time, be excellent in integrating testing tools, such as Karma. It is also essential to have a good common over end-to-end testing tools & frameworks, such as Cypress, WebDriver work, NightwatchJS, Puppeteer, Selenium, and CucumberJS. It will also be beneficial to be knowledgeable of React frameworks & libraries, Ant Design, and React-hooks-testing-library. 

Multiple Technologies: Find developers proficient with multiple technologies compatible with ReactJS, such as the MERN stack. They must know the MERN stack and Express-React combo as it is required to deal with server load, build full-stack JS apps, and manage various requests.  

Version Control Systems: To host a tricky project, you must hire a React development team who has good knowledge in VCSs, such as SVN, Mercurial, Git, TFS, Firebase, etc. Among these, Git is undoubtedly the most popular for storing projects on code hosting platforms, such as GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc. Hiring developers proficient in VCS is crucial to compare old-new code, assess current code, and time & efficiently reduce the possibility of errors. 

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JS Build Tools: It helps hire front-end developers skilled at handling the various JS tools, Redux DevTools, and React Developer tools – Google Chrome. They must know how to maximize the React library and deal with build tools, such as NPM, Yarn, Visual Studio Code, and Webpack. These developers must know how to optimize the workflows, install and handle workflows, install, and handle packages, and control dependencies using the JS build tools. 

React Basics & Styling Methods: It helps when the ReactJs developers know Create React App and its functionalities. They must have expertise in technologies like NextJS, JSX, Babel, etc. At the same time, they must be skilled in popular CSS techniques, such as CSS pre-processors (SASS, SCSS, and SASS), CSS frameworks (MaterialUI & Bootstrap), and CSS-in-JS for styling React components. 

ReactJS Workflows: Proficient ReactJS developers can manage projects and prioritize state management, and their portfolio must display app performance optimization jobs. At the same time, they must know popular libraries & structures of state management, such as React Native, Context API, MobX, Redux, React Router, Axios, etc. It can also be advantageous if they know about react hooks. 

Sprint Planning: Hire developers who are good at planning tasks or workflows and finish them within the stipulated timeline. To keep it straight, hire developers with expertise in sprint planning. They should be able to deal with task management tools to track and share the progress of their project sprints. 

Flexible Learning Curve: React as a framework enjoys excellent community support and is one of the best libraries for web development. It goes through a lot of changes and progresses each day. These developers must be able to learn the technology updates and changes as needed. 

Other than these technical skills, it is great if the developers are good at interpersonal skills. They include teamwork, time management, project management, communication skills, the ability to write clean code adhering to guidelines & best practices, problem-solving, and troubleshooting.  

Hiring Process of React JS Developers 


There are some crucial steps to be followed while hiring ReactJS developers, and here we discuss those steps in detail: 


As you are hiring ReactJS developers, you will receive many applications from applicants. The first step involves taking time to sort the candidates and choose the right talent per your business and project requirements. Now, the screening process itself involves many steps, which can be: 

  • Match job description: It is essential to decide the requirements of your project to understand better the role and responsibilities of the React JS developers. Focus on the primary goals you wish to accomplish by hiring React developers and decide whether you want to hire an in-house team or outsource the app development tasks. Accordingly, it will be easier to understand the role and responsibilities of the React JS developers and hire candidates that suit that role and can fulfill the desired obligations.
  • Check required Qualifications: It is essential to check the educational qualifications of the ReactJS developers to find how skilled they are to meet the job requirements. After all, skills and experience go hand-in-hand.
  • Location of the candidate: It is a crucial aspect as hiring developers from different time zones might go against the natural workflow. It is not impossible and even turns out to be beneficial work-wise and cost-wise; this is one aspect to consider. A seamless workflow can help to know the developers’ time zone and schedule the meeting accordingly.
  • Work Experience: As mentioned above, the experience of React JS developers has a considerable role as it might affect the project’s success. Review candidates for the job of ReactJS developers based on their experience and the complexity of products they built in the past. Candidates who display depth and have worked on end-to-end projects can be offered an introductory call.
  • Analyze the quality of candidates: It is crucial to analyze the quality of the candidates, and for this, you need to check their prior expertise. Review their past projects to find and examine their knowledge; accordingly, you can decide. 
  • Go through the project management skills: To analyze the project management skills of the candidates, it is a good idea to check the performance of their previous projects. Go through their portfolio as it showcases past projects completed by the candidates. This allows us to understand whether the candidates have supreme project management skills or not.
  • Check Technical skills: Above, we have already discussed the kind of technical skills a ReactJS developer must possess, and during the hiring process, you need to ensure that the chosen candidate must be proficient in that skill set.
  • Go through development portfolio: A development portfolio displays past projects the candidate has worked on in the past, and it allows you to understand whether you should hire the candidate or look for other alternatives.
  • Assess Soft skills: As mentioned above, ReactJS developers must be as proficient in soft skills as they are in technical skills. The art of hassle-free communication, mental agility, and problem-solving abilities of developers are tested through a coding test that involves algorithmic & skill-specific issues. Some companies even use live evaluation and timed coding tests. They test the developer’s ability to communicate articulately over a call. This allows us to better understand the candidate’s technical experience and soft skills.  
hire reactjs developers

Give Small Coding Assignments

This will allow you to assess the candidates’ technical skillset for the ReactJS developer post. It will help you determine whether the person has the technical knowledge and expertise required to perform the job. 

Payment Model

Businesses can engage in different payment models and choose the developer accordingly; the various payment models can be hourly, part-time, or full-time.  

Finalize The Engagement Model 

While you are in the process of hiring a remote developer, you can choose from other engagement models, such as the Onsite model, Offsite Model, and Hybrid model, and find a suitable hiring model, choosing between Fixed Pricing Model, Dedicated Hiring, and Time & Material. 

Finalize And Hire ReactJS Developer 

Once done with the interview process and you have successfully found the ideal candidate for the job of ReactJS developer, it’s time to finalize everything. So the final interview covers the candidate’s work schedule, salary expectations, and benefits that the candidate can avail of being a part of the company. Ensure to address any queries they might have and must remember to ask the final questions yourself; these questions can be: 

  • Are there any concerns you have about working with us?
  • Will you be able to meet strict deadlines?
  • How collaborative & team-oriented are you?
  • Do you have prior experience working in a remote setup? 

If you get the desired answers to these questions, you should make an offer that excites that candidate. If you are still hesitant about whether the candidate is the right fit or not, try asking other companies for feedback. This way, you will know how it is to work with a person you’re interviewing. Once that’s done, you can make a formal job offer with a clear job description and responsibilities. Some companies prefer hiring a developer for a trial period of up to three months with committed payment, whereas others might decide to hire the developers full-time.  

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Remote React JS Developers VS. In-house React JS Developers 


The choice between remote ReactJS developers or in-house ReactJS developers depends on the company’s needs and budget. There are pros and cons to hiring remote and in-house developers, and you can choose the option that seems more suitable for your business and its requirements.  

Hiring remote ReactJS developers offer adaptability, saves time and money, and allow you to pick candidates from a vast talent pool. On the other hand, as these are not full-time developers, they might disappear now and then. Also, it can be challenging to determine work experience & work ethic with remote developers. At the same time, it can be tough to establish their loyalty to the company.  

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On the other hand, in-house ReactJS developers are comparatively less expensive in the long run, and there is more talent to choose from. At the same time, there is increased employee satisfaction and productivity. However, there are also challenges like time-zone issues, culture woes, transition issues, communication difficulties, and hours & availability. 

In most cases, going with remote developers from a reputed agency is a more successful option, especially for big essential development projects.  

Hire Freelance ReactJS Developers VS. Hire ReactJS Developers From An Agency 


Both freelancers React Developers & outsourced React teams can offer cost-effective ways of deploying useful apps that can impact the marketplace. Both freelance and outsourced options can bring highly skilled developer talent to work on your project. And the decision to choose depends on the type of your business & its requirements, and the specifics of your project, and your goals with the project. 

Where to Find the Best ReactJS Developers? 

Often for businesses, it can be a struggle to find skilled and experienced ReactJS developers, and here we discuss platforms where you can get professional adopt ReactJS developers, such as:  

Freelance portals: Freelance portals like Toptal, Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer, are pretty effective in finding the best and top-quality ReactJS Developers. 


Social Network: You can find ReactJS developers on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Groups, Dribble, Behance, and more. 

Research Firms: On research firms like Uplers, Supersourcing, Good firms, and Clutch, you can easily find ReactJS developers.  

Consultancies: It is also relatively easy to find experienced ReactJS developers with consultancies like ABC Consultants, MM Enterprises, and Man Power Group Services. 

Google Search: Quite an easy and effective way to find top ReactJS developers and ReactJS development services. 

Employment Websites:, Jobs for her,,, and allow finding the best-quality ReactJS developers. 

Community Forums: These can be official community forums, private community forums, or third-party forums, such as Quora or stack overflow. 

Bottom Line

React Native as a platform allows developers to create complicated and more extensive apps easily. Using React Native, you can be ahead of the market competition by reducing time & other costs. It also ensures that your users have consistent experiences across Android and iOS platforms. 


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