How to Hire Ionic Developer and Programmers?

The growing demand for cross-platform mobile apps and the rising popularity of the Ionic framework are magnetizing varied profitable opportunities for several agencies. As you are here, you might also be planning to boost your revenue by choosing this framework to launch a hybrid mobile app. 

The Ionic framework is taking the market by storm because it is best for mobile app development. Of this trait, Ionic development is recognized as a top-rated tool for prototyping and MVP, especially for startups. 

To catch up with success, you need to hire an Ionic developer with the required skills and experience but, let you know, it’s pretty challenging. The reason is the Ionic framework demands mastery in cross-platform (including HTML, UI/UX prototyping, CSS, Angular, etc.) along with a flexible perspective, which every developer doesn’t possess. 

What Is Ionic Framework?

An open-source software development kit (SDK), Ionic is best for building cross-platform mobile applications using varied web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is developed based on AngularJS, a general JavaScript framework for designing web apps, and Apache Cordova, a platform for developing native mobile applications using diverse web technologies.

The ionic framework facilitates developers to build apps that look and feel like native applications but are web apps running in a web view. This states that the developers can use the same codebase to develop apps for numerous platforms, like Android, iOS, and the web, with little changes.

The Ionic Framework puts forth a library of built-in UI components and tools that helps in developing mobile apps, like navigation, forms, and UI elements. Besides, it includes a command-line interface (CLI) for designing, developing, and deploying apps and a set of useful plugins and services for accessing native device attributes, like the camera, storage, and GPS.

Additionally, Ionic holds an active and large community that offers support and resources, like tutorials, sample apps, and plugins, to enable developers to kickstart and develop top-quality apps fast.

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Why is Ionic Framework So Admired Among App Developers?

Hire Ionic Developers

Free and Open Source 

You can use Ionic for free as it’s open-source, which means any level of developers can access it and let them use it at no extra cost.  

Use The Framework You Like

HIre iOnic Developers

Cross-Platform Development 

With the Ionic framework, you can develop applications for various platforms using a single codebase that will save your resources and time compared to developing separate mobile applications for each platform. 

Effective UX/UI Design 

Ionic comes with a library of in-built UI components and various functional tools that you can use to develop visually engaging and user-friendly applications. Likewise, it permits developers to leverage the potential of widely-used front-end frameworks, such as AngularJS, for creating various apps.

Easy to Test 

A set of testing tools that the Ionic framework provides developers makes it easy for them to test their mobile apps on various platforms and devices. This way, you can ensure that your apps perform as expected and are stable and functional. 

Offers Widget Creation 

Developers usually choose this framework to develop custom UI elements, known as widgets, that they can reuse across various applications. This eases the maintenance of diverse applications’ consistency and diminishes the amount of code that should be written. 

Powerful Command-line-Interface

Ionic offers a robust command-line interface (CLI) that enables developers to design, create, and deploy various types of mobile apps from varied industry verticals. The CLI also arrives with a complete set of plugins that you can use to access native device attributes easily. 

Large and Active Community

The community of Ionic is quite large and stays active, which assists developers to start developing high-quality apps rapidly and seamlessly. Developers can get assistance on resources, support, best practices, plugins, libraries, networking, regular updates, etc., and develop top-quality apps. 

What Is the Skill Set Required in a Good Ionic Developer?

To be an excellent Ionic developer, a skill set is mandatory or essential to accomplish Ionic app development projects. 

Excellent Web Development Skills

A skilled Ionic developer must be proficient in web development technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. He should know the underlying framework of Ionic, namely AngularJS. 

Some knowledge of Native App Development

As with the Ionic framework, developers can create cross-platform apps using varied web technologies. So, an Ionic developer with a good understanding of native app development principles would help you build the best-performing and functional app. 

Experience with Apache Cordova

Ionic was developed on Apache Cordova, a platform commonly used for creating native apps that best use web technologies. A talented Ionic developer should have years of proficiency and knowledge in exhausting the possibilities of Cordova plugins to access native device features. 

Soft Skillset of Ionic Developer

Other than technical skills, a deserving Ionic developer needs to have strong problem-solving skills and the potential to perform well in a team and pay better attention to details. Besides good communication, flexibility and adaptability, teamwork potential, robust time management, independent working ability, and a constant learning attitude should also be considered. 

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Is It Worth Hiring Ionic Apps Developers? Pros and Cons of Ionic Development

To know if it’s worth hiring Ionic app developers, you should know its pros and cons.

Pros of Hiring Ionic Developers 

Cost of Development

As Ionic is an open-source framework, you can use it for free, which makes it easily accessible to developers without any fees. Also, users can modify it and distribute it under the license terms. This way, developers can make the framework suitable to their needs. 

Code Reuse

Ionic developers hold the caliber to reuse code across varied platforms which helps diminish development costs and save time. Developers can write code once and use it across varied platforms, like Android, Windows, and iOS. They don’t have to develop apps for various platforms, saving resources and time.

Focus on Advanced Technologies 

As discussed above, Ionic is developed on top of AngularJS, a general JavaScript framework for web apps. Hiring an excellent Ionic developer will ensure that you have a skilled developer on your team who is an expert in advanced web technologies. 

App Deployment 

Ionic developers are well-experienced in deploying mobile apps to various app stores and platforms, which ensures that your target audience can use them. Your app will get increased reach, visibility, user engagement, etc. Also, you can reap the benefits of monetization offers that app stores and other app distribution platforms provide.  

Large Community

Ionic holds an active and large community that offers plugins, tutorials, and sample apps to assist developers in building expected and highly-engaging apps quickly. So, when you hire an Ionic developer, you will also get access to a developer who can reap benefits from the resources and knowledge of this community. 

Cons of Hiring an Ionic Developer 

AngularJS base

If your app development team understands another framework, like ReactJS, and not about AngularJs, that’s an underlying framework; they may demand more time to adapt to the Ionic framework.

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Limited OS-Specific Functionality 

While Ionic permits developers to create mobile apps that look and feel like native apps, some particular functionalities or features may be accessible on specific OS only. 

Limited Choice of UI Components

Ionic offers limited UI components compared to native development, and the developers may be required to build custom UI components that may ask for more resources and time. 

Limited Performance on Some Devices

Ionic apps might not run seamlessly as native apps run on some devices, which may affect the user experience. Especially older versions with less robust hardware may suffer a lot. 

Dependent on Cordova Plugins

For accessing native device features, Ionic developers depend on Cordova plugins that may append complexity to the development process. If it doesn’t go as expected, debugging it may be pretty challenging. 

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Ionic App Developers: Roles And Responsibilities

According to Experience 

Junior Ionic Developer

Junior-level developers assist senior developers with coding, testing, and debugging. They also help in developing parts or features of an app. And creating technical documents and offering customer support. 

Mid-Level Ionic Developer 

Generally, mid-level Ionic developers are responsible for designing and developing various mobile app features and offering mentoring and recommendations to junior developers. They may also debug and troubleshoot issues and test and deploy apps. 

Senior Ionic Developer 

Senior Ionic developers lead a team of developers and help the team to design and create complex app features. They may also create technical documentation, offer customer support, and resolve and debug issues. Besides, they may also define an app development strategy and offer guidance to junior developers. 

You should note that the Ionic developer’s roles and responsibilities may rely on the development team size and structure and a project’s specific requirements. 

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Responsibilities of Ionic Developer 

Integrate back-end services with Ionic

An ionic developer should hold the caliber to integrate backend services with the front end reaping the potential of web technologies like HTML, AngularJS, and JavaScript. 

Understanding the Cross-Platform Framework

An Ionic developer should know how to work with the framework and know its architecture and built-in UI components that help craft UI. 

Write Clean Code 

An Ionic developer should know how to write clean and easily maintainable code, following the best coding conventions and practices. This will diminish the chances of future bugs and issues hitting the app. 

Fixing the Bugs 

An ionic developer should be capable of addressing and fixing app bugs, ensuring that it’s reliable and performs amazingly on varied platforms. 

Use Updated Techniques

An Ionic developer should stay updated with the latest trends, framework features, and advanced development and use updated techniques to develop user-friendly and high-performing apps. 

Accessing Native Device Features

An Ionic developer should have a good working knowledge of Cordova plugins that may help them access native device features, permitting them to build apps with native-like functionality. 

Collaboration With Other Team Members

An Ionic developer needs to perform closely with the team members, like project managers, designers, back-end developers, and more, to ensure that the app performs expectedly, meeting the needs and within the timeframe and budget. 

Steps on How to Hire Ionic Developers Successfully

Step 1: Know Exactly What You Want

First, you should define your project’s needs and the specific experience and skills that the Ionic developer needs to possess. This way, you can hire the right and required candidate and experience seamless Ionic app development. 

Step 2: Set Your Budget

For your project, you should finalize a budget. Also, set the salary plan or hourly rate of your Ionic developer. This will let you choose a suitable candidate, and the app development gets accomplished within your decided budget. 

Step 3: Determine the Candidate Profile

Check an ideal candidate profile considering the knowledge needed for your project completion, his team dynamics, and company culture. This way, you can hire a best-fit Ionic developer for your team who can work efficiently with other app development team members. 

Step 4: Evaluate Candidates’ Skills And Experience

Review the potential candidate’s portfolios and resumes, and take his interview to evaluate their expertise and proficiency. You can also conduct online assessments and technical tests to assess their Ionic mastery.

Step 5: Onboarding Process 

After you choose an Ionic developer for your app development project, you should ensure that the candidate is onboarded and well-trained on the project needs, team dynamics, and company culture. Provide them with the required resources, like access to the development tools, and ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities clearly. 

You should notice that your company size and structure will decide the process of hiring the right candidate for your app development team. 

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How to Interview an Ionic Developer?

1. Education

You should ask the candidate about his education and training, including any degree or related certifications or coursework they have done. It will help in evaluating his educational background.

2. Certification

You can check if the person you are devising to hire as an Ionic developer is certified or holds any related certification. This is essential to prove that the potential candidate holds the expertise on a specific edge. 

3. Experience

Besides, remember to ask the interviewee about his experience working on Ionic app development projects, their size and scope, and the roles and responsibilities they were accountable for on those projects. A well-experienced developer will prove to be more helpful in completing projects. 

4. Previous Projects

You may ask the candidate to explain or demonstrate their working experience with Ionic by turning the pages of the previous projects they have accomplished. You can learn about their way of working. 

5. Client Reference

You can get their client references and connect with them to get their feedback on the potential candidate and their performance on past projects. This way, you will get the confidence that you are hiring the best resources. 

6. Small Assignment

To check proficiency, you can ask the candidate to complete a small assignment or give a test on Ionic development-related tasks to evaluate their knowledge and skills about the framework. You can witness the real-time performance of the candidate. 

7. Knowledge of AngularJS

If you want your developer to work easily on the Ionic framework, ask him if he holds the basic concepts of AngularJS, that’s the JavaScript framework used in Ionic. 

8. Problem-Solving Skills

Go deeper into the interview and ask the potential candidate about his experience resolving any challenging job in his previous projects. The best candidate should be able to debug issues, if any, and protect the project from getting knocked down. 

9. Familiarity with Other Frameworks or Libraries

You can learn about their experience with other libraries or frameworks and how they integrate them with Ionic. This would be an add-on skill of an Ionic developer. 

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Technology Stack That Our Ionic Developers Use Proficiently

Below are the tools and technologies our Ionic developers are skilled in. 

Web Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js

Ionic UI Components

Alert, Badge, Button, Card, Chip, Content, Checkbox, Floating Action Button, Grid, Infinite Scroll, Icons, search bar

Ionic Plugin

iOS UIWebView,  Android WebView


Android Studio, XCode, Visual Studio Code + Ionic Extension Pack, Atom, Webstorm

Build Tools

Composer, NPM, Jenkins, JIRA, GitLab


SQLite, Firebase, Couchbase Lite, MongoDB Realm, AWS Amplify,, Strapi 


JSON, SQLite, TypeScript, ECMAScript 6, Core Data, Appium, Karma, Capacitor

Hire Ionic Developers from Agency Vs. Freelancer Vs. Inhouse (Advocate Agency)

Well, we can’t pick one and tag it as the best option for hiring an Ionic developer based on the requirements of your project and more factors that you should consider to get the best. Let’s discuss the pros and cons. 

1. Hire In-House Ionic Developer 


Direct Communication

If you hire an in-house ionic developer, you can communicate directly and easily and ensure that your app development process runs seamlessly. If any issue arises, it’s addressed promptly. 


An in-house developer makes it flexible to change and adapt those tailoring project needs. They will always try to leave their clients satisfied with the expected services.

Better Understanding Of Company Culture

An in-house developer will understand your company’s culture and may take that understanding to know the app he develops meets the comprehensive business strategy. 

Stronger Team Dynamics

A developer you hire for your company assists in boosting robust team dynamics and better collaboration with your team members. This way, your project will get completed easily, seamlessly, and faster.


Limited Pool Of Candidates

Fewer candidates would be available who want to work in-house. You must give more time and resources to hiring an in-house developer. 

Higher Costs

Hiring an in-house Ionic developer would be more costly than choosing an Ionic development agency or freelancer, as your organization would be required to cover his salary, office space, and benefits. 

Limited Scalability

Akin to a freelancer or an agency, an in-house team may demand much to scale up or down. They usually have limited resources, expertise, and capability to handle varied projects.

Limited Skillset

As an in-house app developer gets limited opportunities to work on various projects and technologies, and you may only get a candidate with a small skill set.

2. Individual Freelance Ionic Developer        


Wider Pool of Candidates

When you choose a freelancer for your next Ionic app development project, you will get many options from the candidates available worldwide. Most developers prefer working as a freelancer, making it easy for the hiring agents to get the best.

Flexibility of Working 

As freelancers work flexibly, you can ask for changes if you are caught up with any improvement. They will not face any issues as they quickly adapt to the organization’s changes. 

Lower Costs of Development 

Hiring a freelancer may be less expensive than the other two options, an agency or an in-house developer, as you don’t need to spend on office space or other aspects. 

Specialized Skills

Freelancers hold technological proficiency and experience in a specific area that can be profitable for particular projects. Also, by accomplishing varied projects, they become a master in completing projects from almost all industry verticals. 


Limited Accountability

Freelancers may be less responsible than in-house developers or agencies, as the company doesn’t directly employ them.  You can’t ensure the on-time delivery of your project as freelancers may hold various clients at a time. Also, even being highly skilled, your freelancer may need to work on making mistakes because of a heavy workload. 

Limited Control

As the freelancers work independently, the level of oversight and control may need to be improved. This may make your project delivery late with low quality. 

Limited Scalability

You can’t scale up or down efficiently working on varied projects as they are not a dedicated team member. Businesses’ growth may be affected as freelancers can’t take on complicated projects because of limited scalability. 

Communication Challenges

While working with freelancers, communication becomes quite challenging, or they may choose to have distinct working hours. 

Communication can be more challenging when working with freelancers, as they may be in a different time zone or have different working hours.

3. Hire Ionic Developers From Agency            


Improved Scalability

An agency can quickly scale up or down the number of developers working on a project, making it easier to manage resources.


Most agencies work on flexible engagement models, like offering dedicated teams or letting the clients hire their team of experts with materials and time per their project needs.  

You can hire full-time, part-time, or on an hourly basis. 

Access To A Team Of Experts

Agencies hold teams of proficient, highly-experienced, and talented experts who showcase an appreciable portfolio and everything one needs to complete their projects successfully.

Quality Assurance

Agencies usually include a phase of quality assurance in their offerings that ensures the projects perform expected and flawlessly, meeting the specified standards. 


Limited Control

When you hire someone to complete your project, they become responsible for its expected outcome and successful completion. When you hire an agency, you can’t supervise or control any aspect, as the agency takes the entire accountability with no interruption allowed. 

Limited Accountability

Agencies don’t hold much accountability that they usually get with freelancers or in-house developers, as the company does not directly employ them.

Higher Costs

Well, it may cost you more when you choose an agency to accomplish your app development project than hiring an in-house developer or freelancer. A company will also have to pay for the cost of developers and the services they get from an agency. 

Communication Challenges

When hiring an agency, communication can be challenging as the organization needs to consider various management layers and times. 

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Where To Hire Ionic Developer and Programmers?

Besides hiring an agency, freelancers, or an in-house team, you can hire remote Ionic developers to get the expected outcome from your project within the specified time and decided budget. 

Hire Developers

Best Platforms to Hire Remote Ionic Developers

Such platforms hold a large pool of skilled developers with the required skill sets and years of experience to suit your budget. You will get the right developer for your project. 


This platform connects businesses with talented candidates in varied fields, including mobile app development; it’s one of the best platforms to hire skilled Ionic developers who undergo a rigorous screening that ensures just the top 3% of masters are accepted. Also, they hold a proven performance record that showcases their wide range of experience and top-quality work. On this platform, you will also get a no-risk trial period that facilitates the organizations to test the skills of potential candidates before they commit to a long-term engagement. 


One more freelancing platform, Upwork, also links a broad range of freelancers with organizations, including Ionic developers. Also, this platform holds various Ionic developers with different experience levels, easing the companies to find developers that suit perfectly with their specific needs. You can get numerous useful tools that may help you in project management, including payment protection and time tracking.


Using Freelancer is one more remote Ionic developers hiring platform that offers masters in specified fields. You need to publish the post of the candidate you are looking for in a job listing and get a plethora of proposals from the candidates. One of the best features of this platform, “Milestone Payment,” permits organizations to hire candidates to pay in parts for the work accomplished. 

Research Firms to Connect an Agency for Ionic Developer Hiring


A B2B research firm,, helps the organization find the top and best suitable agency for their specific requirements. Besides, you will get a directory showcasing varied top agencies that master in Ionic development and allows filtering them by size, location, and industry targets. Clutch also lets the clients provide ratings and reviews for the agencies they have worked with to let others know about their work experience with the firm and past performance. Besides, the platform lets you connect with the agencies directly and get the best project quotes.

This research platform lets companies hire top-performing agencies and developers where they can get their projects accomplished flawlessly. Via You can even directly connect with agencies and request a quote for your project, saving you the time and resources that traditional recruiting modes usually demand. On Clutch, You can search for the right agency or experienced developers by searching separately on Google or choosing traditional recruiting methods. You can compare the agencies and their services and solutions adjacently and make an informed decision that may make them accomplish their projects.

One of the most empowering and well-trusted research platforms, ITFirms is committed to appraising top organizations and service providers in the IT domain, imposing their presence. You can choose this platform also to find the top Ionic developers for your upcoming project. You can refer to the ratings, feedback, or reviews to select the top-performing candidates and attain the success of your project. 


You can pick the right services or software for your business based on 2,006,800+ timely, authentic reviews from genuine users. You can filter through the listed agencies and developers by size, location, and project requirements and choose the best option. The user interface of this platform is user-friendly that’s easy-to-use. You can connect directly with the firm and request quotes to save time and resources. 

Social Media Platforms

Today, businesses choose social media platforms to hire talented developers for their next projects. Let’s talk about the top platforms:


Facebook holds a large user base that facilitates businesses to connect with varied talented and active developers. Also, this social media platform lets users join groups relevant to app development, making it easy for them to get linked with a targeted audience of developers with the required experience and skills. You will find Facebook a cost-effective solution to hiring developers as it’s free to use. 


One of the top professional networking platforms, LinkedIn, may be a valuable tool for companies and businesses to connect with professionals skilled in their profiles. Searching developers by skills, location, and experience is quite easy on LinkedIn as it lets you connect with the potential candidates you want for your next projects. Businesses can attract talented masters in specific industries or domains.


Twitter can be a helpful platform for finding top developers and hiring them to accomplish your Ionic projects. Besides allowing businesses to stay updated with the latest industry trends and news, this platform can help them make informed decisions while hiring developers. Recruiters may find the posts of job seekers or people looking for work in your domain or industry and reply to them with an opportunity. 

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Things To Consider When Hire Ionic Developer

Ionic  Developer Expertise & Experience

While hiring an Ionic developer, you should look for a candidate having good knowledge of the Ionic framework and its components, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and AngularJS. You should ask them if they have experience working with cross-platform development and have knowledge of varied platforms. Besides, they should have back-end integration skills, testing and debugging experience, good communication skills, and a constant learning outlook.

Suitable Engagement Models 

1. Onsite Model

In this engagement model, the Ionic developer performs on-site at the client’s spot. Businesses are looking for developers who can work closely with their development team, and clients can choose this model for their projects. This model allows companies to communicate face-to-face and collaborate with their developers. 

2. Offsite Model

You may choose this engagement model if you want an Ionic developer who can perform your project remotely from a different country or location. Businesses can use this model to save their infrastructure cost, as the developers may perform as expected without being physically present. 

3. Hybrid Model

Businesses are looking to hire Ionic developers who can work on-site and remotely. They will get the best of both worlds and get developers who can work closely with their development team and save on costs. 

All these models have advantages and disadvantages; you should choose the one meeting your specified budget, timeframe, and project needs. 

Suitable Hiring Model for Ionic Developers

1. Fixed Pricing Model

If you choose this model, you need to pay a fixed amount for the whole project, regardless of the resources and number of hours required to accomplish them. Organizations with a clear scope and specified project budget may choose this pricing model to avoid any expected costs. 

2. Dedicated Hiring

This pricing model lets the clients hire an Ionic developer for a full-time role who performs exclusively for their projects. Businesses looking for ongoing development needs can choose this model and let the developer work dedicatedly on their projects. 

3. Time & Material

The clients who choose this pricing model are charged per the hours they spend and the resources they use to complete the projects. Businesses with a fixed budget and flexible scope can choose this model and have control over their project costs. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Average Ionic  Developer?

We can’t provide a fixed cost for hiring an Ionic developer as it depends on various factors, such as experience, developer location, your project needs, and more. 

Generally, in the US., hiring an average Ionic developer costs $80,000 annually. In other countries, it may be close to $20,000 yearly. Besides, more than the salary consideration is needed; you should consider the recruitment and onboarding cost, additional training (if any), support, benefits, etc. hire software developer in India is way more cost-effective the US and Europe

The cost of hiring an average Ionic developer may vary depending on various factors. While hiring, consider your project needs and budget. 

How Can We Help You Hire A Proficient Ionic Developer?

We can follow varied ways to help you hire Ionic developer that is skilled and proficient. It includes:

  • Provide developers holding the required skills and qualifications.
  • Offer varied hiring and engagement models to let you hire Ionic developers hourly, dedicated, or per your project. 
  • Ensure the reference and background check of the candidate.
  • Ensure your project gets completed within the specified timeframe and budget.
  • Provide post-development support to let your app run seamlessly with no errors.

Overall, you will get the right and the required candidate to complete your project successfully.

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