If you are looking for a proper guide on hiring Mean Stack Developer, this can help you in easy steps.

What is MEAN Stack?

Before we learn how to hire MEAN stack Developer, Let’s understand what MEAN Stack is.

The MEAN stack is a JavaScript-based framework for creating web applications. The acronym MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node, which are the four main building blocks of the stack.

  • A web database server is MongoDB.
  • The Node.js web framework Express
  • Angular(.js) is a client-side JavaScript framework
  • Node(.js) is the most widely used JavaScript web host

MERN (replacing Angular.js with React.js) and MEVN (needing to substitute Angular.js with React.js) are examples of MEAN stack variations (using Vue.js). The MEAN stack is one of the most well-known technology approaches for creating online applications.

Features of MEAN Stack

How to Hire MEAN Stack Developer 2023
How to Hire MEAN Stack Developer

The mean stack components bring about the overall performance and flexibility in the entire framework. The mean server features for the 2022 model are given below.

1. Using JavaScript to Build

JavaScript, the critical component for creating web apps, functions without a hitch. It is more efficient via the mean stack because it uses HTML and CSS3.

2. JSON Is Simple

JSON is a step in making ordering and placing data relatively simple. You wouldn’t have to exert any effort because it is so easy. ExpressJS and NodeJS, both parts of the typical stack, are used to manipulate JSON.

3. Angular Assistance

Angular employs HTML and CSS as its primary programming languages, resulting in a highly user-friendly interface. The mean stack uses the same UI, making it user-friendly and helpful. Angular is primarily employed when a straightforward user experience is prioritized in website design.

4. MongoDB Effectiveness In Data Upkeep And Organization

The existing database technologies are highly complex and not very effective. However, MongoDB enables databases and details collecting to be extremely simple for users. It eliminates the need for your work and eliminates the possibility of errors by gathering, reviewing, and organizing all the input for you.

5. NodeJS’s Efficiency

Speed is the most crucial factor for a web application. The web automatically swings it if it takes three seconds to render. NodeJS has the power to lighten the load on the server and speed up its performance. There is no limit to how many details you can upload to it without the website crashing.

Uses of MEAN Stack

The MEAN stack does well in a few operations, albeit not all of them are suited for it. It’s an excellent option for creating cloud-native apps because of its adaptability and ability to control several networks simultaneously. Single-page applications (SPAs), which offer all information and features on a separate page, may be made using the AngularJS front-end framework. Here are some illustrations of MEAN in action:

  • Calendars and payroll management
  • News aggregation websites
  • Map-based location searches
  • A prototype layout for a Node.js solution using MongoDB on the MEAN stack

What Tasks are Assigned to MEAN Stack Developers?

The following are the many MEAN stack programmer duties that the developers must fulfill to deliver the best results:

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How Does MEAN Stack Work?

1. MEAN Stack Architecture

The following are the primary purposes of the different parts of the Mean Stack Design:

MEAN Stack Architecture
  • Accept requests and provide results to the user with AngularJS.
  • Handle Application and Database Requests with NodeJS
  • Express JS: Send database requests and get responses
  • Data storage and retrieval with MongoDB.

2. MEAN Stack Components

Three different factors comprise the MEAN Stack’s features. These are the service layer, database tier, and front end.

Express JS: JavaScript Application Development (Service Layer)

Express JS Architecture

The backend of the web application makes the real magic happen. A complex backend would result in a complex application. Express JS makes it simple for the developers to build an application that may look complex but is easy to handle and use. 

The technology offers a perfect amalgamation of ease of use and advanced feature sets. It manages the interaction between the end-user and the database for the smooth functioning of the application. 

MongoDB: Dynamic NoSQL Database (Database Layer)

Dynamic NoSQL Database

The MongoDB comes with flexible Schema Designs that make changing designs a little easy. MongoDB is popular among developers for its great ability to handle large unstructured data quickly. 

Angular JS: Making Front-End Development Easy

Angular JS

Angular Js offers an easy development experience by identifying reusable code chunks. It has a lazy loading facility, where the user doesn’t need to wait for the complete data to download. CLI used in Angular JS enhances code quality and reduces development time. 

These major components of MERN development make it one of the most loved frameworks for experts to work on.

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Work Process of MEAN Stack?

Database RedisMongoDBRethinkDB
memSQLMySQLPostgre SQL
FrameworksSocket.ioMeteor.jsAdonis js
LibrariesNGX-BootstrapPrime NGAngular Google Maps 
RxJsAngular MaterialNG-Bootstrap
Tools and Utilities MochaRESTELK Stack

Future Scope of MEAN Stack

  • A Cascading Style Sheets
  • Java scripting; HTML (Hypertext Markup Language); and universally applicable programming languages like Ruby, PHP, or Python.
  • Database management programs like MySQL, Oracle, or Postgres.
  • Any server is a type, such as Apache or Nginx
  • Any configuration management system, like GIT
  • Implementing an operating system like FreeBSD, Linux, or CentOS.

Why Should Hire MEAN Stack Developers?

Why Should Hire MEAN Stack Developers?
Why Should Hire MEAN Stack Developers?
  • Workflow management tools.
  • A website that aggregates news.
  • Programs for creating schedules and to-do lists.
  • Online discussion boards.

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Necessary Skills to Consider While Hiring MEAN Stack Developers

Technical Knowledge

  • Proficiency and practical knowledge of the four key technologies — MongoDB, expressjs, Angular Js, and Node Js 
  • Understanding front-end CSS platforms like Bootstrap, online services, JSON, AJAX, encryption, and privacy, as well as jquery, PHP, Java, Python, OOPS, Symfony, and design platforms.
  • Superior programming abilities for a solid design
  • Expertise in website design, responsive web design, cross-browser compatibility, server administration, and process models
  • Expertise in Agile techniques, client-side and server-side processes, and DB structure design and analysis frameworks
  • Knowledge of the package manager npm
  • Abilities in network servers

Soft Skills

  • Strong communication abilities
  • Utilizing judgment and managing time
  • Excellent team players and the capacity to oversee a group of developers
  • Analytical ability and problem-solving abilities
  • Using collaboration to further corporate objectives
  • Ability to make a unique contribution

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How to Hire MEAN Stack Developers in 2024?

● Screening /Conduct interview    

● Match Job Description

Hire MEAN Stack Developer

● Check Required Qualifications

● Location of the Candidate      

Verify the candidate’s location. The ideal location is a workspace with vital internet service and a contemporary PC with a recorder and a camera. Your connectivity won’t be efficient and profitable if one of these factors is missing. You risk being distracted and losing concentration if you pick a busy location.

● Work Experience

A competent developer must possess a portfolio that showcases their skill and experience. People and freelancers that take a while to provide a portfolio or who only have a handful of links to projects are either underqualified or don’t have many accomplishments they’re happy to display. Remember that a designer’s portfolio is a reliable indicator of the design trends and coding environments they are competent to deal with.

● Analyze the Candidate’s Quality 

The following attributes should be present in any MEAN stack developers you consider hiring:

  • MEAN stack developers need to be knowledgeable in the subject and have experience.
  • Knowledge of a variety of techniques and the capacity to steer a project in the right direction, comprehend client challenges, and work following the company’s vision
  • They are personable and flexible.
  • They can switch between several programs as necessary to assist organizations in various capacities.
  • They are ideal for offering support when a development team is having trouble meeting deadlines or attempting to fix serious difficulties.
  • Go through project management skills (Performance of previous projects)

You should check the MEAN stack programmers’ talents to ensure they have outstanding project management abilities. Ask questions when hiring remote developers that reflect their corporate and technical understanding. Conversely, seasoned MEAN stack engineers may oversee the design process and manage projects. They can also identify the various MEAN stack user steps in the process and offer specific timetables for the assets involved in a project.

● Check Technical Skills

A qualified MEAN stack programmer must understand the most recent and developing technical developments. These developers must be conscious of user requests and preferences as technology develops. They must be able to keep clients informed of the most recent fashions and technological developments and integrate them into their work.

● Go Through the Development Portfolio 

An experienced MEAN stack programmer must have a solid portfolio of previous development projects. Request that they show you some of their past work so you can evaluate their growth skills.

It would not entail excluding inexperienced MEAN stack developers since they are interested in learning and fresh to the profession.   

● Assess Soft Skills: Hassle-Free Communication  

The projects a MEAN stack programmer works on vary. They must thus be aware of and conscious of company demands. They must be able to explain the project’s specifics and performance to the team’s stakeholders, overcome challenges, and offer technical advice as needed. A competent developer should possess outstanding communication and teamwork abilities to function successfully within a team.

● Give Assignments

As soon as the customer’s needs are presented to us, we select one of our highly qualified programmers to work on them. We collect the information for every project, allocate them, and go to work. You can pick the developer you wish to manage your task from a large selection. Every project has a program manager who oversees the work and provides regular reports on how the project is coming along.

● Price Model 

Be sure to additionally consider the variance in pay rates for various engagement kinds, such as hourly, full-time, and part-time, when employing Full Stack engineers. 

Full-time employees:

Full-time employees may charge varying charges if you want a developer who can work remotely or on-site. The price to employ MEAN stack programmers might greatly vary depending on the demands and requirements. 

Hourly Basis:

A MEAN stack programmer would charge approximately $15 and $18 per hour. Thus, this is the price associated with creating a mobile application using the MEAN stack.

Freelancing Basis:

You can hire remote developers who would work on your project for a specific time of the day, and the rest of the time, they can focus on their other projects. 

We suggest hiring an agency that works according to your project to ensure you get dedicated developers. 

● Finalize Engagement Model 

The phrase “project implementation model” is frequently used in the IT sector. It is a project delivery method depending on where labor resources are available. Selecting a delivery strategy may impact the effectiveness of the overall project.

Onsite Engagement Model:

When customers need to upgrade their old systems or move to new technology, they employ the on-site development methodology. Clients pick this method of collaboration with developers when their operations are anticipated to endure a long time. 


Engagement Model: One can outsource their project if it needs a one-time effort. Hiring a team and then firing once the project is deployed gives a bad face to the organization, better outsourcing.   

Hybrid Model: Using the hybrid service model is beneficial for advanced product design and challenging, lengthy IT projects.

● Finalize and Hire MEAN Stack Developer  

It’s finally time to bring MEAN stack engineers who will assist in advancing your company. Employ MEAN stack programmers with extensive experience and expertise in all technical facets of the design process to avoid commercial risks.

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Remote MEAN Stack Developers vs In-House MEAN Stack Developers

Remote MEAN Stack Developers vs In-House MEAN Stack Developers
Remote MEAN Stack Developers vs In-House MEAN Stack Developers

Hiring MEAN stack engineers to do the task. Although it is less popular than freelancing, a large customer with strict criteria prefers this choice. One benefit is the affordable web program and web design rates that outsourcing businesses in nations like India provide.

Creating an internal development group would be the least preferred choice and a valid justification. You must first engage a recruiter to employ a MEAN stack design team. The plus side is that you may speak directly with them, and they will only focus on your project. It’s also the least well-liked and most costly option here because of this.

Hire Freelance MEAN Stack Developers vs Hire MEAN Stack Developers from Agency

Hire a Freelance Developer

A full-stack developer may be a fantastic option for projects with limited funds and a tight deadline. Here are a few situations when a full-stack developer might excel.

● When the Available Funds Are Less 

Working with a single go-to full-stack developer might save cost if you require a wide variety of jobs, including front-end and back-end programming, to be accomplished.

● When You Already Have a Team

A full-stack developer might be a suitable addition to your team if you currently have an entire staff of developers, programmers, and program managers and are seeking to hire another developer—as long as your cloud infrastructure matches their specialization.

● When You Want an Easy Proof-of-Concept

Choose a full-stack programmer for a comprehensive concept validation that can be released fast and economically to impress creditors. Following a fundraising round, you can think about assembling a team of subject-matter experts for a popular product.

● When You Are a Self-funded Start-up

Employing a full-stack programmer could be a wise choice if you’re wholly self-funding a project and need to have a minimum viable product produced for around $50,000. To help with out-of-pocket expenses, the developer you employ may also be a possible equity partner. If you want to take this path, be careful to budget adequately for your project.

Hire MEAN Stack Developer From an Agency

The most effective option for more durable and intricate solutions is to hire an agency.

● When You Are Beginning over on a Significant or Complicated Endeavour

A big project requires a company with at least one advanced knowledge, designer, program manager, front-end programmer, back-end programmer, quality management, and DevOps to complete for many months. An entire team must finish a more significant task promptly and to the highest standards.

● When Your Budget Is Bigger

The ideal option is to hire a team if cost is less of an issue and you intend to adhere to best practices for the most significant level of quality.

● When an Application Overhaul Is Required

You will require an entire workforce to update an outdated legacy session in contemporary technology.

● When Updating Business-Critical Programs with New Functionality

Any program you build has to be reliable and high-quality, but this is especially true if many people depend on it for their daily lives or jobs. When a team is working, there is less space for error.

Where to Hire MEAN Stack Developers and Programmers    

Freelance Portals 

This is a fantastic place to find some top freelancers around the world. These platforms have most professionals registered and can help you partner with reliable developers. 

Eg: Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal        

Social Networks 

Another fun place to find some good developers who can help you. Grow your network as you find new people from various domains who can help you build a project you want to work on. 

Eg: LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Groups, Dribble, Behance

Research Firms 

One of the most reliable places to find an organization or developer recommended by experts. You can check relevant experience, client reviews, and other perks of working with your partner here. 

Eg: Clutch, GoodFirms, Supersourcing, Uplers        


Simply connect with a consultancy firm and let them take the pain of interviewing and verifying your outsourcing team. 

Eg: ABC Consultants, MM Enterprises, Man Power Group Services

Google Search        

The best place to find anyone and everyone is Google!

Employment Websites

Another reliable place where you can find people who are looking for reliable work and can collaborate with you is employment websites. 

Eg: Monster.com, Jobs for her, Indeed.com, Naukri.com, Shine.com

Community Forums  

As the community grows, community forums come into the picture. Some of the most dominant places where you can find someone who could help are: 

Private Forums | Public Forums | Third-Party Forums

Advantages of Mean Stack   

Here are a few of the essential benefits of Mean Stack technology.

  • Enables the development of a straightforward, open-source solution that can be utilized to construct reliable and manageable systems.
  • helps apps grow quickly
  • MEAN is a fully functional JavaScript that is free. Taking advantage of JavaScript’s prominence
  • Keep your stack’s design consistent.
  • Uses extremely little memory overhead.
  • It assists you in avoiding pointless research and keeping your assessment tidy.
  • MongoDB is created for cloud nodes.
  • Js makes the client layer simpler.
  • MEAN creates isomorphic programming.

Disadvantages of Mean Stack 

A good option for small- to medium-sized apps would be MongoDB. However, for extensive applications, it may not be the ideal choice.

  • There are no particular common JS coding standards.
  • Once you’ve created your first website with Mean stack technologies, switching back to the old methodology is incredibly difficult.
  • It doesn’t adequately separate business logic from systems.
  • You could be able to lose records.  

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Bottom Line!   

One of the most well-liked development stacks includes the MEAN stack. It may be difficult for organizations to find MEAN stack programmers that comprehend the business’s demands and suit their culture. However, there are several specific sorts of programmers on the market. Additionally, there is also a lot of consumer demand for it. You might hire dedicated MEAN stack developers to aid your business’s growth by following these straightforward yet efficient guidelines! 


What are the steps to hiring a MEAN stack developer?

Define job requirements, source candidates, screen resumes, conduct interviews, evaluate skills, make an offer, and onboard the new hire.

How much does it cost to hire a MEAN stack developer?

MEAN stack dev salaries range from $50k-$150k+, depending on experience, location, and company size.

Can I hire Mean stack developers of my choice?

Yes, you can hire MEAN stack developers of your choice through job boards, referrals, staffing agencies, or freelancing platforms.

Should I hire a Mean stack developer?

Hire a MEAN stack developer if you need a scalable, dynamic, and robust web application with real-time data processing.


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