Apps have become a vital source for getting information and connecting. However, as technologies have emerged, so have the complications. Apps require software development kits with different tools for developing modern software and applications. For example, Apple IOS SDK was released in 2008 to develop apps for Apple-manufactured devices. Similarly, Google Android SDK was released in 2009 that helps to build applications and software for android devices. In this blog, we will discuss how to hire dedicated flutter developers in 2024.

Both SDKs utilize different languages, and thus the developers have to develop dedicated apps. Flutter addresses this issue very effectively as it uses a single codebase for developing applications for various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and more.

Today in this blog, we will discuss all this SDK cum framework, its benefits, and how you should hire a proficient developer to get the app developed.

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What is Flutter? 

HIre Flutter Developer

Interpreting in the simplest words, Flutter is made of two components, viz. an SDK and a framework. Regarding the first one, Flutter is a software development kit with the tools to develop applications for different platforms. The programming language utilized in Flutter is called Dart, which focuses on front-end development.

At the same time, Flutter is a framework consisting of a library used to build the user interface (UI). It provides several widgets that ensure access to elements like sliders, buttons, and more.

Top Features of Flutter: Why Flutter is Popular Among iOS App Developers

Top Features of Flutter
Top Features of Flutter

There are several frameworks as well as software development kits. So the question that arises here is why one should choose Flutter over these frameworks and SDKs. Well, the features of this framework are also the answer to this question. Several benefits can only be leveraged during app development while utilizing Flutter as the software development kit and a framework. Let’s know some of these-

Better development environment 

Flutter as a framework comes with a dynamic library holding customizable widgets that help develop the app and make the process even faster and easier. The developer also leverages another feature named Stateful that allows the developers to see the visible effects after coding, changing, and refreshing. 

Flexible UI building 

With a flutter, developers have complete control over the framework’s rendering, animation, widgets, and gestures. So, the lack of customization is never a problem for developers using Flutter. 

Enhanced performance capacity

One of the core competencies of flutter is that it doesn’t require any bridge from a framework to a native app. So, this competency boosts the overall performance of the app. Both the developers as well as users can get benefitted nimble rendering. 

Better native features 

The widgets that come with flutter are known for their high quality, which is integrated during the compilation. Defining in simpler words, a singular codebase can be used for software development to build genuine native apps using Dart. 


The elements Flutter offers its developers complete access to customization. Be it the elements of the user interface or the theme of the app; it becomes effortless to give the desired look to the website. 


One of the easiest and most convenient ways a developer can learn in and out of the software. With Flutter, the task of debugging the application becomes as easier as checking documentation that already has been in place. 

Community support 

Community support is a determining factor that motivates the utilization of flutter for app development. Flutter has a big community sharing information and helping to learn new things about the flutter. So, the chances of getting the right support, skilled developers, and availability of relevant agencies become much more accessible.

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What is the Skill Set Required in a Good Flutter Developer?

The capabilities of developers lie in the skills that they have. More skills and better solutions can develop. However, there is not any boundary for the skill set that a developer must carry. Still, there are some skills that a flutter developer must carry.

Skill Set Required in a Good Flutter Developer
Skill Set Required in a Good Flutter Developer

Hard Skillset 


First, the developer or developers must have ample experience working with flutter technology. The numerical experience depends on the type of project you want to undertake; however, make sure that they carry at least an experience of more than 3 years of. Moreover, the developer must have a good experience in version control tools like Git. 

Proficient knowledge 

A good developer knows about different aspects of the framework. It includes knowledge about ScoopedModel or Business Logic Components Dart (the language utilized in the Flutter framework) and backend web services like Firebase or Node.js. 

Familiarity with software development life cycle 

Software development is a complete process that needs to pass appropriate steps. A good flutter developer ensures all the steps of the project life cycle to bring out the best results from the project.

In-depth understanding of technology 

App development is all about utilizing the right technology at the right time. So, one of the most important skills that a flutter developer must possess is an understanding of technologies like Kotlin or Swift, mobile development for Android and iOS, Unit tests, etc.

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Soft Skills 

Communication skills 

Communication is the key to successful results. While working in a team, a developer must have good communication skills to understand and convey the requirement and suggestions for the project. With good communication skills, one can put technical information into words. At the same time, it makes possible the better efficiency of project development processes.


A good developer knows to work in a team because app development is a group task. Good teamwork skills help to collaborate effectively with the team, share information, entertain the reports of others, and bring the best out of it. Coordination with different teams is also the core part of the development, which can be ensured effectively with good teamwork skills.


App development requires a lot of effort in coding and repeating things. So, dedication becomes one of the must-have competencies than just a skill for the developer. There is no denying the saying that dedication toward the project is the best way to portray a developer’s hard work.


Developing the app is a core practice that any developer can take over. But creativity can make the app shine bright out of millions of apps already available on the market. Instilling creativity elevates the user experience to the next level.

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Flutter App Developers: Roles & Responsibilities 

A flutter developer is not only responsible for developing the website or apps, but there is much more than this core role. The roles and responsibilities of a flutter developer can be categorized based on the following components.

Flutter App Developers: Roles & Responsibilities 
Flutter App Developers: Roles & Responsibilities 

Experience as Flutter Developer

First, there are different experience levels of flutter developers, which is also one of the determining factors for their roles and responsibilities. A junior flutter developer can not do the same tasks as a senior developer. Expertise changes the roles of developers entirely. Let’s know about the same descriptively- 

Junior level developers 

Junior developers carry an experience of 0-1 year with the framework. They are not very familiar with the technology, and thus, their responsibilities are also bounded. Junior developers at the beginning of their career only carry knowledge about programming language while exposure to the tools of flutter is limited. So, they can do some coding for the project. However, you must be very patient when including a junior developer in the project, as their working pace is comparatively slower. Junior flutter developers spend most of their time understanding the logic and architecture of the framework. 

Medium level developers 

Developers in this category carry an experience of 2-4 years with the framework. Medium-level developers play their role in the core development process. At the same time, they don’t need much assistance from their seniors; thus, the development pace is comparatively fast. Medium-level developers have polished skills with the framework and can be relied on for efficient project delivery. 

Senior-level developers 

Senior-level developers have experience more than 5 years with exceptional skills and knowledge about the framework’s tools senior-level developers’ responsibilities are managing the core development process and providing guidance to medium and junior-level developers. When a senior-level developer handles the task, one need not worry about the project. Projects with distinct requirements can easily be delivered with senior-level developers. 

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Regular Roles and Responsibilities 

Talking about the traditional roles and responsibilities of the developers, there are several tasks that a flutter developer has to fulfill daily. Some of them are as follows- 

Writing the clean codes

The foremost responsibility of a flutter developer is to write clean codes for the application. The codes written by the developer must be understandable and readable by all. Writing clean code is one of the biggest responsibilities of a flutter developer because it enhances the overall speed of application development and rapid scaling of the app. It helps the developer take references while developing the different apps.

Developing and Designing the apps

Developing and designing the app is a primary responsibility expected from a developer. A flutter developer must be able to design and develop a cross-platform app that can adapt to difficult situations to provide a smoother experience to the user. Also, they should be able to integrate the different features into the app.

Bug fixing 

Bug fixing also counts in the core responsibilities of a developer as it makes the output even more efficient. After completing every development phase, the developer must perform the debug process to remove all possible errors from the application.

Use updated techniques 

It is completely the responsibility of the flutter developer to adopt and utilize the new trends being introduced in the technology with time. A flutter developer should constantly learn and implement it in the projects. Even flutter has introduced 3 major updates in the previous 5 years, making it necessary for the developer to learn about the framework and implement the changes.

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How to Interview Flutter Developer?

Whether you are a development agency or looking to hire a flutter developer for your project, an interview will play a significant role in hiring the right talent. An interview can help you know about the developer, capabilities, knowledge, skills, and type of project he/she can work with. However, it is important that you ask and analyze the right factors during the interview to right decision.

How to Interview Flutter Developer?
How to Interview Flutter Developer?

Ask about Education Qualification  

First of all, ask about the educational qualification of the developer. Academic and theoretical knowledge is a must to kick start a good career in this field and handle the relevant projects. For example, the developer must have a graduate degree in the technology field. At the same time, applicants with good knowledge of Dart, HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript must be given priority.

Review the Certification 

To become a Flutter-certified application developer, one has to pass the AFD-200 exam. This certification ensures that the person carries fundamental knowledge, skills, and experience about the flutter application development course topics. If the developer has this certificate, you can prefer to hire the developer or elevate them to the next interview level. 

Discuss Experience as a Developer 

Experience plays a big role in the decision-making of hiring a developer. However, here you must entertain the experience of a developer according to your budget, preference, and type of project. For example, if you can not afford high pay, you should not expect a developer with several years of experience. Similarly, if your project is too complicated, you should not entertain a developer with few months of experience. Analyze the scenario accordingly. 

Check Previous Projects 

Look at the previous projects undertaken by the developer, along with the quality and complexity level of the project. Asking this particular will help you get an idea about the knowledge and capabilities of the developer. You can take a bet if the previous projects have been delivered with good quality. On the other hand, if there are no previous projects, you must go for a second thought. 

Client Reference to Ensure Decision 

Ask for previous client references and testimonials from the potential developer. Reviews and ratings given by the previous client are a great source of knowledge about the competencies and proficiency of the developer. You can easily evaluate the developer’s working criteria, expertise, professionalism, and discipline via the previous client. At the same time, they can also talk about the challenges of working with this developer. 

Check Practical Skills with Small Assignment 

Never measure the depth of water by putting both feet. Before assigning the main project, give a small assignment to the developer. Analyze the performance of this small project. If you receive satisfactory output, it can be worth investing in for the long-term project. If the performance is not satisfactory, you should try another one. 

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Hire Flutter Developers from Agency Vs. Freelancer Vs. Inhouse 

You can choose a range of engagement models for your app or website development. In-house development, hiring a freelancer, or dealing with an agency are some popular engagement models that often confuse people. With a project in your hand, you will also have these options and should pick the right one. Again, your decision should be based on certain factors. We are outlining the pros and cons of these engagement models, so it can be easier for you to choose the best one-

In-House – Hire Flutter Developer 

The in-house team refers to the engagement model where you hire 2-3 dedicated developers to work specifically on your project. With this model, you have a small personal team who listens to your requirements and work accordingly to your commands. 

Dedication Your small team works dedicatedly on your project as they don’t have to entertain the tasks of any other client. They can completely focus on your app and listen to your commands to deliver a favorable outcome.
Long-term commitment Your team is going nowhere as long as your project is not launched. The team is always ready to support your app in maintenance and updates. Also, if you have funds, you can sustain them for a long time.
In-depth knowledge of business and target audience When the team is working for you, they put effort into understanding your business and your target audience. Customer needs, vision, mindset, and brandings remain in their mind.
Flexibility You can choose the members, share your requirements and ask for changes during the project.
Dealing with the admin of employing people You will have to ensure the formalities like HMRC, pension, National Insurance, PAYE, HR, etc.
Need for active management of the team You will be responsible for managing the team and retaining, training, and dealing with the team members.
Higher upfront cost The cost of hiring a personal in-house team is generally higher as it includes expenditure on retention, training, and other practices.
Slow starting process Finding the right talent for your small team is often time-consuming and can slow up your project starting.

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Hire Flutter Developer –Individual Freelancer 

Individual freelancers are the one who works independently from their own space. You can hire freelancers for different tasks while being a mediator between them. 

Cost efficient Freelancers are generally cost-efficient to hire compared to development agencies or in-house teams. However, you will need to hire multiple freelancers for UI/UX designing, coding, testing, front-end, and back-end.
Speed A freelancer starts the work as soon as you complete all the formalities, as they get paid according to the project. So you can get your project delivered more quickly.
All eggs in one basket If any issue includes happening, mishappening, or health problems with your freelancer, you might have to make a big compromise.
Hiring different roles for different tasks As interpreted earlier, you will need to discover different people for different tasks, which can exhaust you and consume a lot of time.
Lack of support and maintenance Most of the time, freelancers have lined up projects. So, as soon as your project is completed, they will be busy with another project. Hence, you can not expect continuous maintenance support from them.

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Hire Flutter Developer From Agency

When you give your project to a well-established agency that works on flutter technology, it is called outsourcing to an agency. 

Everything in one place With a development agency, you can have every skill and talent in one place. You don’t have to find a developer, designer, manager, and tester separately for your project.
Expertise These agencies have experience working on thousands of projects. So, you get unmatchable expertise for your project.
Better people management Developers are paid by the agency and not directly by you. So, they manage the workforce effectively to expand their client base.
No licensing costs An agency has all the licenses and certificates with them. So you don’t have to worry about these hidden costs.
Maintenance and scaling in longer-term These agencies spend decades working in the industry. Thus, they are more reliable to expect long-term maintenance support for your project.
Higher cost Agencies are comparatively costlier as the quality of service is better. So, you might need to add dollars to your budget.
Lack of availabilityGood agencies are mostly overloaded with work, and lack of availability might disappoint you sometimes.
Hire Developers

Where to Hire a Flutter Developer?

In this modern era, there are several platforms you can rely on to hire the right and skilled flutter developer for your project. Let’s explore major of them in this article.

Best Platforms to Hire Remote Flutter Developers

If you are looking for a freelancer for your project but don’t know where to find the right talent and skills, some of the dedicated freelance and remote workforce platforms can greatly help you. Some of the best remote platforms where you can find the right talent are given below


Toptal is one of the renowned remote companies that provides a platform for freelancers and project owners to fulfill the needs of each other. You can find several skills at Topal, such as software engineers, finance experts, designers, product managers, and project managers. Also, you can compare the cost of different freelancers and choose the one according to your budget.


The platform was founded in the year 2013 and is currently headquartered in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California. The platform currently connects thousands of work seekers to work providers. The app’s Unique Selling Preposition (USP) allows the project owner to publish the project so freelancers can bid on it. The owner can choose the one according to their preference. 


Another popular platform is where you can hire a remote workforce for your project. The platform entertains the community of thousands of service providers in different niches like programming, web development, writing, designing, data entry jobs, and much more.  

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Research Firms to Connect an Agency to Hire Flutter Developer

Taking reference from the right source about good agencies is always a good idea. Many agencies and sources can direct you to known and reliable IT companies for your project. You can even access the reviews of those companies to shape your decisions- 


Clutch has achieved considerable recognition as a platform to connect with service firms. More than 1 million customers come to the platform to connect with their business partners every month. The platform offers tools like company directories, filter search criteria, reviews, and shortlist picks. 


GoodFirms is a dedicated platform that suggests service companies and software products. The platform carries over 40,000+ reviews of more than 1,10,000 companies and software. Also, Good Firms has issued 2000+ research and surveys with 1000+ eBooks & Whitepapers. 


ITFirms perform research and analysis to figure out the top IT firms. You can find the best web development, mobile app development, software development & eCommerce Development companies across the globe for your project. Also, the blogs published by the platform can help you access information about top companies in different niches. 


G2 helps you choose the right software and services for your project with the help of more than 2.002,800 authentic reviews by genuine users. With G2, you can access the complete list of software companies that can help you hire flutter developer. 

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Social Media Platforms 

Social media platforms can also help you get the desired skill or talent for your work. Several social media platforms can connect you to the right person or agency for your project. Some reliable social media platforms to find the right talent are- 


Facebook is one of the oldest and most famous social media platforms, with around 3 billion monthly active users. Along with connecting families and friends, Facebook plays a big role in establishing professional relationships. The Business Partner Directory at Facebook can connect you to a diverse set of companies according to the type of service you are seeking for. 


LinkedIn has always been the go-to place for people to fulfill their professional needs. So, you can find thousands of companies, and their information like the working environment, reviews, and much more on LinkedIn. You can send the connection request, talk with the respective members of the company and talk about your project. Linkedin is one of the best platforms to hire flutter developers.


It is effortless to connect with a huge customer base in no time with the help of Twitter. You can post about your project and receive a good response overnight. So, Twitter can be an efficient medium to find the right business partner.

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Things to Consider When Hiring Flutter Developer 

Things to Consider When Hiring Flutter Developer 
Things to Consider When Hiring Flutter Developer 

Some factors can significantly benefit your project. These considerations indirectly ensure that you find the right talent and hire a flutter developer according to your project’s requirements. The considerations are- 

Flutter Developer Expertise & Experience 

Make sure that the developer you are hiring for the project carries ample experience and expertise in the technology. Here, you should evaluate the complexity of your project. You can hire a mid-level flutter developer if your project needs intermediary skills and knowledge. At the same time, if there are a lot of complexities in the project, it would be best to hire a senior flutter developer. 

Suitable Engagement Model to Hire Flutter Developers 

There are different engagement models that a developer follows. You should choose the one that satisfies your budget, requirements, and preferences. However, each of them has its pros and cons. So, it would be best if you were careful with your decision. The popular engagement models are- 

1. Onsite Model

When the team of developers works from a particular office or workplace premises, it is known as the on-site model. If your project is large enough, you should choose this engagement model.

2. Offsite Model 

It is called an offsite model when you want the team to work under your eyes at your place. This model can be suitable if you have good monetary resources and want micro-control over your project.

3. Hybrid Model 

It is more like a remote working model for the developer as they can work from the office, home, or your premises. The hybrid model can also deliver quality output if you have hired a senior developer. 

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Suitable Hiring Model to Hire Flutter Developer 

Below are some of the standard hiring models that you can choose from for your project completion: 

1. Fixed Pricing Model

It is called the fixed model when you hire a developer for a fixed price by defining all the project requirements. When relying on a fixed pricing model, you need not worry about the time and expenses it takes during the project. 

2. Dedicated Hiring 

It is called dedicated hiring when you hire flutter developers or a team specifically to work only on your project. You might need to invest the bulk of the money to get your team, but it also brings control into your hands. 

3. Time and Material 

When you pay the developers or agencies based on time and resources spent to complete your project, it is known as the time and hiring model. This model supports the agile development process. It is mainly used when estimating the time and resources requirement is not feasible at the start of the project. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Average Flutter Developer?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Average Flutter Developer?
How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Average Flutter Developer?

One can not attach a tag price on hiring a flutter developer as it depends on various factors. It would help if you were assured about multiple demands, and then only you can expect to get the exact cost of hiring a flutter developer for your app or web development. The factors on which the price is going to depend are but are not limited to

  • Number of features you want to provide in your app or website
  • Type of features you to see in the app or website
  • Engagement model of the developer
  • Experience level of the developer
  • Country from where you are hiring the developer
  • The brand image of the agency
  • The complexity of the project
  • Deadline of the project

So, as long as you are not sure about the above factors, you can not expect to get the exact cost of hiring a flutter developer. 

However, a proficient flutter developer will cost you around $50/hour to keep a rough estimate.

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How Can DPH Help You Hire a Proficient Flutter Developer?

As we said earlier, you must hire a flutter developer freelancer or agency that is proficient and experienced enough to ensure that your project is in the right hands. Developerperhour can be the best choice for you. At DPH, we have a skilled team with over a decade of experience. We have a pool of certified and expert flutter programmers who ensure the highest quality for your project.

We have worked in education, healthcare, entertainment, business, banking, job/career, travel, transport, food, real estate, sports, dating, and much more. Our competencies are seamless user experience, complete flutter support, reliable expertise, an advanced working environment, custom support, confidentiality, and everything that helps our clients enjoy their software development journey.

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How much does it cost to hire a Flutter developer?

The cost to hire Flutter dev varies based on exp & location. Avg hourly rate ranges from $30-$100/hr, while monthly rates range from $4000-$8000.

Do companies hire Flutter developers?

Yes, many companies hire Flutter developers for building mobile apps due to their cross-platform capabilities.

Is Flutter in demand in India?

Yes, Flutter is in high demand in India as it’s a popular choice for building mobile apps due to its cross-platform capabilities.


Developerperhour leading offshore software development company that enable businesses to hire dedicated developers for a wide range of technologies.

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