In this rapidly growing world, everyone lacks time, and people always opt for unique ways that ease their lives. And here arrives a handyman mobile app, which will help meet this need. In this digital age, the handyman industry is on a roll with the increasing on-demand services.

According to recent records, the valuation of global handyman services is likely to expand from $339 million in 2022 to $1.65 billion in 2032 at a CAGR of around 17.2% through 2032. This growth marks the emerging demand for handyman services and the growing popularity of handyman mobile apps.

Whether you are a homeowner looking for help to meet your household repair needs or a service provider looking for profitable opportunities, a handyman mobile app can help you.

In this article, we will discuss a handyman mobile app, how to develop one, it’s working, the monetization model to earn profit from it, the business model to catch up with beneficial strategies, the cost to develop one, and a lot more.

What is the On-Demand Handyman Mobile App

The on-demand Handyman mobile app connects customers with handymen for varied home improvement services, like furniture assembly, home repairs, electric work, plumbing, and more. Typically, it operates on a platform that facilitates customers to request services using the app. Handymen in specific areas accept the requests (from customers) and complete their job.

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How Does A Handyman Mobile App Work?

How Does Handyman Mobile App Work?
How Does A Handyman Mobile App Work?

A handyman mobile app performs as a platform that helps customers to connect with handymen in their area. In this process, the basic step involved are:

Customer Sign-Up

First, the customers download the app from the app store and create an account entering basic details like their name, payment details, address, etc.

Requesting Services

Request a service, like home repair, through the app and schedule a specific time for the handyman to reach the selected place.

Handyman Acceptance

The handymen get a notification of the job request which they can accept or decline that request based on their expertise and availability.

Job Completion

After accepting the job, the handyman reaches the customer’s place and accomplishes their work as agreed. Using the app, customers can track their job progress.


After completing the job, the customers pay for the received services through the app using the payment information.

Customer Feedback:

The customer can rate and review the handyman service they received, offering valuable feedback to potential prospects. Besides, the reviews and ratings can assist in building a reputation and drive business growth.

The on-demand handyman mobile apps arrive easily and comfortably for the customers and the handyman. The app streamlines the entire processes involved for both players to conduct business.

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Why Invest in Handyman App Development – Industry Size & Statistics

With the expanding handyman services industry, investing in handyman booking app development can be a profitable prospect for businesses. Let’s check out some latest statistics and trends below to emphasize the growth possibilities in the market.

1. Home Repair and Improvement Services’ Growing Demand

As the number of homeowners increases, the demand for home repair and maintenance services is also rising. Per a report by HomeAdvisor, in the US, in 2020, customers spent around $7,560 on their home improvement projects.

2. Convenient and Efficient

Such home repair apps provide ease and convenience to customers by permitting them to meet their home repair and maintenance requirements. A report by Technavio states that the handyman services app market is predicted to grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 36% and even more from the forecast period of 2021 to 2025.

3. Expanding in On-Demand Services

The climbing technologies are making an increasing number of customers opt for on-demand services to meet their home maintenance services. According to the Grand View Research report, the on-demand home services market is expected to climb at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 12.2% from the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

4. Potential for Expansion

Witnessing the climbing statistics about the handyman app market, the apps are likely to expand worldwide, catching up with an increased customer base and revenue.

5. Possibility for Repeat Business

Customers who receive the specific services as expected get a positive experience. This makes repeat business possible and will drive a seamless stream of revenue for the mobile app.

Hire Remote Developers for Handyman App Development

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Types of Handyman Mobile Apps – Business Model

There are various handyman mobile apps, each with a unique business model and strategy. Some common types are discussed below:

Single Service Aggregator Mobile Apps

The mobile app that aims to offer a single type of handyman service is known as a single-service aggregator mobile app. Such apps connect consumers with local service providers with the caliber to perform particular jobs, like furniture assembly, lawn care, pest management, or home cleaning. The app acts like an intermediary, which charges a commission on every transaction made using the app between the service provider and customer.

Single-service aggregator mobile apps aim to offer a top-quality experience for a particular type of service that may lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Multiple Service Aggregator Mobile Apps

Mobile apps that provide a wide range of handyman services, from home painting, repair, maintenance, pest management, landscaping, plumbing, and more under one roof are multiple-service aggregator mobile apps.

Typically, the app charges a commission on every transaction made between the service provider and the customer.

Top Sought-After Services on Handyman App

The services generally sought after on handyman apps are usually relevant to home repair and improvement. These can include

Most Sought-After Services - Handyman App Development
  • Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Painting, Furniture Assembly, Home Cleaning
  • Landscaping, Moving Services, Appliance Repair, Home Repair, Pest Management

Customers usually request such services on the handyman app for different locations, but the type of services may vary depending on the mobile app. Such apps may also offer additional services like personal assistance, pet care, and more.

Top Handyman Mobile App Available in the Market

Handyman App Development

TaskRabbit, Handy, Thumbtack, Urban Company, Housejoy, AppBatter

Key Features to consider for Handyman App Development

When you develop a handyman mobile app, you should consider every essential feature for each panel, user, admin, and handyman.

Handyman App Development

Customer Panel:

User Profile

When the user downloads the app, it should let him log in by providing his details, like name, address, location, and contact number. Our handyman app developers include social integration and advanced customization alternatives for a better experience.

Map Integration

Map integration in any service-based app would facilitate the service providers and customers in locating each other and easily providing and receiving services.

Chat Support

A smart chat support integration in any app is essential to state that users need to connect with the service provider and customer and make the business operations seamless.

Service Booking

A user-friendly home service booking app needs to permit the customers to book the services they want and schedule the appointments at their convenience.

Service Listings

A complete list of home repair and maintenance services that local handymen offer with detailed information relevant to every service and cost is the service listing.

Service Provider Ratings and Reviews

The app should permit customers to give reviews and ratings about the service offered by handymen, assisting other users in making well-informed decisions.

Payment Processing

A secure payment processing system of any app facilitates customers to pay online for the services they receive only by using the app. The system should permit the customers to pick any payment options, like bank transfer and credit card.

Push Notifications

To inform customers about their service request status, offers, discounts, and upcoming events.

Admin Panel

Service Management

An app dashboard needs to permit the admin to handle the services the app offers and add or remove the services per need.

User Management

The admin panel of the handyman app should hold a system that facilitates the admin to manage the app users and view their data, like booking history, personal details (required for booking a service), demographics, and more.

Revenue Management

This system tracks the revenue an app generates and offers detailed reports on the app’s financial performance. The revenue management system of an app should also offer real-time data on every service’s revenue.

Service Provider Management:

This home repair and maintenance app system lets the app admin manage varied services in the provider’s list on the app, like service provider’s ratings and reviews management and accepting or rejecting services from new providers.

Handyman Panel:

Profile Creation

It’s a feature that lets the handyman create and manage their profiles within the app. This includes the details, like their experience, skills, and availability. This way, users can find the most suitable handyman for their requirements.

Request Approve or Deny Option

This feature allows handymen to accept or even decline service requests, which lets them manage their workload easily.

Chat Support

It allows a handyman to communicate with the providers and users in real-time. This permits them to revert to queries, offer service status updates, and resolve any problems that may arise.

History Orders

This handyman app feature permits professional handymen to view a record of their accomplished service requests. This way, they can keep track of their working history, view the feedback they got, and make plans for workload accordingly.

Service Request Management

It’s a system that facilitates professional handymen to view and manage their service requests made via the app, including requests accepted or declined.

Schedule Management

The schedule management system permits the handymen to view their service appointments and update their availability to manage their workload and avoid any overbooking.

Earnings Tracker

The earning tracker offers detailed reports on the service revenue and aggregated data on the handyman app’s overall performance.

Service Provider Profile

This feature of a handyman app offers a complete profile of all the handymen, including their skills, the services they are experts at, and their experiences.

Communication Tools

This in-app communication tool will facilitate handymen to communicate with the app admin and customers in real-time. Additionally, these tools let the experts connect with customers directly via the app, assisting them in resolving their issues and getting the best services.

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Advanced Features to Develop Outstanding Handyman Mobile app

Advanced Features to Develop Handyman Mobile app

Besides the standard features (discussed above), your handyman app should include advanced features also to catch up with an outstanding edge in the market that may set your app apart.

Find Handyman Nearby

This handyman app feature uses GPS technology to find home service professionals nearby to your location. It diminishes the need for a manual search for service providers and offers an efficient and convenient way to book a service.

Arrival Time Estimate

The users can estimate the time of the handyman’s arrival using this feature. This lets the users plan their day and make sure to get a clear idea of the service.

In-App Camera

In-app camera features enable users to capture and share pictures with a professional handyman. This offers them a better understanding of the issue, permitting them to offer an accurate quote and get set for providing service accordingly.

Panic Button

The handyman app should hold a safety feature for the users as per the process; a stranger will reach another stranger’s location to get the service done. In case of any mishap, a panic button will help the users to be safe and find help in just a click. 

Contact Masking

This home repair and maintenance app feature will keep users’ personal details hidden. This promotes security and privacy, ensuring that the user’s personal information stays intact with no disclosure to any unauthorized party.

SMS Authentication

SMS verification ensures the user’s account is secure to log in and perform other sensitive operations. This assists the users in preventing unauthorized access to their accounts and safeguarding their details.

Schedule Service Per Availability

This handyman app feature allows users to schedule the service they need easily, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Real-time Analytics & Dashboard

Such a feature offers valuable insights into the app performance and usage, assisting the app owners in enhancing the comprehensive user experience. This facilitates constant improvement and app optimization, ensuring the users catch up with the best possible experience.

Loyalty Program Integration

The users get a  lot of benefits from loyalty program integration rewards for frequently using the app and for their loyalty, which motivates them to repeat customers.

CRM System

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System assists in customer relationships and interactions management. This ensures the user witnesses a personalized and seamless customer experience, offering them the support they want and making the application a more useful tool.

CMS System

The CMS (Content Management System) facilitates easy updates and management of the app’s content. This makes sure that app stays up-to-date and relevant, offering users the latest resources and information.

In-App Document Management

This feature lets the app users store and access essential documents pertinent to their services, which makes it accessible and easy for users to offer a one-stop solution for every service they need.

Real-time Tracking

Today when real-time tracking is a common feature of any app, you can’t miss including it in your home service app. It will allow your customers to track their service progress in real-time and increase your app’s transparency and accountability.

AI-powered Matching

A handyman app’s AI-powered matching feature leverages machine learning algorithms’ power to let customers meet the best-suitable service providers per their preferences and needs. This can also enhance the quality of the service offered and improve the customer experience.

Live Video Assistance

A home repair and maintenance app should also hold this live video assistance feature. The video conferencing technology lets customers connect with any service provider in real time. This can be specifically useful for services that demand a virtual assessment or detailed instructions, like appliance repair or furniture assembly.

Virtual Reality Showroom

A home maintenance app and a virtual reality showroom will enable the customers to get a preview and witness varied types of services and products in a virtual environment. This app feature can be specifically valuable for services like home renovation, designing, and painting, where the customers prefer watching how their space will look before they may make any commitment.

Automated Booking Confirmations

In a handyman app, the automated booking confirmation feature will send the customers an immediate confirmation about their service bookings, including the service provider’s details and the time and date of the requested services. This can lead to improved efficiency and reliability of the service.

Integrated Analytics

Analytics of a handyman app lets admins track their app performance and its users, including service provider performance, user engagement, and revenue generated. This will increase the possibilities of developing an engaging and user-friendly app that every user will love to operate.

Customizable Notifications

This advanced feature of a handyman app permits customers to get notifications about their service status, service provider updates, and other related information. Customers can select the notifications types they want to receive and how, like through an email, SMS, or push notifications.

Including all the above-advanced features will make your handyman mobile app exceptional and offer a valuable and unique experience for service providers and customers.

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Required Technologies to Develop Handyman Mobile App

A handyman app development demands the usage of different and latest technologies; let’s check them below:

Database Management

A scalable and robust database management system needs to store and handle a large amount of data the app generates, like server provider information, user profiles, and service requests. Some of the widely used options are MongoDB, MySQL, or Firebase.

Push Notifications

To communicate with the users; you need push notifications to feature that you should integrate into your app. In your home service app, you should also integrate notification technology, like OneSignal or Firebase Cloud Messaging.

Cross-platform Mobile Development

A handyman mobile app should be available on Android and iOS platforms; cross-platform mobile app development frameworks would help. Some of the widely used frameworks are Xamarin, React Native, or Flutter, which is preferred to build a single codebase that can run seamlessly on varied platforms. 

API Integration

API integration is needed to connect your mobile app with the back-end systems, like mapping services or payment gateways. APIs are also useful for data exchange between third-party services and apps, like news feeds and weather services.

The above-mentioned technologies will make your app exceptional, user-friendly, and feature-rich and offer users valuable services.

Handyman App Development Methodology – Agile

Handyman App Development

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Handyman Mobile App?

A handyman app development cost may rely on varied factors, including the app complexity, the features and functionalities you need to include in the app, the mobile of the app platforms (iOS or Android) on which you want to develop your solution, and the geographic location of your app development team. On average, a handyman app development cost is around $30,000 with the basic feature set. Your budget may extend to $100,000 or more for a complex app.

Moreover, the price of ongoing support, maintenance service, app promotion, and marketing costs should also be considered when finalizing a handyman app development cost.

You should hire an experienced and well-recognized mobile app development company to make sure you develop a top-quality standard app within the time frame and decided budget. Hiring a team of professionals ensures the app fulfills the requirements, offers a fantastic user experience, and holds the caliber to compete in the highly competitive app market.

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What Team Requires To Develop A Handyman Mobile App?

What Team Requires To Develop A Handyman Mobile App?

An on-demand handyman app development project needs a team of specialists and a variety of expertise and skills, including

Project Manager

He is responsible for managing the app development process and ensuring that the handyman app development project is accomplished within budget and time.

UI/UX Designer

The creative app designer crafts the app’s visual designs, including colors, layouts, graphics, and fonts. The UX/UI designer needs to have a robust knowledge of user experience design and should build an app that is easy to use, intuitive, and visually appealing.


A professional app developer who codes the app and implements the required features and functionalities, making the app best suitable per the customers’ needs. The team of developers needs to have experience building apps for Android and iOS platforms and using the advanced and latest app development tools and technologies.

Quality Analysts

The QA tests the app and ensures it’s fully functional and bug-free as per the business requirements. The analysts at developerperhour know how to work with the latest testing techniques and tools and have experience in mobile app testing.

Additionally, with the core app development team, you need added professionals, like a legal advisor, a marketer, or a financial consultant, to get assistance in app development, launch, and growth.

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Handyman Mobile App Monetization Models

App monetization is essential to generate revenue from a mobile app. For that, businesses must follow a monetization strategy that suits their requirements. Let’s check out some standard app monetization practices that you can consider for your handyman app.


Some applications can charge a commission on every transaction made between the professional handyman and the customer. This amount is generally a percentage of the total price of the service. The single-service aggregator mobile apps usually pick this monetization model for their app.


Customers pay a yearly or monthly fee to access a range of handyman services, in this handyman app monetization model. The app operates as a marketplace, connecting different customers with handymen who offer the services. Multi-service aggregator mobile apps usually prefer such a business model.

Lead Generation

The mobile app performs like a lead generation platform in this monetization model, connecting local handymen and customers. The mobile app charges an amount to handymen for every lead they receive.


Some on-demand apps generate revenue through the advertising business model. Such an app may display advertisements for handyman services or other relevant businesses. Free handyman apps may opt for this business model to reap its benefits.

Premium Features

Home renovation apps provide premium features, like additional services or priority scheduling services, for a certain fee. This way, the apps can generate added revenue from their customers.

Some mobile apps use a combination of such business models, depending on their specific goals and needs.

Hire Remote Developers

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What are the Benefits of Developing a Handyman Mobile App?

A handyman app development arrives with varied benefits. Let’s review a few below:

Increased Efficiency

A handyman business app can be best at automating various manual processes one needs to handle a handyman business, making it more manageable for businesses to handle jobs, schedule appointments, and connect with customers.

Improved Customer Relationships

Such apps can assist in enhancing customer relationships making it easier for consumers to book their home repair and maintenance services with only a single tap on their smartphone.

And guess what? The professionals will be there within the specified time, knocking at their door to provide their services. Customers can check the app for essential details and resources, like tips on maintaining a home or notifications on upcoming promotions, offers, and discounts.

Increased Convenience

With a home maintenance solution, customers can comfortably book and pay for services, diminishing the need to make calls, conduct in-person visits, and send emails. This improved convenience results in increased customer satisfaction and makes them repeat consumers.

Increased Reach

Using the home DIY app, customers can easily find the services they want for their home and book professional handymen to get those services done. This way, the customer’s reach and business visibility increase.

Increased Revenue

Such apps allow customers to quickly and conveniently schedule their service and get it done, meeting customers’ satisfaction and expectations. This way, clients give good ratings and reviews to the app, turning one-time users into loyal customers and boosting the app’s revenue.

Overall, a handyman mobile app can automate the business, boost visibility and reach, enhance customer relationships, and increase revenue. By building a user-friendly and high-quality app, companies get a competitive edge in the market and attain the expectations and requirements of their customers.

Remote Developers

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How Can DPH Help in Developing Multi-Service Mobile Apps?

Developerperhour is a growing software development company specializing in multi-service mobile app development services. By leveraging the proficiency of their experts in the latest technologies, they can help clients develop an app meeting their business requirements and offer a unique user experience.

Extensive Experience

The team of expert developers holds extensive knowledge and experience in mobile app development for varied industries, including healthcare, hospitality, retail, and more. They use the latest frameworks and tools to build secure, scalable, and top-performing apps.

Agile Development

Besides, the professional developers at this app development company follow an agile development approach to ensure the projects they accomplish are delivered within budget and time. They work closely with the clients to understand their requirements, accumulate their needs, and develop a solution that meets their specific demands.

Post-Deployment Support and Maintenance

Developerperhour offers support and maintenance services to its clients to keep their apps updated and running seamlessly. Besides, they help them locate app issues and resolve them. Their commitment to the best quality and customer satisfaction make them stand out from the crowd and an ideal partner for on-demand handyman app development projects.


Although, with the rising need for on-demand services, the popularity of mobile apps is also growing. So, investing in a handyman app can be a lucrative option for businesses looking to go ahead with a multi-service app development idea.

While taking your plan forward toward transforming it into a reality, consider the features you want to include, the target market, and the budget you want to spend. Businesses can develop an app that may help customers with flawless operations, increase customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

For that, you need to be a tech-savvy person. If not, don’t worry; you can hire an on-demand handyman app development company, which can help you with your home repair marketplace, analyze your needs, and come up with the best business strategies to make your app a success. So, time is slipping; grab the growing opportunity of the rising handyman app market.


How much does it cost to develop a handyman app?

The development cost for a handyman app varies based on features and complexity. Generally, it ranges from $20K to $100K+.

What is a handyman app?

A handyman app connects users with local service providers for cleaning, repairs, and installations.

Why can building a handyman app be a profitable idea?

A handyman app can be profitable due to increased demand for on-demand services and convenience, leading to high ROI.


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