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What is Ruby? 

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What is Ruby on Rails? : A Brief Understanding

What is Ruby on Rails
What is Ruby on Rails

“Ruby is so easy with its knight in shining armor called Rails”

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) 

No repetition of codes to keep the structure clear and comprehensive.  

Convention Over Configuration (CoC) 

Get alternatives to accomplish a particular task to do anything in a web application.

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Features Portfolio of Ruby 

Interpreted Language

Object-Oriented Programming Support 

Multiple Different Implementations 

Dynamic Typing 

With the Dynamic typing feature, the developer can set a type of data for a specific variable and easily change it after some time. On the other hand, languages like C and Java require integers for the same task that can be easily done with the help of Ruby. 

Developer Friendly

Ruby Syntax is clean, intuitive as well as designed closely to English. With this programming language and Ruby on Rails Frameworks, strong abstractions and principles of natural human language constructs are followed. So developers don’t have to spend hours memorizing the things to write the particular codes. At the same time, if you have good programming experience, it is a deal of only a few days to learn the fundamentals of Ruby. 

Other features:

Some of the other features of Ruby programming languages are-

  • It is freely available on the web.
  • It is a general-purpose, interpreted programming language. 
  • It can be used to write Common Gateway Interface scripts.
  • Ruby can be embedded into Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).
  • It is effortless to learn for beginners. 
  • The programming language is scalable, and programs are maintainable.
  • It can be used for developing the internet and intranet applications. 
  • Ruby can be easily installed in different environments of Windows and POSIX. 
Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

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Required Skill Set To Hire Ruby On Rails Developer

Required Skill Set To Hire Ruby On Rails Developer
Required Skill Set To Hire Ruby On Rails Developer

When planning to develop an app or website with Ruby language, one might not sit with a personal computer to perform the task. It will need the support of a proficient Ruby developer who can complete the task for you. However, not every developer can deliver the worth for your investment, and thus it is necessary that the developer carries certain skills.

Ruby On Rails Developer – Hard Skills 

Proficiency in Ruby Language

First and foremost, a ruby developer must have proficiency and expertise in the Ruby programming language well as ROR Framework. The syntax of Ruby is much like normal English. Ruby language is very easy to learn for beginners; thus, a little experience is enough to create interactive applications. Other than Syntax, one must know OOPs as it allows the developer to see visual elements of the application as objects. Thus, it extremely simplifies the process of web development. 

Frontend Skills

Make sure that the Ruby developer is capable of using JavaScript to perform a number of tasks like looking for any DOM, wrapping elements in hidden HTML, handling the confirmation dialogues, and many other things. At the same time, it is very advantageous for Ruby developers to know HTML as it assists developers in creating the backend, which aligns with the front end. 

Database skills

Database management is one of the mandatory and must-have skills for a Ruby on Rails developer. To be specific, SQL and PostgreSQL/MYSQL are the most used databases for Ruby on Rails. The knowledge of the Database helps the developer to read the lags and thus manage the database. 

Knowledge of technicalities

There are a lot of technicalities that a ruby developer must be familiar with. First, they should know the Model-View-Controller structure, the primary structure in the Ruby on Rails app. At the same time, the developer should also know about ActiveRecord as it is the element that takes care of data persistence and is highly useful for object-relational mapping. The developer should also be proficient in API skills important for data transfer and exchange. RubyGems is also a critical skill for developers as it helps insert plugins to simplify the development process.

ROR Developer – Soft Skills 

Having done with the technical skill set, a developer should carry a range of non-technical skill sets. These non-technical skills ensure that the person has developed knowledge and a professional personality. Non-technical skills or the soft skills that a ruby developer must have are but not limited to-

  • Effective communication
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Openness to experience

Roles and Responsibilities of a Ruby On Rails Developer

Roles and Responsibilities of a Ruby On Rails Developer
Roles and Responsibilities of a Ruby On Rails Developer

Not only working with the programming language but there are numerous responsibilities of Ruby developers have to fulfill. The responsibilities include coding, assisting, managing, and analyzing the different practices throughout the process. For a better understanding, the basic responsibilities of Ruby developers are defined below:-

Writing effective and scalable code in Ruby

First of all, a Ruby developer must write effective and scalable code that can run the application smoothly and accept updates with time. The codes should have the most minor bugs, be easy to understand and be feasible to make changes in later stages. 

Testing the performance, responsiveness, and security of the application 

Having developed the app, it is the developer’s responsibility to ensure the application’s performance. User experience is determined based on the app’s performance; thus, it is also a core responsibility of the developer. Moving ahead, the application elements must be responsive, and a good developer ensures this statement. Other than that, ensuring the app’s security, be it payment gateway, storage, or personal information of users, is also the responsibility of the ruby developer. 

Reviewing and debugging the codes written by junior developers 

When Junior developers write the codes, there are a lot of bugs and errors in the coding. So, it is the senior developer’s responsibility to review the application’s complete coding and identify the bugs & errors. Here, they should not only correct the mistakes of a junior coder but should also assist them in reducing such mistakes.  

Integrating the data storage and data processing solutions

Not only working on the core development but integrating the data storage and data processing solutions is also one of the main responsibilities of Ruby developers. For the same, the developer must be able to use maps, reduce and select the functions, and mitigate the data processing problems.

Building, installing, and sharing the gems and plugins 

There are multiple plugins available for the framework and language. It is a must for developers they have knowledge about these plugins. At the same time, they also choose the right one according to the requirements of a heap of plugins.

Improving and maintaining the application after deployment 

Deploying the app on the respective platform is not all, there is a lot to do after this stage. A Ruby developer ensures that the application deployed on the forum works seamlessly and delivers a smooth user experience. At the same time, ruby’s developer is also responsible for adding new features and making the necessary improvements in the application from time to time. 

Collaborating with team members working on the different layers of infrastructure

Other than the technical responsibilities, a good ruby developer collaborates with the various team members working on different infrastructure layers of the project. Be it a designer, another developer, a quality tester, or a manager itself, a developer has to collaborate with each one of them.

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Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Steps to take interview of Ruby Developer? 

Steps to take interview of Ruby Developer? 
Steps to take interview of Ruby Developer? 

When hiring a Ruby developer, it would be best to take a complete interview. However, you must also ask the right questions and information from them. Here, we have listed some information you must ask for when interviewing a Ruby developer.


First of all, talk about the academic qualification of the developer. Undoubtedly, experience plays a significant role but theoretical knowledge is equally important. Make sure that the developer is having a piece of good knowledge of programming language and at least a higher education or university degree. Moving ahead, a bachelor’s degree in computer science can fit a Ruby developer role. 


Having certain types of certifications with developers can help you ensure that your project is in the right hands. For example, a proficient developer has the certificate of Ruby Programmer Examination Certified by the Ruby Association. Having this certification assures that the developer has good knowledge of this programming language. 


Experience is a core factor when hiring a Ruby developer. Having different levels of experience helps them to handle projects of varying complexity levels. Search and hire a developer who has a proficient amount of experience with the language as per the requirement of your project. You must remember that experience of developers is directly proportional to the cost of hiring them.

Previous Projects 

Ensure a glance at the previous projects completed by the developer. It will give you an idea about the type of projects they handle and their expertise in working in the technology. At the same time, if they have worked on similar projects to yours, it can surely be the right decision to hire them for your project as well. 

Client Reference 

Ask for the previous client preference from the developers. Contact the client and request they share their experience working with the developer. Here, you can find the most useful and in-depth information about the developer. Any issues like lack of discipline, over-budgeting, lack of communication, missing deadlines, etc, can be figured out efficiently.

Small assignment 

Before making the big bet on the developers, test them with the small bets. Give a small assignment to the developer. Analyze the working style, nature, discipline, commitment, etc. If the small project is delivered successfully and meets your expectation, you have a good reason to hand over your project to that particular developer.

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Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Hire a Ruby on Rails developer with a suitable hiring model 

Hiring a proficient ruby on rails developer is the goal but using a suitable hiring model can be the key to your project’s success. There are multiple hiring models that you can choose for your project. According to the needs, requirements, tech stack, and complexity of your project, you can pick the best hiring model from the followings-

Individual Freelancers 

The foremost and one of the most cost-efficient hiring models is the individual freelancer. First of all, defining the hiring model, is when you hire a person who doesn’t belong to any organization or registered corporation, it is called an individual freelancer. You can expect to get your project delivered at a fast pace when engaged in this hiring model. However, there are advantages as well as disadvantages to using the individual freelancer model, which are as follows-

Advantages of using individual freelancers

  • Hiring a Ruby on Rails Freelancer is generally cheaper than the other hiring model of developers. You can get your task completed at a fraction of the cost.
  • Most of the time, freelancers have only one project in hand; thus, their complete focus is pointed to your project. Therefore, you can expect faster delivery of your project.

Disadvantages of using individual freelancers

  • First of all, any issue with the freelancer can spoil your whole project.
  • At the same time, you cannot expect long-term support and maintenance from a freelance developer.
  • For app or web development tasks, you will have to seek different freelancers

In-House Web App Developer 

When you are very serious about your project and want a personal team, an In-house web app development team can be the best fit for you. In this engagement model, you will get a team of 2-3 dedicated developers working specifically on your project. You might have to pay a premium price for this engagement model. However, it satisfies the quality of your project against the investment.

The advantages and disadvantages of this engagement model are- 

Advantages of using in-House Developer 

  • First of all, you get a dedicated team working particularly on your project. Here, the team’s complete focus will be on your project only.
  • You are freer to give commands and seek changes in the project at various stages.
  • You can expect the long-term commitments of this team as they are ready to provide maintenance and support per the packages you offer.
  • Before starting the project, the team will understand your business, project, and target audience. So, the vision behind the project is accomplished more effectively.

Disadvantages of in-house ROR Developer 

  • You can consider this engagement model only when you are eager to invest a hefty amount in the project.
  • In this hiring model, you must complete different formalities like HMRC, pension, National insurance, HR, PAYE, etc.
  • The management responsibilities of the team are going to be on your shoulders.
  • It might take time to build a team like this and thus your project might take time to get a start.

Agency Outsourcing 

If you want to give your project reliable hands without putting yourself under stress or a headache, agency outsourcing has got your back. In this hiring model, you will contact an IT company with expert ROR language developers. You can hand over your project to the agency and the rest will be taken care of by the agency. You will have to the price and get your project delivered at the decided time.

Advantages of using Agency outsourcing 

  • First of all, you get almost everything under one roof. Be it using different languages, frameworks, or technology, everything is provided in one place.
  • These agencies have experience working on a broad portfolio of projects and thus are more reliable.
  • People management is the agency’s headache; thus, you are away from the chaos.
  • You need not pay any licensing costs or anything.
  • You can partner with the agency to get long-term maintenance support for your application. Many IT companies even provide ample support free of cost for a particular time after project deployment. 

Disadvantages of using Agency Outsourcing 

  • The costs of getting the project completed are often higher than those of other engaging models.
  • Most of the time, these agencies are overloaded with work, and thus putting your project in the right agency can be a matter of luck. 

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Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Best places to find and hire Ruby on rails Developer for your project

Best places to find and hire Ruby on rails Developer for your project 
Best places to find and hire Ruby on rails Developer for your project 

Getting in the right place can save you a lot of time in hiring the right ruby on rails developers for your project. Here, we list some platforms that can help you find the right talent in the least time.

Platform to hire freelance ruby on rails developers 

You can turn to the following platforms to find the best freelance developers for your project- 


Upwork is a dedicated platform that connects service providers to service seekers. The platform was incepted in 2013 with headquarters in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California. A range of freelancer seeker uploads their project on Upwork, and many freelancers make a bid.


Toptal is a famous platform with registered freelancers of different skills, such as software engineers, designers, finance experts, project managers, and product managers. With many freelancers to choose from, you can choose the most cost-efficient workforce for your project.


Freelancer is also a popular platform to hire people for your programming, web development, designing, writing, data entry, and many other jobs. It is an easy-to-access platform where you can find the right workforce from different markets.

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For Agency Outsourcing

If you are looking for a well-established IT agency for your project, the following platforms can be your go-to place-

Good firms – Hire Ruby on Rails Developers from Goodfirms

On this platform, you can find the right IT agency and even access the clients’ reviews for different companies. The platform has more than 40,000 reviews about more than 1,10,000 companies. So, this data and information make it significantly easier for you to make your decision about choosing a firm for your project.

ITFirms – Hire Ruby on Rails Developer from ITfirms

Web development and mobile app development, software development, and eCommerce development companies across the globe can be accessed via ITFirms. To determine the best firms for your project, ITFirms use research and analysis techniques. Also, you can read blogs that can assist you in finding the right partner.

Clutch – Hire Ruby on Rails Developer from Clutch

This platform has more than a million monthly regular customers and uses Clutch to connect stakeholders. With Clutch, you can access company directories, reviews, short listings, and filters.

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Other Platforms 

Besides the above platforms, you can also rely on different semi-professional platforms to connect to the right talent and hire a ruby on rails developer. Some of them are-

LinkedIn – Hire Ruby on rails developer from LinkedIn

Here, you can find the CV of millions of professionals and connect them for your project. However, you might have to hustle to get the perfect person for your project. Still, it can be one of the most cost-efficient medium to hire ruby on rails developers for your work.

Facebook – Hire Ruby on rails developer from Facebook

The Business Partner Directory on Facebook has one of the best platforms for establishing professional relationships. It not only helps you connect with your friends and family but also helps you connect with a broad range of companies and service providers as well.

Twitter – Hire Ruby on rails developer from Twitter

One tweet about your project can help you reach millions of meaningful connections. So, you can find the right professional for your work in seconds.

Things to Consider while Hiring Ruby Developer 

Things to Consider while Hiring Ruby Developer 
Things to Consider while Hiring Ruby Developer 

Hiring a developer is a challenging task, as the quality and performance of your project depend entirely on your app development partner. Considering some factors can make this decision even safer and right for you. The factors are-

Expertise and experience 

The experience of developers can give a good idea about their proficiency. The more experience; the better is going to be skills and competencies. Make sure that the app or web development partner you are hiring carries an ample amount of experience. At the same time, you should also ask for the area of expertise. The developer must have good knowledge of Ruby language and associated technologies.

The engagement model 

Various engagement models of the developers have different costs, time, pros, and cons associated with them. So, the efficiency of your project depends largely on the engagement model you choose to work with the developers. 

For example, an Onsite Model will give a development team working in an agency or well-established firm. Offsite Model will provide a team at your residence or personal space to work under your command and management. The hybrid model follows the freelance approach; thus, you will have a team of people working from their own space.

The hiring model 

Similar to the engagement model, the hiring model also plays a significant role in determining the efficiency of the project. For example, the fixed pricing model will charge you a specific amount to deliver your project at a particular time. Dedicated hiring is about hiring a complete team to work on your project. At the same time, Time and Material hiring model is about paying the developer or agency based on time and resources spent on the project.

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Cost of Hiring a Ruby On Rails Developer 

The cost of hiring a developer can never be constant as it depends on different factors and considerations. You can complete your project for a few thousand dollars and a few hundred thousand dollars. One can only determine the exact numerical cost figure after confirming the cost of hiring a Ruby developer. The factors are but are not limited to

  • Number of features you want to provide in your app or website
  • Type of features you to see in the app or website
  • Engagement model of the developer
  • Experience level of the developer
  • Country from where you are hiring the developer
  • The brand image of the agency
  • The complexity of the project
  • Deadline of the project

Before committing to an exact figure, make sure you have decided on the above project components. However, to keep a rough estimate of the cost, a proficient Ruby developer will cost you around $50/hour.

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How Can Developerperhour Be the Helping Hand for You? 

With an experience of more than 15 years, developerperhour is a certified software development company. Not only in Ruby, but we have experts in different languages, frameworks, and technologies. Being a well-known name in the landscape, developerperhour has completed over a thousand projects.

We have expertise in developing software for different industries and sectors. Most of our staff are experienced and thus your project is always in safe hands with us. Using the language and designing the software, multiple layer testing, deployment, after-service support, and maintenance are also the core competencies of developerperhour.


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